Friday, June 29, 2012

TV Talk - Batman Beyond

Hey all. I'm back with another Batman show. Yes, this counts as a Batman show because even though Bruce Wayne isn't Batman here, he still is around in some form. Ladies and Gents: Batman Beyond.

This show came on in 1999 (7th/8th grade). Anyway, I really didn't know what to expect with this show when it came on. I mean, it looked really different. Since I was bored, I checked it out. It was pretty cool. I'm glad I checked it out every Saturday when it was on. I also have Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker at the house. And yes, it's the unedited version where ____ kills _____. I haven't  really watched the show since it aired, but I have seen some episodes online and BB: ROTJ is a movie that I try to watch occasionally. Yeah, it's that good.

Friday, June 22, 2012

TV Talk - Batman: The Animated Series - Favorite Episodes

Here is part 2 of that post. There was just more to say about these episodes soI decided to split it up into two posts. Before I start, here are some honorable mentions:
  • World's Finest - It's actually a Superman 3-parter, but I have to mention it. It's the first meeting between Superman and Batman and it's a really good one to see. 
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - It's a movie, not an episode. If it was a three parter, it would definitely go at no.1. In the movie, Batman runs into an old flame and has memories of his life pre-Batman while he hunts down this new villain who's killing old mobsters. Also, The Joker's in it. 
  • Anything from JL/JLU - Different show. Plus, not many episodes were Batman-centered. Otherwise I'd probably include Epilogue and A Better World.
  • Just about any Joker Episode - ...'Nuff said.
  • Old Wounds - In this episode, we find out what happened between Batman and Dick and we find out why he quit being Robin.
  • The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy - A guy hires a criminal named Wormwood the Interrogator to take Batman's cape and cowl. There is a twist to this episode that I'm not going to spoil.
  • Almost Got 'em - A hilarious episode centering on the villains. 
  • Pretty Poison - It's a good episode, but it's not on the top list. It's the first appearance of Poison Ivy and Harvey Dent. Also, it has one of the funnies quotes ever uttered by Batman: 

Well, here I go:

TV Talk - Batman: The Animated Series

Robin: So...who really thought Prometheus was a great movie? I mean, Come On!
Batgirl: Oh, here we go again. I'm outta this.
Batman: Tim...Now you know that movie was genius. Prometheus shows what can truly go wrong on first contact missions.
Robin: Wow...and I thought Dick was crazy for keeping that mullet. 

And here it is. This is the one post that I have pretty much held off till now. Is there really anything for me to say about this show? It was a great series. It's probably one of the best. It started off a great animated universe, had awesome voice-acting, ranged from dark to silly, and had some sweet animation. So what else is there to say about Batman The Animated Series? I guess I'll do business as usual.

Monday, June 18, 2012

TV Talk - The Amazing Spider-Man TV Show Pilot

Yes, this actually exists. How do I know about it? Well, let's see...

Long ago, people used to get video cassettes in video stores. Dang, I miss Move Gallery! Anyway, I think it was third grade and I saw this tape called "The Amazing Spider-Man" on the shelf. Since I was (and still) a superhero buff, I rented this movie. I don't remember if I liked it or not. I had no views on movies in general back then. Later on (more like the 2000s) I found out that this was actually a tv show that lasted 13 episodes. I'm not planning on viewing all 13 episodes for this time. I have re-watched the pilot that I saw way back when. Now that I have developed some sort of view, what do I think of the pilot?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Batman #1-#2

Now it's time for the blankity blank-blank Batman. As I said last time, today's post would be a little different in that this story is current and still going in this book and others. These are the first two issues of the New 52 Batman aka "Same 'Ole Batman". Unlike everyone else in this new universe, everything is still the same except the whole "Batman's younger, Dick was 16 when he became Robin, Barbara's Batgirl again, etc., etc." stuff. The creative team is Scott Synder and Greg Capullo. Scott Snyder is already known for having a great run on Detective Comics, and Capullo is known for something I don't know. He is a good, stylistic artist. Well, here we go:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tales From the 50 Cent Bin! - Peter Parker: Spider-Man # 77-78

This installment of "Tales from the 50 Cent Bin!" is brought to you by Oscorp Industries - If you need some random goblin to cause havoc, call them!!! Ha HA HA!!!

Well, here is one of the Spider-Man things I'll be looking at during this month. the first issue is actually one of the oldest issues I own. The cover isn't even connected to the book. I think I got this at either Kroger or this book store in Columbia back in '97. I didn't get part 2 until I was actually in college. I don't know anything about the creative team except that they worked on Spider-Man in the 90's. I do know who John Romita Jr. is though.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Pics of the Month - June

For this month, here are two cool heroes acting like complete doo-doo heads ( yeah, I said it!);

Pete, I know you're in mourning an all, but "Do the words &$&$&$& mean anything to you?"

Batman hates TEA???? Oh heck naw! I'm getting my gloves!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random Thoughts #15

Well, I'm trying to prepare for a test overANSI SQL that's Wednesday, and it looks like rain is coming. Plus, I need a break from all of that SQL-ing (?). I think it's time for a couple random thoughts.

SQL Rocks....sort of...
Well, it's about week 4 into this class and it's moving along. We started out with the basics and moved on to the more complex stuff. Right now, I'm at that complex stuff, hence this little break. SQL, like all languages, is something that takes a lot of time to get. When you don't get it , it ticks you off a bit. When you finally get the order results, you feel like jumping for joy and bowing towards God saying "THANK YOU!!!!" For studying, I'll be going through the practice problems again without looking at my notes to see if any of this stuff has latched on. Some prayer would be appreciated.

This week, something happened that should not have happened. Apparently, some A$$ got in my car an took a bag of mine. Some work shorts, a couple of cool shirts, a movie, and MY PS3 were in that bag. I'm still ticked off about that. What's weird is that I'm more ticked off about  the other stuff than my PS3. It's kinda my fault because I left the bag out there and a door was unlocked. I got off work late and I just left it in there.  I have left stuff out before, but this time I got bit in the butt and I'm still hurting. Moral: don't leave anything in your car in Nashville. Ever.

Spider-Bat Month-ish!!!

 This month will be the start of Spider-Bat Month and it will end in July. Both movies are coming out around the same time and these characters up there in my favorite list.  Unlike Superman Month and X-Men month, it's going to go a little different. Instead of looking at a lot of comics, I'll look at some of the TV shows that featured these characters. The reason is simple: I came to know about these characters through television and movies. Unlike with Superman and the X-Men, I didn't own many Spider-Man comics (about 4 or 5) or Batman comics (...none). It's only recently in the last year-ish where I started to get things with these characters like Ultimate Spider-Man and  New 52 Batman. I think I know why. I had seen so much of these characters throughout movies and TV I think that I wasn't too interested in the characters comic book-wise. Now, I  still will look at a couple of issues and trades. Which ones? Find out ...someday! I may even look at this....(lol).

Cue funky guitar and sax music!!!


Well, back to the "coolness" of SQL.