Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random Thoughts #29 - Odd Acquaintances

I don't know if I would want to forget the "Odd" acquaintances. Oh well...

Well, it is the end of the year. I'm probably hanging with some friends tonight, so I thought I get one more post out for the year.

2013 was a pretty decent year. It wasn't a great year, but it wasn't too bad. I made some new friends and work is going well as usual. I was up and I was down. I went left and right. I think at one point I was going diagonally, but whatever. It was a nice year for the blog. I finally got to talk about things that I have wanted to do for a long time. Overall, God definitely blessed me this year. Hopefully, next year will even be better.

So, What are my resolutions... scratch that. Resolutions are made to be broken.What are my plans for 2014?
  • Lose weight and get back in shape.
  • Be a better man.
  • Do remodeling in the house.
  • Find a good woman.
  • Get rid of some more debt.
  • Live Life.
As you can tell by that title, I think the tv show, Fringe, was pretty awesome. I finally finished it over the holidays and it was pretty good. The last season may not have been the greatest ever, but it was at least able to end on its own terms. Unfortunately, Most sci-fi shows don't get to do that. I might talk about it next year, I'm not sure yet. An old friend of mine from college has a blog and she reviewed each season really well. Here's the link: 

Future of Random Thoughts
It looks like I'll still have stuff I want to talk about, so here's a taste of things I might do in 2014.



Well, I'm outta here. I want to wish ya'll a Blessed New Year. Peace and God Bless.

P.S. - Peter Capaldi has some of the freakiest eyes ever!!!

Lol... he looks determined!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Random Thoughts #28 - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Man, I got to finish that book. I stopped reading it when it started to get interesting. I got it at the library in Pulaski and it goes back Sunday. Luckily, it’s kind of a brisk read. Before I get to finishing that book and trying to seek out some movie called Blade Runner, here are a couple of random thoughts. I will say that work’s good and that I have nothing to say about women as of now.

The library is a wonderful place!
Yes, I stand by that statement. Looking at text on a screen can get a bit boring especially when you work in that field. So, I try to go to the library whenever I’m in the hometown. They actually have a good selection of Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks. During my latest look, I decided to pick up “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and finish it out. I also picked up a couple of other books that I kind of want to quickly talk about:
  • Avengers: Endless Wartime – I was wondering how this was, so I picked it up. Recently, Marvel has started to release Graphic Novels in the same way DC releases their Earth One GNs. The key difference is that this is in continuity. The overall plot revolves around the Avengers going up against a threat from Thor and Captain America’s past. Overall, it was okay, but not that good. The dialogue was Whedon-like, but the overall story was full of “meh.” The artwork was also pretty dull and that’s weird because Mike McKone did the artwork. He’s usually better than this, so I don’t know what was going on there. The book pretty much exists because of the Avengers movie. That entire cast of characters is there as well as Wolverine and Captain Marvel. If you don’t read comics much, you might like this. Other fans might not like it as much.
  • Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul – Yes, I picked it up. “Don’t judge me,” I sarcastically say! It was one of those last-second grabs. The book is full of articles from different people and they try to enter philosophy into certain aspects of the character. They talk about why Batman does what he does and throw in names like Kant and Aristotle. I’ve only read a few of the articles and it’s okay. I’m not into philosophy much, so this has little interest with me. Also add the fact that a lot of the things have been talked about everywhere else online. It’s alright for those who want want to mix philosophy and Batman together.

Martial Arts Month
That’s right, folks! It’s a themed month based on the arts of martial… yeah, I’ll never say that again. Anyway, this basically gives me a little time to give a look at the different media that’s based around martial arts. While I really didn’t study martial arts, I’ve always had a love for it and the many styles. It mostly comes from movies and TV shows I’ve seen and my dad. I know that I’m going to look at some things that involve a certain bad mofo by the name of Bruce Lee. I will try to look at some other martial arts actors and their movies. I got a couple of comics I want to talk about and one of them is a Bruce Lee comic from the 90’s... be afraid and prepare to laugh. I also have a couple of surprises in store, so stay tuned. 


Well, I’m out of things to say. If this is my last post for the year, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, A Happy Kwanza, a happy Hanukkah (a belated one), a Happy Beer Day, Happy Black Thursday, and a Happy New Year. I wanted to get include them all today. Peace, God Bless, and be with your loved ones in this pretty hectic time.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Pictures of the Month - Dec.

Well, it's the end of the year and I have some pictures to end the year with.

Oh man... now that is one look I don't want from anyone.

I think Doc Ock needs to get his glasses or meds checked out.

Now this is one Christmas party I won't go to!

Yes, they did meet once. As you can tell, that meeting didn't go well.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

TV Talk - Miami Vice

So, I have a confession to make… I am very fond of the 1980’s. You could say I love the 80’s, but I don’t know if I’m that committed. There was awesome music being blasted on the radio waves, there were some great movies, and there were some cool TV shows. While I don’t remember the 80’s on the account that I’m 28, there is one 80’s show I managed to catch up with later on in life: Miami Vice. It was a cop show that detailed the exploits of Miami’s vice squad as they work to catch the drug dealers, the pimps, and the all-around buttheads.

I never watched the show while it was on. I believe I was 3 at the time it was cancelled and I highly doubt my mom would had let watch it anyway. I do remember seeing an ad on TV about getting the show on VHS back in the 90’s. It wasn’t until 2003 where I saw an episode of MV. My mom, dad, and sister went to Oklahoma for a week, so my grandmother and I stayed at my uncle’s house for the week. I’ll say that was a weird couple of weeks. The channel that eventually became Spike TV was showing a week-long marathon of the show and I ended up tuning in.

It would be another few years before I would see any of the show again. I think TV Land did a weekend marathon of the show in 2006 and I tuned in for some of that. In 2010, I saw that Hulu had all (or almost all) of the episodes, so I decided to go through it all. I ended up stopping in the 3rd season. In 2013, I got Netflix and saw that the show was on there as well. A couple of months ago, I decided to finish from where I left off.  I also own the first season on DVD.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Graphic Novels - Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 - Gifted

So, what’s so great about Joss Whedon? Is it the fact he’s created shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly? Is it the fact that he’s made awesome characters such as Mal Reynolds and Buffy? Is it the fact that he kicked butt by directing The Avengers in 2012? I think I may have just answered my own questions. Let’s just not mention that movie called Alien Resurrection.

