Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Thoughts #3

Well, I'm at the house and not sleepy yet, so I thought I might as well type a little.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horrible Music Videos - Just the Way I Planned It

Philip Michael Thomas - Actor: Pretty Decent. He was great on Miami Vice.
Philip Michael Thomas - Singer: Decent. Not a bad singer. His videos on the other hand....well...not so much.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graphic Novels - Legends

This installment of Graphic Novels is brought to you by Dr. Zaius: Minister of Science and Defender of the Faith -- Man, that does sound weird.

"There is no contradiction between faith and science... true science!"

Okay, enough of that.

Writers: John Ostrander and Len Wein
Artists: John Bryne and Karl Kesel

Well, with names on a mini-series like this, you would think that this is the greatest thing out there. You would be mostly right and a little wrong. It's good in some places and not so good in others.

I had actually planned on getting this for some time now. I found issues 1-5 in a 50 cent bargain bin (I actually got 2-5 for free somehow - the cashier either didn't know what she was doing or I somehow wooed her, I don't know). On the other hand, issue 6 was...well, too much. So, I spent about $7.00 on the whole thing.

Today's post is a mix of stuff: synopsis, critique, highlights, etc. I'll give a quick synopsis of the whole thing (a lot of stuff happens), critique it a little, and talk about the highlights of the series. So here I go:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Pic of the Month - June

And here are the random pics of June. Oh dear...

Well, here it is. The thing that killed the Batman movies in the nineties.

And here's another pic from the Grand Canyon.
I really, really, REALLY, should have paid attention to this sign.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graphic Novels - Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn 2

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn 2
Writers: Keith Giffen and Gerard Jones
Artists: M. D. Bright and Romeo Thangal

Well, it’s the 31st of May, and I’m at the house in Nashville on a Tuesday night...not at work. By the way, I really hate cars that sing the song “The Song Known As Forget You” (My Camry gave out…again). Anyway, since I have the time, it looks like I’ll move on to Part 2 of Emerald Dawn. It’s done by the same creative team that did the first part. The series came out in 1991 and it was a 6 issue mini-series. Now it’s time for a little back story on why I got this. I was at the Great Escape (great place, by the way) and I was looking for something good to read. I actually got issue 2 of the miniseries because I heard something about the current DC Editorial not liking the Emerald Dawn series. So I got it, and didn’t really read it till a few days later. When I read it, I enjoyed it and set out to get the rest of the series, as well as Emerald Dawn. So let’s get on to this pretty good story:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Graphic Novels - Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
Writers: Jim Owesley (Issue 1), Keith Giffen (issues 2-6), and Gerard Jones (issues 2-6)
Artists: M.D. Bright and Romeo Tanghal

So why did I get this? Simple, I read Emerald Dawn 2 and enjoyed it. I wanted to see how it all began for the Green Lantern. Also, the new movie is coming out. Now, I’ll talk about why I got Emerald Dawn 2 in the first place later. I’m only doing this post of Emerald Dawn because to understand what happens in 2, you have to read 1 first.

I don't know much about the creative team, only that they are real good. most of this team was already on the main Green Lantern book at the time this came out, so that definitely helps the situation. the Mini-series came out around 1990. So, let’s jump into this origin for Hal 'Swingin' Jordan.