Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Graphic Novels - Teen Titans Vol. 5: Life and Death - Part Two

Sup guys. It’s arw1985 back with part 2 of Life and Death. At this moment, it’s the 22nd, I’m listening to my iTunes, and I’m thinking about someone from lunch yesterday (Who? None ya business! Ha!). I also got a new camera this weekend, and I like it. Anyway, let me get on to the creative team for these parts. By the way, it’s big.
  • Geoff Johns - … ‘Nuff Said (lol).
  • Marv Wolfman – Let’s see,... the man’s a legend! Because of this guy, Teen Titans (or should I say New Teen Titans) became a household name in the 80’s. This guy also wrote that other ‘Crisis’ (COIE) event too. He’s also written on countless books, so look him up.
  • Bill Willingham – writer of the Robin issues.
  • Bill Williams - ...I have no freaking clue what he does.
  • Todd Nanuck – He does the artwork in TT #31 and #32.
  • Ed Benes – Nice artist. He does some pencils in the Titans Annual.
  • Phil Jimenez – The main penciller from the main crossover book. His artwork is from IC #6 (which won’t be talked about for a while because…_______ ______.
  • Ivan Reis – Some of his work from IC is included.
  • Scott McDaniel – the artist of the Robin issues.
  • Dale Eaglesham – a good artist. He does some of the art in the Titans Annual.
  • Tom Grindburg – He also does some art in the Annual.
  • Elton Ramalho – He also does a little art in the Annual (wow! Those are a lot of pencilers).

Since I didn’t note it last time, I’ll note it here. This volume contains Teen Titans #29-33, Robin #146-147, Teen Titans Annual #1, and some stuff from Infinite Crisis #5 and 6. So let’s start to end this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Graphic Novels - Infinite Crisis: Part Five - Faith

Well, it’s another day and another post of the mega crossover event: Infinite Crisis. As I write this, it’s Friday, the 18. It looks like that I’ll be heading home this weekend with no plans whatsoever (will be having lunch with someone Monday though). Anyway, this issue marks the return of the Multiverse, so it’s going to be interesting. The creative team remains the same, with legendary writer/artist Jerry Ordway and artist Ivan Reis providing some nice pencils. The covers are also well done. Lee’s cover has two Wonder Women in the background, while Booster Gold, Batman, and some dude (lol) run toward the reader (So, get out of the way, Dang it!!). Perez’s cover shows Supes-2 punching out Superman. Perez’s cover is definitely cooler for me. So, let’s get to this good issue.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Graphic Novels - Infinite Crisis: Part Four - Homecoming (aka The Real @*#* Happens Here!!!)

Greetings and salutations! It’s me again, going through this mega crossover event called Infinite Crisis. We’re at the midpoint of the series finally. It’s been tough for these heroes, but now it’s about to get tougher. We have the same creative team, with George Perez and Ivan Reis doing some penciling. The issue’s covers are okay. I mean, they’re drawn well, but nothing really calls out ‘COOL’ to me, ya know? Lee’s cover has the two Superboys fighting, and Perez’s cover has all of the heroes from space involved in …getting sucked into a big white hole? I like the Lee cover, since Krypto is looking awesome. Anyway, let’s get on to the issue!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Graphic Novels - Teen Titans Vol. 5: Life and Death - Part One

Hello and hello. It’s arw1985, and I’m back with another installment of our favorite teenage heroes: The Teen Titans. Today, I will be going over a part of Volume five of the Teen Titans series, Life and Death. Why? ‘Cause I felt like it. Plus, this volume kind of flowed along with Infinite Crisis, so I decided to split it up. Now the creative team for volume five is…kinda big, so I’ll just list the creative team for each part I come out with. The creative team for part Uno of vol. 5 is:

  • Geoff Johns – I think I’m catching on to a trend here.
  • Tony Daniel –He’s ends up becoming the new head penciler for the book after this volume.
  • Todd Nanuck- I don’t know anything about this guy. He does a couple of pages here and there.

Now that I’ve have gotten that out of the way, let’s get on with it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Graphic Novels - Infinite Crisis: Part Three - Divine Intervention

Hey, hey, hey! It’s me again, going through the mega event Infinite Crisis. It’s Sunday the 6th, and I had nothing better to do. It’s cold and wet outside, so I won’t be doing a lot. The creative team is still the same from issue 1. George Perez does one page for this issue though. The covers are well done, with Wonder Woman and the Amazons fighting OMACs and Supes-2 holding out a hand to Batman in the Batcave while there are images of Earth-2 in the background. I like the Lee version better because well…it really fits with what happens in the issue, I guess. So let’s get it started!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Graphic Novels - Infinite Crisis Part Two: The Survivors

Hello and hello! As I start this, it’s the 18th of February. At this time, I’m waiting for my shift to begin, and I’m wondering how this old CD of mine got messed up. I’m back, going through the mega crossover Infinite Crisis. Here is Issue #2. The same creative team is here, with a little help from George Perez and Jerry Ordway for a small history lesson. The covers are also cool, with both covers showing Power Girl, who has a big part in the event (And no, I’m not talking about her…..eyes.). Lee’s issue shows her standing with the four forgotten heroes, and Perez’s cover show her looking at images containing big stuff that happened in the DCU. Both covers are well done, but they're okay to me. I kinda like the Lee cover more, I don't know. Now on to the Story!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Pic of the Month - March

And here's the random pic of the month for March:

Hmm....a team of superheroes with different colors? Must have fun with this....

Hal: All right guys! It's Morphin' Time!

Blue Lantern: Hope.
Sinestro (in a superior voice): Fear!
Hal: Will!
Carol (in a sultry voice): Love.
Indigo Lantern : Nok....I mean Compassion!
Red Lantern: RAGE!
Lafreeze: .....Do I really have to do this?
Red Lantern: Hell Yeah! So do it!
Lafreeze: All right. GREED! HA HA HA!

Hal: Light Saver Group Go!