In 2004, Marvel attempted to once again revitalize the X-Men franchise with a small book called Astonishing X-Men. At this time, The X-Men were reeling from the effects of the man known as GRANT MORRISON... yep, that bald man’s been everywhere. Jean Grey had died (spoilers…) and things were once again changing for the “merry” mutants. The book was basically set in its own story and wasn’t really affected by much of the things going on in the Marvel Universe at the time. Whedon (apparently a long-time fan of the team) was the writer. John Cassaday, the artist for books like Planetary, Captain America, and Uncanny Avengers, provided the pencils. This is their first arc: Gifted.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Sarek aka "The One Where Picard Loses His (Insert word here)!"

I think it's time to look at some really good episodes that have the weirdest moments in them. Today's episode is no exception. "Sarek" comes from TNG's pretty solid 3rd season. It was definitely one of their better seasons and it had some really exceptional episodes. Today's is one of them.

Sarek: I see that you are wearing the traditional Federation skirt again. It looks quite dreadful.

In this episode, the Enterprise has to escort Ambassador Sarek and his entourage to a peace conference. After the negotiations, Sarek will retire. As Sarek is on board, angry emotions begin to spike up at random moments with the crew. After some investigating, Picard and the crew find out that Sarek has contracted a incurable condition called Bendii Syndrome. The condition makes him lose control of his emotions and his the stress of the conference is making his strong emotions latch onto others. In order to help Sarek complete his final negotiation, Picard undergoes a mind meld with Sarek to help him regain control of his emotions. While Sarek is back as his old self and doing the conference, Picard sits in his room heavily burdened by Sarek's strong emotions. After the conference, Sarek and his group leave the ship and head back to Vulcan so Sarek can get treatment.

This episode is one of my favorites from this season and from the show in general. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we have a character from the classic series in a main role here. I think this episode is what cemented my like for the character of Sarek. We see him at his end here and it's pretty sad. He's contracted a disease that's akin to dementia or Alzheimer's. It is also rare to see a Vulcan other than Spock express a lot of emotion. I also enjoyed the crew getting mad at each other. I especially love that fight in 10-Forward.

Picard just saw Kirk's death scene from Star Trek: Into Darkness. I think he disapproves.

The biggest thing about this episode I remember is Picard losing it at the end. It's unexpected and kind of funny especially in the first few seconds. After that, we get to see a side of Sarek that we haven't really seen before. We see him  monologue about growing old and losing control over his emotions. Picard  also mentions the love Sarek isn't/wasn't able to show his two wives and Spock. If only we got a Sybok reference in there... Anyway, it was some great acting from Patrick Stewart. It's definitely an episode to check out and watch.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Justice League Team

Well, I'm finally at the end of Justice League Month. It's been fun going through all of this. I might do another one next year, I'm not sure yet. For my last post for the themed month, here is my ultimate Justice League team. So if I was Maxwell Lord -- eh, never mind. That guy's a bit of a d-bag. So, if I was a random alien force bent on world destruction/domination -- now that's too threatening. How about this: I'm a random guy who wants to assemble a group of the best heroes. Who would I choose?

  1. Superman - It's simple. He's one of the best  heroes and one of the most powerful of the League. He's there on the first sign of trouble and he's not that bad of a leader neither. 
  2. Batman - They need the money... as well as a man who is skilled at just about anything. 
  3. Wonder Woman - They'll need a woman... a wonderful woman. Her compassion is as strong as her power and she's got an invisible jet! That's cool!
  4. The Flash (Wally West) - He's the fastest man alive and he can be pretty funny at times. 
  5. Martian Manhunter - J'onn J'onzz is a wise one and he has a lot of varied powers that can be useful.
  6. Green Lantern (Any of them Really...) - The Green Lantern has a power ring that can pretty much do anything. Personally, I'd probably go with Stewart, but Rayner's cool. Hal's okay, but that Guy Gardner fellow is definitely not in.
  7. Zatanna - She's an awesome magician. The League would need that. She's also pretty cute as well.
  8. Cyborg - That's right. As I said before, he would make for a good Leaguer. He's good with machines.
  9. Vixen - She can access animal's abilities and use them. She's also pretty cute.
  10. Orion - He's a New God and the biological son of Darkseid... yeah, that's all I got.
  11. Green Arrow - He's a good version of a loudmouth and he looks cool in a hood.
  12. Captain Marvel/Shazam - They'll need a mascot... who is almost as powerful as Superman.
And that ends Justice League Month. I'll take it easy for December and save January for something different. I'll give you a hint with the video below. Peace.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Movie Talk - Direct-to-DVD Justice League Movies

Well, it's been a pretty short month. Today's post will be talking about the direct-to-DVD movies that featured the Justice League. Unlike some that I still haven't seen (Wonder Woman...I know I still need to), I've seen all four of these movies in one form or another. I own JL: New Frontier and rented JL: Flashpoint Paradox when they came out. I saw Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths... on YouTube. "I should be ashamed," I sarcastically say. Justice League: Doom is available on Netflix, so I was able to view that there.

Justice League: The New Frontier
Justice League: The New Frontier came out in 2008. It was the second movie that was released by Warner Bros. It's basically a close adaptation of DC: The New Frontier, a six-issue miniseries that came out back in 2004. The story takes place between the 1950's and 1960's. It's supposed to bridge the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics together. We see the origins and beginnings of the Silver Age Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter. We end up see them and other heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman team up against an evil force called the Centre. The mini-series also delved into other areas of DC and even touched upon the social issues of the era like racism, war, and McCarthyism.

Hal Jordan: All right, guys! This is the promo shot for the trailer! Suck those guts in!

Since these movies can are mandated to last 75 minutes long, a lot of the story that revolved around things not related to superheroes got cut out. The movie primarily focused on Hal Jordan, J'onn J'onnzz, and Barry Allen with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman only for supporting cast. I will go on and say that I really enjoyed this movie when it came out. It's probably one of my favorite from the line. There really isn't much that's bad about it. The only thing that could be negative about it is that so much of the story from the books  is cut out.

