Friday, June 22, 2012

TV Talk - Batman: The Animated Series

Robin: So...who really thought Prometheus was a great movie? I mean, Come On!
Batgirl: Oh, here we go again. I'm outta this.
Batman: Tim...Now you know that movie was genius. Prometheus shows what can truly go wrong on first contact missions.
Robin: Wow...and I thought Dick was crazy for keeping that mullet. 

And here it is. This is the one post that I have pretty much held off till now. Is there really anything for me to say about this show? It was a great series. It's probably one of the best. It started off a great animated universe, had awesome voice-acting, ranged from dark to silly, and had some sweet animation. So what else is there to say about Batman The Animated Series? I guess I'll do business as usual.

While I wasn't able to watch the show in the pre-cable days, my uncle did record some episodes of the show. I don't know how may times I've watched those tapes. The only quotes you'll get out of me at this moment are "The bottle for the weed. What's it gonna be?" and "I hope you aren't afraid of heights."  I still got those tapes. When we finally got cable, the show was on the WB and I got to see the modern take. After that and Superman went off in favor for another Batman show (Batman Beyond), I went on to that show. Since then, I think I have seen every episode of the series. I seen them online as well as the video store. I know I've seen all of the direct-to-video stuff like Mask of the Phantasm and Sub-Zero. I still don't own the series on DVD though. Originally, I was hoping to see all of the episodes on Netflix, but they ain't there, It screws that plan up, but it still hasn't thrown me off of doing this post. 


EVERYTHING - That's right, everything. I already said everything earlier. Moving on.....
Okay, maybe I can say a little more. The show was for all ages. Kids could enjoy it as well as adults especially folk who have read the comics. Just about everything was presented faithfully from the source material. When watching most of these episodes as an adult, I notice a whole lot more. The villains were awesome and pretty memorable. The music was awesome, and...Heck, just get the DVDs!!!


NOTHING - That's right. This series was perfect
Oh yeah, there were a couple of things:
  •  The fact that it ended - Even though the show didn't really die because we still had Batman Beyond and JL/JLU, it still sucks that the show itself didn't go on longer. 
  • The animation in the final season was okay to "What The --?" This is more of a nitpick than anything. in season 4 (aka the New Batman Adventures), the animation completely changed. I think this was done to modernize the show because the earlier seasons had a 1950's feel to it. Plus, Superman was also coming on at the same time. It's also possible that the artists wanted to try something new, I don't know.  Anyway, some stuff worked. A lot of the costumes and new looks were good. I do think the all of the main women had the same shape. At least in earlier seasons, they looked like they had some diversity between them . The only looks that were not that good were  the Joker's, Poison Ivy's, and a couple of others...especially the Riddler's. What the Heck?
Joker: Well, as you can see, my eyes are, so give me this money and I'll give you your own version of Captain Clown!

 Two things:
It looks like the small look was in for the women of Gotham City during season 4.
What in the name of Morgan Freeman happened to the Riddler? GYAH!!! Hideous!

Favorite Episodes
This part is going to get a little long, so I'll just stop here. Next time, I'll be back with my favorite episodes from this show. Here's part 2. 

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