Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random Thoughts #15

Well, I'm trying to prepare for a test overANSI SQL that's Wednesday, and it looks like rain is coming. Plus, I need a break from all of that SQL-ing (?). I think it's time for a couple random thoughts.

SQL Rocks....sort of...
Well, it's about week 4 into this class and it's moving along. We started out with the basics and moved on to the more complex stuff. Right now, I'm at that complex stuff, hence this little break. SQL, like all languages, is something that takes a lot of time to get. When you don't get it , it ticks you off a bit. When you finally get the order results, you feel like jumping for joy and bowing towards God saying "THANK YOU!!!!" For studying, I'll be going through the practice problems again without looking at my notes to see if any of this stuff has latched on. Some prayer would be appreciated.

This week, something happened that should not have happened. Apparently, some A$$ got in my car an took a bag of mine. Some work shorts, a couple of cool shirts, a movie, and MY PS3 were in that bag. I'm still ticked off about that. What's weird is that I'm more ticked off about  the other stuff than my PS3. It's kinda my fault because I left the bag out there and a door was unlocked. I got off work late and I just left it in there.  I have left stuff out before, but this time I got bit in the butt and I'm still hurting. Moral: don't leave anything in your car in Nashville. Ever.

Spider-Bat Month-ish!!!

 This month will be the start of Spider-Bat Month and it will end in July. Both movies are coming out around the same time and these characters up there in my favorite list.  Unlike Superman Month and X-Men month, it's going to go a little different. Instead of looking at a lot of comics, I'll look at some of the TV shows that featured these characters. The reason is simple: I came to know about these characters through television and movies. Unlike with Superman and the X-Men, I didn't own many Spider-Man comics (about 4 or 5) or Batman comics (...none). It's only recently in the last year-ish where I started to get things with these characters like Ultimate Spider-Man and  New 52 Batman. I think I know why. I had seen so much of these characters throughout movies and TV I think that I wasn't too interested in the characters comic book-wise. Now, I  still will look at a couple of issues and trades. Which ones? Find out ...someday! I may even look at this....(lol).

Cue funky guitar and sax music!!!


Well, back to the "coolness" of SQL. 

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