The voice-casting is all-around good. We have David Boreanez as Hal Jordan, Miguel Ferrer as the Martian Manhunter, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen, Kyle MacLachlan as Superman, and Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris. The one shock of them all of is that they got Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman. Now that's cool. The animation is pretty good and fits the tone the story set. The action is pretty awesome and not held back. This was also one movie that made me want to go out and find the mini-series based on it. It's that good.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Graphic Novels - Justice League: Origin

Ughhh... Stomach bug... I'm just lucky I write these things way in advance now.

I have finally made it to the present… or at least 2011. I was working at UPS and about to start Grad school. I also remember stressing out about that $250 thing called the GMAT. What else happened… oh yeah, the New 52 happened and fans threw a fit! It was mass hysteria! Dogs and cats flocked to Massachusetts! Grass started growing on Mars! Men started to treat women with respect… wait. Grass can’t grow on Mars!

In September of 2011, DC did another reboot which changed a lot of continuity and peeved off a lot of fans. DC was (and still are) trying to gain new readers by updating a lot of concepts and characters. The only properties that really remained untouched by this were the Batman books and the Green Lantern books. At the beginning, I was pretty interested. I added only 5 books to a pull list… hey, I got a budget!  The list itself has changed a lot because of funds and interest, but one of the books that I still want is Justice League. It’s also a book I need to add back to that list because I took it off for “Villains Month” which was something I nor my wallet wanted to participate in.

Justice League started the whole line by being the first book to come out in the new continuity. The team is made up of a lot of the popular DC heroes. It’s really a new take on the original team. The only difference and my main complaint about this team is the replacement of the Martian Manhunter for Cyborg (Victor Stone). Now, I like Cyborg as a character and he’s one of my favorite Titans. I do believe he belongs on the Justice League but not at the beginning of the whole thing especially since everything’s rebooted. Other than that, the team is fine.

Today, I’m looking at the first arc of this run, Justice League #1-#6.  The writer is the man known as Geoff Johns. You might have heard of him. If you haven’t, you should know that he’s one of the premier writers with DC. He’s also the main crossover writer and you might have seen at lot of his work on this blog. The penciller is Jim Lee who is a bit of a big name himself. He’s done work for Marvel, DC, and Image. Scott Williams is the inker and he has inked a lot of Lee’s pencils over the years. With names like these, you’d think this would be the most awesome thing EVAR (yes, I meant to spell it that way). Let’s find out, shall we?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TV Talk - Young Justice

Here's a little story. Originally, I was going to let this post be about unaired pilots like the Justice League of America pilot from the 90's and the somewhat recent Wonder Woman pilot from 2011. I've now decided not to view those potentially dreadful things (I also couldn't find a whole airing of them on YouTube) and have decided to look at a good show that sort of featured the Justice League: Young Justice.

I watched Young Justice when it premiered on Cartoon Network back in 2011. I tried to stick with the show on TV, but I would miss some episodes because of work. So, I had to YouTube them after they aired. I had to do the same for all of Season 2 especially since our family basically got rid of cable. It was a pretty frustrated second season. CN would air episodes and then not air them. When I found out that the show wouldn't get renewed for a third season, I was (and in some ways still am) pretty annoyed about the treatment of that show.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random Pics of the Month - November

Here are the pictures for the month of November. 

Happy Birthday, Doctor!!

Oooh!! Punked!

I saw this in Opry Mills... Eh?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Graphic Novels - Justice League of America: The Tornado's Path

This installment… of Graphic Novels… is brought to you by… some guy named Ryell Williams.

(If you’ve read any of Brad Meltzer’s run on JLofA, you’ll see what I’m making fun of.)

Welcome back the Justice League Month. This time, I’m stepping out of the 20th century and am entering the 2000’s with the re-launched series, Justice League of America. This  series came out around 2006/2007. My comic buying was pretty sporadic at this time. The walk from campus to The Outer Limits was a long one and I had other things to spend my money on. When I heard they were re-launching the book, I decided I would try this series out. I bought the zero issue and issue 1. I didn’t stick with it much though mostly because of funds, but I did get some later issues from this series. Today’s post will cover #1-7.  I’ll also browse over #0 (which isn't in the trade for some dumb reason) and a couple things you might need to know about this era of the League.

On the outset, this might be my favorite version of the League. You have the popular heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and GL. You also have lesser known heroes like Black Lightning, Vixen, and Arsenal aka Red Arrow. Yes, Black Lightning is on the JLA and it’s about time. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because some idiot decided to ship him back to the Outsiders for some dumb reason. Anyway, this version of the League really reminds me of the League from the 1970’s.

The writer for the first 13 issues of the series is author Brad Meltzer. Meltzer has written on books like Green Arrow and has even written his own novels. He’s also well known for a 2004 miniseries called Identity Crisis. I have no opinion on that series, but I’ve heard that it has a mixed reception with fans. The penciller for the issues is Ed Benes. He’s been drawn on books like Superman, Birds of Prey, Supergirl, and Captain Marvel. I also know that he is mostly known for drawing fine women… I think I might like this. The inker is Sandra Hope and she’s been an inker for a lot of DC’s comics. Well, with that out of the way, let’s see how this new league was formed…

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"It's a Video Game!" - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Welcome to a new segment called "It's a Video Game!" To be honest, that's just a working title for now. I really didn't want to use the term "Video Game Talk," so I'll just stick with this title for now.

When I was younger, I used to love fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and that puddle of blood called Mortal Kombat. I have to say that I haven't been much into these types of games in a long time. I basically lost interest in them and have been playing games that have a more of an adventure or role playing feel to them. That changed when I heard about this game. I was even more excited for it when I heard it was being done by Netherrealm, the developers of the Mortal Kombat games. This game (and another I'll get to one day) is probably the first PS3 game I've bought for full price. Was my money well spent? Just Guess.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tales from the Library! - Justice League International Volume 1

This installment of “Tales from the Library!” has been brought to you by the “evil” known as Sallie Mae… yes, I have college loans to pay and they suck so much.

Don’t worry; it’s not a new segment. This time, I’m talking about old books I don’t own. For the 1980’s, I decided to visit the public library for this one. Today, I’m looking at a version of the League done by Giffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire. I’m sorry I left out Justice League Detroit. I just couldn’t get past the break-dancing hero known as Vibe. Now, this version of the League was actually formed in another crossover called Legends. I talked about that crossover a while back. At the end of the crossover, Dr. Fate asked those selected heroes if they would want to restart the Justice League. Only a few accepted the offer.

