Thursday, October 20, 2011

12 Greatest Live Action Intros

Well, since I did my favorite animated intros, I might as well do my favorite live action intros. These intros are pretty much gonna be all over the place when concerning TV. So, here we go with my top 11 Greatest Live Action Intros. Why 12? Well, it turns out that there are not many awesome live action TV intros for me to put here, but whatever. Some of these are my favorite shows, while the rest just have awesome intros.So, here we go:

12. The Flash
I vaguely remember this show coming on back in the nineties. From what I have seen on the internet, it wasn't that bad. I do wish it had stayed on longer though. Anyway, why is this intro awesome? Two words: DANNY ELFMAN.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts #6

Well, I'm bored. It's time for some Random Thoughts.

I actually don't know what to say today. I was going to post one of these at the end of September, but since school is taking up all of my time (and there's the fact that I had nothing to say), I decided to wait. Not too much is going on these days. It's just school and work. I have two presentations I have to prepare for: One 20 minutes long (by myself ...) and one about 5 to 10  minutes long. Shouldn't be too difficult. Let's see...what else? I think I'm getting tired of the single life...'bout time. I'm also trying to figure out what else to do with this blog. The post from earlier is an example. I want keep it as 'random' as I can and not have it be just all about one thing.

Right now, I'm on sabbatical (or something like that) fro the Graphic Novels section. Superman Month wiped me out and with all of the school stuff coming up soon, I won't be able to just sit down and type a lot of words on a graphic novel. It actually takes a lot of time to do that. So, it looks like I'll just do two a month for a while. Well, I'm actually out of things to say, so I'm out. 

13 Greatest Animated Intros

As a kid, I loved to watch cartoons. Heck, I still do. I mostly enjoy the action-oriented ones these days. Star Wars: Clone Wars, Young Justice, Symbiotic Titan (wait, that got cancelled. Dang you, Cartoon Network!!). So what is the first thing you see with a show in general? The intro of course!  Sometimes, the intro is so awesome, it feels like you've missed a cool part of the show when you miss it. Plus, if the show sucks, at least you can watch an awesome intro. So with that being said, I will go over my top 13 Animated intros. Why 13? Simple, it's because I can! Ha Ha HA!!!

13. The Real Ghostbusters
Why is this on the list? It's Ghostbusters! This is what  got me interested in the Ghostbusters in the first place, so it has to be on this list. I like that they used the theme song from the movie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Pic of the Month - October

And here are the random pics of the month of September October.

Etrigan: DC's Original MC!!!

Here's another from my archive of many pics. It's from a Halloween party (2008), and the dude making th the funny face is Chet, a real cool dude.

I guess I was V's cousin, Vic, from America.  Apparently, I go around quoting Bible verses and sound a lot like Samuel L. Jackson. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Graphic Novels - DCnU Superman

Well, I'm finally at the end of Superman Month. I have to say that this was a nice little project. It was so nice that I have decided to start doing more of these themed months for things. I don't know what yet, but I hinted before that the next thing I may do has a "Star" in it, so you may know what it is if you have read more of my stuff (or just know me).

So, we are finally here at the new DCU, and it looks kinda good. I've gotten 6 of the 52. They've ranged from "meh" to pretty good.

Movie Talk - the Superman Franchise

Superman: So dad, I can't have Lois and be Superman at the same time?
Jor-El: Uh...Nope.
S: Why? Am I not Superman?
J: Yeah, but..."the needs of the many must come before the needs of the--"
S: Hey! That's Wrath of Khan!
J:Oh...Well...The heck should I know? It's in the script! I'm not Jor-El: the great and powerful!
S: True. But you are Jor-El: the woman-blocker!
J: ...Yep. Sorry, Kiddo.

Well, we're at the end of Superman Month. One of the last things I wanted to post this month about the Man of Steel is my opinion on the Superman movie franchise. I'm basically gonna do how I did with the POTA franchise. I'll list them in chronological order. I'll also list a synopsis, pros, cons of the movies. First, Lets's start with the background.

I have seen all of these movies. I saw them in my young days as well. I saw Superman Returns in theatres when it came out. I've actually watched the first three movies recently, so I'm ready to share my opinion. I recommend all of these movies. They can all be enjoyed (some more than others.)