Friday, April 27, 2012

Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis

Well, it’s here. After some stops and a couple of interludes, I have gotten to the storyline. I actually had to skip a storyline to get here, but “Oh well.” Anyway, while DKOM is a three-parter (Action Comics 654, Adventures of Superman 467, and Superman 44) I’m gonna include a quick, quick synopsis of the previous issue Action Comics 653 as well. Since there is no tpb of this story, it has to fit into the "Bin" group.  So, let’s do it!!!

Dark Knight Over Metropolis
Writers: Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, and Roger Stern
Pencillers: Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, and Bob McLeod

Action Comics #654
This issue pretty much sets up everything that happens in the next three issues. Clark is having a ball ever since he got rid of that dang Eradicator, lost his job at Newstime (Eradicator’s fault though), and finally, FINALLY….had a date with Lois. It’s official. They’re a couple. Aw. Meanwhile, Jose Delgado (Gangbuster) was hired by Cat Grant’s ex to be a bodyguard because Cat is supposed to be a witness in a trial involving Morgan Edge’s ties to Intergang, a powerful gang located in Metropolis. We then see a little bit of Intergang as they plan to do something about the trial like killing Clark (Clark wrote the story) and Lois (…hey, it’s Lois) and possibly doing something to Cat.
Well, we all have said this: It's about frickin' time!

Clark then gets a call from a random person. He goes to meet this person in a cemetery, and this person turns out to be Amanda McCoy. Suddenly, she pulls out Luthor’s kryptonite ring exposes Clark as Superman. Clark, of course, is baffled and getting sick and passes out. Amanda, who is pretty….nuts, thinks she killed him and runs away. Later, Clark wakes up and wonders who the woman was and who else knows his secret. Elsewhere, Amanda gets robbed and loses the ring in the process. The issue ends as we hear (or see in this case) a scream.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Action Comics #650

Hello! I'm back for another tale from the bin. This is a little different though. Today's issue is Action Comics #650. The creative team is actually the same team from the Exile storyline. Also....Superman rarely appears in it. Yep, it's one of those oversized issues.

Action Comics #650
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: Everyone from the Exile story line

Saturday, April 7, 2012


And here is a pic I think I should put one as a random pic for April. Fortunately, that post is a bit on the serious side, so this horribly scary pic goes here. I saw this in Action Comics #8 (a good one by the way) and  all I can say is this: Dang, those are some clean teeth!

Random Pics of the Month - April

Well, it's that time. I'm a little late for this mostly because I have had a LOT of stuff to do this week. I still got a LOT of stuff to do in the next 48 hours. So, here are the random pics of April.