The writers are Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Giffen has worked on many books including Legion of Superheroes, Lobo, Blue Beetle, and other Justice League books. Giffen is also an artist  and was on books like OMAC and 52. DeMatteis has also worked on a lot of books including the Spider-Man books, the Defenders, and other Justice League books. He’s also the one who decided that that this series would have a comedy vibe. Kevin Maguire is the artist and he’s been on too many books to list.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Graphic Novels - JLA: New World Order

Well, it looks like I had to skip a decade for this post. Don’t worry because I will eventually venture into the time known as the 80’s. Today’s post is going to look at a version of the League from the 90’s. No, it’s not EXTREME JUSTICE nor is it Justice League Task Force. Today’s post is going to talk about the first four issues of Grant Morrison’s and Howard Porter’s JLA series. Now this is the League I remember from my youth. It’s the Big 7 and it might be my favorite version or my second favorite version of the League. This version of the team was actually formed in a story called Justice League: A Midsummer’s Nightmare. I haven’t read it, but I might one day.

They’re the heavy-hitters. While there aren’t any lesser known characters here at the time, more characters do come to fill in the ranks. I was actually able to read a lot of this series thanks to my hometown’s public library. They have all four volumes of Morrison’s and Porter’s JLA omnibuses. I’ve read all four of them, but I haven’t set out to buy a lot of the issues in them. I did find this four issue trade at McKay’s and I found the storyline, Rock of Ages, through 50 cent bins.

The writer for the book is some Scot named Grant Morrison. You might have heard of him. The man’s done it all from Animal Man to the X-Men. While I like his stuff, he can be… weird. Just read his recent Action Comics run. The penciller is an artist named Howard Porter. He’s drawn on books such as The Flash, Trials of Shazam, and the upcoming Justice League 3000. He’s alright in my book. John Dell does the inks and according to Comicvine, he’s done inks for a lot of books. So, let’s see if this is pretty good.

Friday, November 8, 2013

TV Talk - Justice League/JLU: Favorite Episodes

Favorite Episodes
Now, it’s time for the hard part. Here are my 20 favorite episodes of both Justice League series. I bumped it up to 20 because there are so many good episodes. Also, I had an “honorable mentions” list that just got too big, so 20 became the magic number. When looking through both series, I realized that Season 2 of Justice League was freakin’ awesome. You might see a lot of love towards that season. I’ve also grouped some episodes together for reasons you’ll find out below. Well, let’s get to it!

20. Legends 
In this Season 1 episode, some of the League members get accidentally transported to another Earth where they run into John Stewart’s comic book idols, the Justice Guild of America. This team was supposed to homage the Justice Society of America. I don’t know why they decided to do this instead of actually use the JSA. It would have been pretty cool. It might have had to do with the big twist at the end about the world the League was transported to. Either way, it’s a nice two-parter. I especially liked the contrast between the two teams.

19. This Little Piggy
This is a pretty hilarious episode from Season 1 of JLU. The episode revolves around Wonder Woman being transformed into a pig by Circe. Yes, that happens sometimes to these characters. Zatanna guest stars and we get the ridiculous looking B’Wanna Beast. We also get some nice bits between Batman and Wonder Woman. We even find out that Kevin Conroy has a nice singing voice.

18. The Ties That Bind 
This is a pretty cool episode that involves the Fourth World characters. Oberon, Mr. Miracle’s mentor and friend, is kidnapped, is kidnapped. Mr. Miracle, Big Barda (great name), and the Flash have to go rescue him. This is a cool one because it does involves some of the New Gods and this was Flash’s first official episode in JLU. 

17. Comfort and Joy
This is a Christmas/Holiday episode. That’s right, folks! they actually had one of these episodes. While it’s not in my top ten, it’s pretty cool. It shows most of the League having a break for the holidays. Clark and J’onn go to the Kents for Christmas, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl continue to get close as a couple, and Wally helps out some kids. It’s a pretty funny, light-hearted episode. The placement of this episode is also a little weird for John and Shayara because it’s right after “Wild Cards” and right before “Starcrossed.”

16. Doomsday Sanction
This episode from JLU 2nd season furthered the whole Cadmus arc. We also get an origin for this show's Doomsday. The biggest thing about this episode is the fight between Superman and Doomsday. While we did get a small fight between Doomsday and Justice Lord Superman in "A Better World," this is the real Superman here. It's a pretty good episode with a bit of a dark edge.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TV Talk - Justice League/Justice League Unlimited

They will never know that I was the one who stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

So, here it is. Approaching a show like this is kind of hard. I mean, it’s perfect! It had great stories, great voice acting, and awesome animation. It was the culmination of everything that came before with DC’s Animated Universe (DCAU). Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite shows. Let’s get to it.

I came across the show on Cartoon Network in 2001. I remember that the show came on in the evening which was pretty awesome. After it shifted in Justice League Unlimited (JLU), I was only able to watch some episodes. I was in college and Cartoon Network keep airing the show randomly at this time. Later on, I was able to get caught up on episodes through YouTube and other video sites.

When I found out the show(s) were on Netflix, I didn’t really care mostly because I’ve seen just about every episode. After a while, I decided to go through both shows. I mostly wanted to see ones I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t completely finished watching both shows, but I’ve seen them enough. For simplicity’s sake, I’m putting both shows together on here. Heck, JLU’s just Seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Justice League.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Justice League of America #164-165

This installment of Tales from the 50 Cent Bin has been brought to you by the late, great Jim Kelly:

“Man, you come right out of a comic book!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a little thing I call Justice League Month. As the title suggests, this month is going to be dedicated to one of my favorite superhero teams. I’ve got a few stories I want to go through this month and all five of them are from each decade. Today’s two-parter is Justice League of America #164-165 from the late 1970’s. Now, I have a little history with the second issue. My uncle used to have comic books in his youth. I remember someone (maybe my mom) saying he lost them one day which definitely sucks. Luckily, I was able to find a couple of stragglers around my grandmother’s house. One was JLA #165 (which still holds up physically) and another is a remnant of a Man-Bat issue (didn’t hold up so well). When I decided to do this month, I searched for and found #164 at The Great Escape.

