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Favorites - 12 Favorite Mass Effect Companions

Yeah, I got another list. It’s the season. Besides, I’m preparing for September.

If there’s one thing I can say about Bioware, it would that they have some cool companions in their RPG games. I’ve run across a lot of them in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. To me, a companion not only has to be interesting,  you have to be able to use them in battle. You’ll get some good ones and bad ones. You’ll have some companions that are good in battle but bad everywhere else. Yes, I’m looking at you, Zaeed. You were good on missions, but that was it. You also have the inverse of that with a guy by the name of Kadian. Nice guy, but he was pretty weak.

Today, I’ll be listing down my favorite companions from the Mass Effect trilogy. I’ll save Dragon Age for later since I still haven’t finished Inquisition yet. Man, that game’s long and I can only play it well on an HD TV. Fortunately (or unfortunately), that’s a post for another time. Most of these companions all had something that made like or care for them. They also were pretty cool on the battlefield and that’s always good. There will be some spoilers, but I won’t spoil everything.

12. Legion – Legion is a Geth who was sent by his race to aid Shepard in ME2. We run into him during a mission on dead Reaper. Not only is he damaged, but he is also wearing a peace of your old armor. He is really the first insight we get on Geth culture. Because of him, we get even more of that in ME3. We learn their origin and that the quorians (their creators) may not be as innocent as they claim to be. While his personality is a bit dull (he’s a robot), I did like him especially when he and Tali butted heads. His endpoint in ME3 is a pretty somber one.

11. Wrex – Urdnot Wrex is the first krogan we join up with in the series. He’s easily one of best warriors to have on your squad. He’s also got an interesting backstory. While he’s helping us stop Saren, he also wants to find a way to cure the genophage, a biological weapon that decimated his people centuries ago. In fact, it becomes a sticking point during one mission where we find out that Saren is trying to cure the ailment. Without spoiling anything, something can happen that will make you really peeved at Ashley Williams. Guess why she’s not on this list. While he’s not a playable character in the latter games, he does still play a nice role in the universe especially with the krogans.

10. Samara – Samara is a very old asari (about 1,000 years) and she is a justicar. Justicars basically go around the galaxy enacting justice on baddies and follow a weird code. We meet her in the second game. Her side mission (like most of the companions) involved a family member and was actually pretty fun. She was pretty much the old, wise one of the group. She was pretty interesting with stories about her adventures and her order of justicars. She also wasn’t hard to look at which is a plus for asari in these series.

9. Grunt – Grunt is another krogan we get to meet up with in the series. He’s a genetically-engineered Krogan that was created in order to be the best of the race and help cure the genophage. If you let him out of stasis, he joins the team and becomes another cool warrior. I especially liked that he essentially a teenager with buttloads of krogan knowledge that essentially meant nothing to him. His side mission in ME2 is one of the best missions since it’s more of a mission of pride and finding one’s place. Besides, we go up against a Thrasher Maw. Grunt’s a cool one.

8. Jack – Jack…well, I can say that the first meeting with her was interesting. “Jack”, as she calls herself, was a human that was experimented on by Cerberus in the past. Let’s just say it pretty much screwed her up and you can definitely see it years later. We find out what was done to her during her side mission. She has some interesting stories on her life, hates Cerberus, and is pretty powerful. She does get to grow as a character throughout the trilogy and its good growth. She’s one of the ones you can romance though I didn’t do it in my playthroughs.

7. Miranda Lawson – Miranda… well, she’s kind of unlikable at first. She’s the Cerberus cheerleader that believes in what the Illusive Man is doing. Luckily, that does change and she gets more likable as the series goes on. Her side missions were also fine and she’s good in battle. You find out that her father had her made to be the perfect child. Then, there’s the fact that she’s … well, look at her! I know most fans were probably happy with those “interesting” camera shots the designers put in. You may not like her all that much, but you do have to admit that she’s not hard to look at.

6. Thane Krios – Thane Krios is a drell assassin that ends up joining the team in the second game. He’s basically on a path of redemption since he has a terminal disease. Thane’s side mission involves saving his son from the life Thane lived. I’ll go on and tell you that he does die in the third game and it’s one of the most touching things you end up interacting in. While he is a killer, he has a zen feel to him in the second and third games. His photographic memory is pretty interesting. He’s also a good sniper, so, if you need something shot, he’s the guy to do it.

5. Jaavik – Jaavik is an interesting one. He is the last Prothean in the galaxy. The Protheans were the race that got wiped out by the Reapers during the last visit to the galaxy. He was placed in stasis eons ago and is woken up in ME3. Unlike Zaeed (another add-on) from the second game, Jaavik added a lot to the final game. We got to finally see what Protheans were actually like and some of it is not too pretty. I know Liara was a bit disappointed. Still, Jaavik proved to be an interesting addition to the team and he was really useful in battle.

4. Mordin Solus – Mordin Solus was a salarian scientist we meet up with the in the second game. We find out that he was one of the scientists that worked on the genophage. His side mission is a pretty good one that involves them going after a salarian that may be trying to cure the genophage. You get into a long discussion whether implementing the genophage was a right move or not. Even though Mordin has that baggage with him, he’s actually one of the funniest companions. He’s the absent-minded professor of the group and he speaks pretty weird. His endpoint in the last game… well, it brought a little tear to my eye.

3. Liara T’Soni –Liara is an asari researcher who you meet in the first game. She ends up playing an important role in the games. She’s the main expert in Prothean history and her mother was on Saren’s side in the first game. Even though she’s not a part of your team in the second game, she still has a big role to play and all of it ties into the final game. You get to see her grow as a character throughout all the three games. She also had a nice personality. She’s one of the ones you can romance in all three games. She’s pretty powerful and she’s not bad to look at either.

2. Tali’zorah vas Normandy – It’s pretty easy to like Tali. I don’t know if it’s the accent, the cool weapons, or the overall attitude. It’s probably all of the above. Tali’s with the team through all three games. She’s a quorian who left her home in order to help find technology to fight the geth. She truly cares for her people. The missions that involve her in all the games are pretty cool. You even get to romance her in the latter games. Even though she wore a mask throughout the whole trilogy (I’m not counting that photoshopped pic), there was something cool and attractive about her. I won’t spoil it, but if you make a certain decision, something happens that will definitely bring the sad face. I didn’t take it well as you can tell by the gif below. Overall, Tali was cool.

1. Garrus Vakarian – Let’s just all admit that Garrus is one bad brother from another planet. He was a C-Sec officer on the Citadel when he joined up with Shepard and he’s been there through all three games. He’s pretty much the Spock/McCoy to Shepard’s Kirk. He’s funny, smart, and can have a serious mean streak. His missions involved going after criminals and delivering some sort of sweet justice on them. He’s also one of the better squad members with his rifle and sniper rifle. He’s usually the one you’ll want and need on those final battles. As I said before, Garrus is cool and he is the best companion in the trilogy.


Well, that’s my list. While the Mass Effect trilogy has great stories, good visuals, and nice gameplay, the companions make it something worth coming back to. I’ll get to the Dragon Age companions one day whenever I finish the recent game. If you have any favorites from the trilogy, let me know. I’ll be back in September with some "Super' goodness. Until then, Peace, God Bless, and yeah, Miranda had a nice… face. That's all you're getting from me.

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