I don’t know too much about the creative team behind the book. I’ve heard of Gerry Conway’s name since he’s known for being the writer of this book at the time. The actual team featured is what some dub as “The Satellite League”. This version was comprised of the popular heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. It’s also has lesser known heroes like Red Tornado, the Elongated Man, and Zatanna. It’s really not a bad make-up for the team. Well, enough with the preamble! On to the issue!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, that spooky day has come. I'll be at work working instead of doing other things like attending parties or watching scary movies. So, here are some videos to celebrate the day.

We have something awesome...

Something funny...

And something different. Ha ha. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Pics of the Month - September

Well, it's the end of the month and I've got some pictures to show. Some are a taste of things to come and one is of something that happened this month.

Yeah, he does look more awesome this way.

That's right! I'm a fan of Miami Vice. What I'm not a fan of is those ankles. Was that really a style!?!?

This month, I was able to get a couple of autographs from the legendary Neal Adams. Funny guy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Graphic Novels - Marvel: 1602

So, Neil Gaiman… I've got nothing. To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about him. All I know about him is that he worked on some comic book series  called Sandman, he’s written some Doctor Who episodes, and he’s an author of weird stuff. I’ve found out that he’s apparently pretty good at that writing thing. Today’s trade is called Marvel: 1602. This 8-part miniseries was released in 2003. I ran over this trade at McKay’s and it piqued my interest. It’s basically an extended “What-If” comic book. “What-If” books are Marvel’s equivalent of DC’s Elseworlds or Imaginary Stories. The main idea for this book is this: What if the Marvel Universe started in 17th century Europe instead of 20th century New York?

Gaiman is the writer of this adventure. The artist providing the pencils is Andy Kubert. I’ve talked about him a little bit before. He’s worked on books like Batman, X-Men, Wolverine, and the mini-series Flashpoint. The colors are done by Richard Isanove. He’s mostly known for his work on Wolverine: Origin and The Dark Tower series from Marvel. The covers to the miniseries (they also appear at the beginning of each issue in the trade) were done by Scott McKowen. Since this mini-series is pretty dense and somewhat confusing, I’ll just be giving you a really basic plot and my opinion.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Graphic Novels - Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3: Double Trouble

Now, it’s time to dust off another Ultimate Spider-Man trade. Remember when I said that I was going to go through all of them up until a certain event? Well, I… exaggerated. I don’t know where I’ll stop at, but I will try to do this and another Ultimate trade monthly. Instead of detailing the whole book, I’m going to try something different with the synopsis today. Today’s trade is brought to you by the same team of Bendis, Bagely, and Thibert. It collects Ultimate Spider-Man #14-21. As you can tell by the cover, this looks like it’s going to be an interesting story.

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3: Double Trouble

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Penciller: Mark Bagely

Inker: Art Thibert

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Thoughts #27 - The Gunslinger

Now that's one Stephen King book I have to finish!  Anyway...

Well, I just got up, I'm hungry, I might play some Oblivion (which is awesome!!) for about an hour, and I need to make lunch/dinner. I think it’s time for some random thoughts. I really don’t have too many thoughts. Work’s fine and Fall’s here.  As for women, I have no comment for now. I will say that _______________ (Ha! Like I’ll tell you something like that!). Anyway, here are a couple of things:

Since the movie season is pretty much over, I thought I might as well do a rundown on the movies I’ve seen this summer and for the fall. I’ll also include movies I’ve either rented or saw online:

  • Iron Man 3 – I think I said something about this before. It was alright. It wasn’t as great as the first one, but it was better than the second one. I also thought the plot twist with the Mandarin was okay.
  • The Great Gatsby – I rented it over the weekend. I thought it was okay. The performances were cool and the scenery had a dreamlike feel to it. I’m just wondering why someone thought it was a good idea to mix modern rap with the 1920’s. I liked the songs, but it felt a little off on the music aspect.
  • Oblivion (the movie, by the way) – This was another rental. I thought the movie was good. There were things l liked about it. The performances were good, the scenery was awesome, the music kicked butt (and reminded me of Tron and Deus Ex: Human Revolution), and the effects were good. I even liked the different plot twists in it. I did think the movie felt boring at times and that it was a little too long, but that’s it.
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness – I talked about it before. I liked it better than the first movie, but not by much.
  • Man of Steel – I’ve also talked about this one. While it has some issues, I thought it was a good movie. The fact that I saw the movie twice in theaters should say that I really like the movie.
  • Fast and Furious 6 – I really enjoyed this one and I haven’t seen any of the other F&F movies. It was action-packed and funny.
  • We’re the Millers – I saw this with a friend of mine. I’m not a big fan of raunchy comedies, but this one was okay. I laughed when I needed to. It was a little predictable in some places though.
  • The Hobbit – I think I saw this movie at the beginning of summer, I don’t remember. I thought it was okay. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the LOTR trilogy either. I’m still wondering why the book got made into three movies.
  • The Hunt for Red October – Yeah, I’m including older movies too. I really liked this. It was suspenseful and well-acted. I think it’s one of the only times where I’ve seen Tim Curry play it straight.
  • Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox – I saw this a couple of weeks ago. It has some issues, but I liked it as a whole since it revolved around the Flash. I’ll elaborate it later next month and speaking of transistions…
Justice League Month
That's right folks! The Batman can smile and not look creepy doing it!

Next month will be Justice League Month. They’re my favorite superhero team, so they get the slot for this November. I’m going to look at five JL stories from each decade. I’ll also look at the direct-to-DVD movies and Justice League/JLU. I might also take a look at the atrocity known as the Justice League pilot that debuted in the 90’s. Yes, there was an attempt at a TV show and it’s not good. It may be worse than Galactica 1980 and that was already bad. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Well, I’m out. Peace, God Bless, and I guess it’s time to finally read this book called The Hunger Games... Oh yes, that book.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

TV Talk - Battlestar Galactica and Galactica: 1980

This installment of TV Talk is brought to you by the awesome planet, Earth. Whether it’s Star Trek, Stargate: SG-1, the DC Universe, or Battlestar Galactica, you know that Earth is always going to be that shiny beacon of hope.

Today’s show is the original Battlestar Galactica and it’s spinoff show, Galactica: 1980. I’m actually not a big fan of these shows. Still, since its reboot has garnered a lot of praise from fans including me, I thought it would be nice to look at the original show and its sequel.

My first look at anything related to BSG came from an old recorded VHS tape that had some old cartoons on it. There was an episode of Galactica: 1980 on there and it involved the Cylons (“The Night the Cylons Landed”). When we got the Sci-fi Channel (the station wasn’t part of our plan beforehand), I noticed that they would play the show on certain days. Back when the Sci-fi Channel was actually good, they would show a small marathon of shows every work day during the morning and noon times. When I was out of school, they would usually show BSG. After the channel got rid of that cool segment, I had not seen any of the original show since.

When I got Netflix, I noticed that both shows were on there but I didn’t really have any inclination to watch them. A while back, I heard some reviews about some comic book series that were based on this show and that piqued my interest in the show. I also wanted to see if the show was really any good because I really didn’t remember much from it. So, I took a break from watching Fringe (which is/was pretty awesome) and watched the 1 season of BSG. I then tried to watch G: 1980 and… well, I’ll get to that later. What did I think of the two shows? Find out below:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Pics of the Month - September

Wow. I think I skipped this last month. Since I did those hero/villain posts, I guess I didn't need anymore random pics. Anyway, here are my random pics for the month. One involves an event that happened this month, another is a tease for another themed month, and another is just something to laugh at.

As you can tell by this pic, my birthday was this month and it was pretty good. It wasn't anything too special, but I really liked it. I've been on this Earth for 28 years and that's definitely a blessing in my life.

I'm doing a themed month based on one of these teams. Guess which one. Also, my costume for Halloween is probably in there somewhere.

Fringe is awesome and funny. 

 The original Battlestar Galactica is not as awesome, but it is okay and it even provides some laughs as you can see here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Turtle Tracks - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Franchise

Leonardo: All right, guys! Let's make some awesome poses... guys?
Raphael: Nah.
Michalangelo: I'm tired.
Donatello:  I'm cold! Say, do turtles even get cold?

So, it’s been about a few months since I wrote my piece on those four walking, talking turtles. I still haven't done anything with them yet! I guess since I've done a lot of other stuff since then, the Turtles just skipped my mind. Today, that’s going to change with my look at the four TMNT movies.

I basically talked about my experiences with the four movies in my intro post to this segment. I already knew who the Turtles were before I saw the first movie because I watched the cartoon every Saturday. I saw some of the first movie when I was in Kindergarten. Our teacher took it out after the third “Damn.” Yes, there was some cussing in it, but I will say that it’s pretty tame when you look at the stuff that’s out now. Anyway, I eventually saw the rest of it later when I got older. I saw the second movie while my family and I were in Iowa for a vacation. I saw that thing twice that day.

I don’t know when I saw the third movie. I either rented it or it was on TV. Either way, I’ve seen it a couple of times. Suddenly, a decade and a half passes by and another TMNT movie comes out. I didn’t go see it in theatres since I was in college and money was short. When it came out on DVD, I rented it and I think I’ve only seen it a couple of times. Recently, I saw that Wal-Mart had all four movies grouped together in a box set, so I got it. I’ve watched all four movies over the weekend. What did I think of them? Find out below:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Music Retrospective: The Police - Conclusion

So, I’ve finally looked at all of these albums. I have to say that this was pretty different and fun. While I will be listing my favorite Police songs, I also have two other categories. First, I’ll list the six weirdest Police songs. Next I’ll rank the albums from least favorite to most favorite. Finally, I’ll list my ten favorite songs. I chose ten because it’s such a round, nice number that you can take to your parents’ home. Also, my last list stopped at ten. So with all of that out of the way, let’s finish this!

I really wish I got to see them play when they did their reunion a few years ago.
Weirdest Songs – The Police come up with some weird stuff to sing about, you know what I mean? While there are a lot more songs I could include, I’ll just leave it at six today. Besides, I did this category for each album anyway.
6. Masoko Tanga – This is probably the most incomprehensible song I’ve heard. The music’s great, but what in the heck is Sting saying? Is he drunk? Is calling up Cthulu? Is he live or dead? I just don’t get it.
5. Can’t Stand Losing You – The song’s awesome but it goes into the weird territory at the end when the guy threatens to off himself. I guess I now know what NOT to do in a break-up situation.
4. Be My Girl, Sally – It’s a song about a blow-up doll… yeah, it’s shocking. You really don’t find out about that until later in the song/poem. It’s just a weird song in general because it’s mostly a poem. Still, some of the things he says are funny.
3. Murder by Numbers –That’s right, folks!  It’s the song about “murder.” While it is an awesome song music-wise, the lyrics are pretty weird. One lyric even details how you could off someone. While I like the song, I won’t take its advice. I also hope you don’t take it to heart since there’s too much of that going on these days.
2. Don’t Stand So Close to Me – It’s the song about a teacher dating a student who’s half his age… Let’s move on quickly, shall we?
1. Mother – As I said once before, it’s the “little black spot” on the Police’s final album. As a song itself, it's okay. So, what makes the song weird? Other than the fact that it’s about a guy with major mother issues, it could be the chaotic music and the constant yelling.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Music Retrospective: The Police - Synchronicity

Well, it’s finally here. Synchronicity was the Police’s final album. You may think that the title is a made up word, but you would be wrong. Synchronicity is defined as “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.” There’s a little trivia for ya! Anyway, the album was released in June 1983 and it was a hit. It spawned four singles. It was after this album where the band split up and went their separate ways.  It’s said that it’s their most popular album, but is it any good? Let’s find out, shall we?


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Conspiracy aka "Stomach Monster!?!?!?!?"

Remember when I said that the First Season of TNG was pretty sub-par? Well, there are a few exceptions to that. While there were stinkers, there were some episodes that were actually pretty good. Today's episode is "Conspiracy." It's actually a follow-up to the episode "Coming of Age." In that episode, Picard was under investigation from Starfleet because the higher ups believed something was happening and they needed to trust him. It also featured Wesley Crusher heavily. It's an okay episode all-around.

In this episode, Picard is contacted by a  captain from another ship. He and other captains believe that there is some sort of conspiracy going in with Starfleet. Picard begins to suspect it more when the captain who contacted him dies. The Enterprise heads back to Earth to speak with Starfleet command. Admiral Quinn and Lt. Remmerick (the officers who headed the investigation) show up and one of them decides to stay on the Enterprise for a visit while Picard is on Earth. It's revealed that most of Starfleet's admirals had been taken over by alien parasites and that the parasites were a precursor for an invasion. They try to infect Picard but Riker shows up and a fight ensues. Picard and Riker end up finding the Queen of the parasites  (in one of the grossest ways) and kill it. We end the episode with the crisis averted and a sign that the parasites might return... or not as it turns out.

Picard: What the He--- Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!!!!

It's not one of their best episodes, but it is a pretty decent one. It's pretty action-packed as well. Admiral Quinn gets into a fight with Riker, Geordi, and Worf which was pretty cool and pretty funny. The stakes are pretty high since Starfleet has been infiltrated by these things. What throws this episode into "Freakin' Weird" territory is what happens at the end. Picard and Riker find out that Remmerick (the other investigator) is essentially the queen of these parasites. They blast him with their phasers and the dude literally blows up. Then, the actual queen rises out of what's left of the man and the two repulsed officers kill it. That was probably the most gruesome thing I've seen on something involving Star Trek. I mean, ... "Freakin' Weird, Man!!!"
Get down! He's gonna blow!!!

Another thing that makes this episode a weird one is that the parasites never show up after this.They don't get any mention after the season. I  read somewhere that they would have been brought back but they weren't for some reason. I don't remember the reason. It may have had something to do with the Borg though I may be thinking about the next episode "The Neutral Zone." I do know that this is a decent episode from a pretty sub-par season. If you want to see why the show stayed on the air, check this out. Before you check this one out, check out "Coming of Age" first. If you can tolerate Wesley, you'll be alright.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trek Novels - Star Trek: Sarek

'Sup, guys! Well, it’s another day and another Trek Novel. Yes, it’s back once again. As I said before, I’ll try to do these every-so-often when I read one from my collection or find one that’s worth talking about. Today’s book is a mix of both. About a month ago, I was in Murfreesboro looking around at Outer Limits. I saw this book and read the little blurb in the cover, so I bought it. It took a while to read it but when I got about a quarter into the book, I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it throughout last weekend.

The book is Star Trek: Sarek by A.C. Crispin. I did a little research on the author and it turns out she has done a lot of sci-fi books. She’s done stuff for Star Trek, Star Wars, and even V. I also found out that she just recently passed away, and that kind of made me want me finish the book. The book takes place about a month after the events of Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country. At the end of that movie, The Federation and the Klingon Empire were trying to make peace with one another. Instead of doing a long synopsis that’ll take a while, I’ll just browse over the main plot and mention some things.

Star Trek: Sarek
Author: A.C. Crispin

When tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are brewing, Ambassador Sarek discovers a shocking conspiracy that involves a very secretive race. He and the Enterprise must deal with this as his wife, Amanda, has passed away. Also, Cadet Peter Kirk, James T. Kirk’s nephew, gets pulled into the Federation/Klingon situation as well.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Graphic Novels - Ultimate X-Men Vol. 2: Return to Weapon X

This installment of Graphic Novels is brought to you by Robocop, another remake and more of a sign that Hollywood wants to relive the 80’s. They've even dragged Nick Fury, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and Rorschach into it as well.

Well, it’s another day and another Ultimate Universe trade. Instead of Ultimate Spider-Man, which I’ll get to eventually, it’s another issue of “Marvel’s Not-So-Merry mutants”: the X-Men. It’s the second volume of the series and it contains Ultimate X-Men #7-#12. The creative team for the issues is more or less the same. Writer Mark Miller and penciller Adam Kubert are back. This time, Kubert is assisted by Tom Raney and Tom Derenick for penciling the issues. On inks, Art Thibert is back with assists from Danny Miki, Larry Stucker, and the late Joe Kubert. With all of that said, let’s get to it!

We start the story with an extended chase between Nightcrawler (!!!!) and a group of soldiers who look like they’re working for SHIELD. It's eventually revealed that the Weapon X program was sanctioned by SHIELD in this universe. Kurt is soon captured by the organization and the head is none other than Colonel Wraith, the man responsible for capturing Logan in the first volume. We then shift scenes to an abandoned Weapon X facility in Arizona. Logan is checking it out and searching for clues to his past. He’s also in telepathic contact with Xavier. At the Mansion, Jean is doing a checkup on Hank since his big operation.

We then go across the world and find out what Storm, Cyclops, and Colossus are up to. They’re apparently being interviewed by a Japanese pop star. The X-Men have actually become celebrities in Japan. They even sign some autographs. It’s here where some hooded figure brushes up against Peter to find the location of the Mansion. This person is none other than Rogue (!!!) and she is working (against her will of course) with Wraith in order to force the X-Men join Weapon X.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Graphic Novels - Crisis on Infinite Earths

It’s my first trade in about a month, so I might as well do a story that ended a universe. As you can tell by the title and side photo, it’s another Crisis event. It’s not just another Crisis event, it’s “The” Crisis event. Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of DC’s first major crossovers. It was a 12-issues maxi-series that started in 1985 and ended in 1986.  It was actually the event that helped DC get some things straight continuity-wise. It also led to most heroes getting their entire histories rewritten. Characters like Batman and Green Lantern essentially remained the same while characters like Superman and Wonder Woman underwent major changes… I’m sensing some déjà vu here.

The creative team for was essentially a team of all-stars. The writer was Marv Wolfman who’s known for his work on this book, The New Teen Titans, The Adventures of Superman, and many other books. The penciller for the interior art and covers was George Perez. Perez is also known for doing art in books that include The New Teen Titans, Avengers, Action Comics, and JLA/Avengers. I can easily say that he’s one of my favorites. The inkers on this series were Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo, and Jerry Ordway. Their names are also well known. The colorist was Tom McCraw and the letterer was John Constanza.

For a while, I actually thought about going into detail with all 12 issues. I did it with Infinite Crisis and Zero Hour (hey, it’s a Crisis event in my eyes). I’ve decided not to do it with this one for a couple of reasons. First, this thing is DENSE. It’s 12 extended issues. It may even be too dense for me to really give it a good, thorough look. The other reason is that I really don’t want to spend too much time on this one. Besides, I got to save October for something (hint, hint).

I’ll just be doing a simple synopsis… well, as simple as something that involves time travel, multiverses, and over 100 characters.  I’ll give my opinion on the story. Finally, I’ll list some highlights and favorite moments. With that said, let’s jump on the Cosmic Treadmill and see what’s out there… I just used “cosmic treadmill” in a sentence… ‘Bout time, I say!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Music Retrospective: The Police - Ghost in the Machine

Well, this was quick! I actually wrote a majority of this at a really dull time. There wasn't much work that could be done, so I thought it was time to finally work on getting this done. 

Today's album is Ghost in the Machine, an album that has an normal, interesting name. It’s the Police’s fourth album and it was released in 1981. It produced a lot of single hits and the biggest ones are actually the first three songs on the album. It’s also the album that may be the most 80’s thing the group has ever done. It may be even more 80’s than their last album. Without further ado, here is Ghost in the Machine:

Ghost in the Machine

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Code of Honor aka "Planet of the Black Folk"

Welcome to Season 1 of Star Trek: TNG. By looking at the title for this episode, you might think that it's a Klingon episode. You would be totally wrong. The much better Klingon episode, "Heart of Glory," comes later on in the season. I recently saw this episode on Netflix for some reason and decided that it was worthy of being added to the list of weird episodes. It surely won't be added to the "Best Episodes" list! I can tell you that!
Lutan: Picard! I did not know you knew our "Talk to the Hand" greeting!

The basic plot for this episode is this. The Enterprise has to travel to the non-Federation planet  Ligon II in order to receive some emergency medical supplies. The crew try to make relations with the Ligonians in order to get the medicine. Lutan, The leader of the Ligonians, takes a liking to Tasha Yar for some weird reason. He decides to take her for a wife by force, so the crew has to deal with this predicament and get the medical supplies to the endangered planet. After some Federation know-how and a "babe-on-babe" battle to the death, the Enterprise gets Tasha and the supplies.

It's been said that this episode is one of the worst ever. I think it's not as bad as some other episodes, but I do think it's not a good episode. The whole episode feels like an homage to the original series and it wasn't a good homage. It's like someone watched the bad parts of the Original Series' Third Season and decided to homage it. Who thought having a planet full of black people was a good idea? I mean, something just feels weird about that. It may be the fact that they feel like stereotypes. What's next? The Asian planet? The Irish planet? ...(Thinks for a minute)...Oh crap, they end up doing that in the second season!
One example that definitely sets this in the 80's. 

Other than the somewhat blatant racism, this is just a dull episode. This is an episode I have really only seen either once or twice. It may be the fact that it plays a lot like a below average episode of TOS. It also seems like they were trying to get a good grasp on what the show should be about. I'm not sure. All I know is this: this is one episode that I won't be seeing anytime soon. If you're wondering why people think the early seasons of TNG suck, this may be one episode to watch.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Music Retrospective: The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta

Well, it’s another day and another Police album. If I had to ask Sting one question, it would be this: what’s up with the weird titles to your albums? I know I could check Wikipedia for the answer but anyone could have put that there. Oh well, I guess I can live without the answer. Zenyatta Mondatta was the Police’s third album and it was released in 1980. Like the others, it was a success. A couple songs from the album even won Grammys in the following years. Does it actually deserve the praise it got? Let’s find out, shall we?

Zenyatta Mondatta

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 36 Heroes - Part 6/Conclusion

"It's been a long road,
Getting from there to here.
It's been a long time
But my time is finally here."

Don't worry, I'll stop there. So, who really thought that "Faith of the Heart" would make a good theme song for a Star Trek TV series? I'm just wondering, that's all. Anyway, here's the last part in the long, long list of my favorite fictional heroes. I could list them, but this post is already going to be long enough. So, here are some links on what you might have missed:
  • Part One - Popeye, Goku, Duncan McLeod, Billy Cranston, Jack Knight, and Sarah Connor
  • Part Two - Robin Hood, Goliath, Hercules, The Prince from Prince of Persia, Storm, and Captain America
  • Part Three - Angel, Teal'C, Vash the Stampede, Dick Grayson, Gandalf, and Harry Callahan 
  • Part Four - Atticus Finch, Admiral Adama, Wonder Woman, Solid Snake, the Hulk, and the Flash
  • Part Five - Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  Rocky Balboa, Spider-Man, and Luke Skywalker
With that out of the way, let's see who made into the top six spots.

6. Wolverine
He’s the best at what he does and what he does isn't really nice. Wolverine (Logan) is Marvel’s premier mutant. Born as James Howlett in the 1800’s, it’s fair to say that the character has been through a lot. He’s has adamantium claws that come out his hands, he has heighten senses, a ridiculous haircut, and he has a pretty overblown healing factor.  He’s virtually immortal… insert random Highlander joke here. Logan’s pretty popular with Marvel by being a leading X-Man and by being a part of the Avengers. He’s also the main guy in just about all of the X-Men movies.

So, what does make Logan a cool character? Is it the fact that he’s a killer, a loner, and somewhat of a douche? I think it’s some of those things, but there is more to the character than that.  If anything, he’s the best to me when he’s not most of those things I listed. While he can speak his mind a bit too much, he sometimes knows the right thing to say. He may be a loner, but the guy’s still a team person. He even mentors teenage girls on the side… well, someone has to! Lastly, he may be a killer, but even he knows when not to take a life. When it comes to movies and TV, Hugh Jackman and the 90’s animated show did it best.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top 36 Heroes - Part 5

I'm almost there, folks. I start today's post with a shocking omission. I didn't even realize I left this person out until yesterday.

12. Sherlock Holmes
You know, I thought I had this list ready when I wrote it a few days ago. Then, I remembered a certain detective. Sorry, Aang. Anyway, the famous Sherlock Holmes is a personal favorite of mine. I haven’t read many of the books, but I plan to one day. The guy’s a freaking genius in figuring out different mysteries and crimes. He’s also a master of disguise and is supposed to be a good fighter. While his digging and prodding can be annoying to people, Holmes is cool in my book.

When it comes to TV and movies, there are a few I like. Recently, there’s been Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the character. If you haven’t seen the show Sherlock, what are you waiting for? It rocks! There are also the recent movies with Robert Downey Jr. as the character which bring a different look at the character. I’ve only seen the first movie and I enjoyed it. Lastly, there’s Basil Rathbone’s portrayal of the character. Yeah, I’m going old-school on this. It’s probably the definitive version of the character in general.