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TV Talk - Batman: The Animated Series - Favorite Episodes

Here is part 2 of that post. There was just more to say about these episodes soI decided to split it up into two posts. Before I start, here are some honorable mentions:
  • World's Finest - It's actually a Superman 3-parter, but I have to mention it. It's the first meeting between Superman and Batman and it's a really good one to see. 
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - It's a movie, not an episode. If it was a three parter, it would definitely go at no.1. In the movie, Batman runs into an old flame and has memories of his life pre-Batman while he hunts down this new villain who's killing old mobsters. Also, The Joker's in it. 
  • Anything from JL/JLU - Different show. Plus, not many episodes were Batman-centered. Otherwise I'd probably include Epilogue and A Better World.
  • Just about any Joker Episode - ...'Nuff said.
  • Old Wounds - In this episode, we find out what happened between Batman and Dick and we find out why he quit being Robin.
  • The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy - A guy hires a criminal named Wormwood the Interrogator to take Batman's cape and cowl. There is a twist to this episode that I'm not going to spoil.
  • Almost Got 'em - A hilarious episode centering on the villains. 
  • Pretty Poison - It's a good episode, but it's not on the top list. It's the first appearance of Poison Ivy and Harvey Dent. Also, it has one of the funnies quotes ever uttered by Batman: 

Well, here I go:

10. Legends of the Dark Knight

This is an episode from the New Batman Adventures. It centers around three kids imagining what Batman is actually like. What's cool about it is that we get to see different versions of Batman like the 1950's version and the the Dark Knight Returns version. We even get a scene from the graphic novel and he is voiced by  Michael Ironside. Oh yeah!

9.  His Silicon Soul
This episode is a sequel to another two-parter called Heart of Steel. In that episode, a computer named HARDAC wanted to replace humanity with robots. Batman stopped it. In this episode, Batman has to face a cybernetic version of himself that was left over. What's cool about this episode is that the cyber version (called a duplicant) really thinks he is Batman at first. In the end, he sacrifices himself to protect the city because HARDAC (the machine who created him) made him too much like Batman.

8. The Demon's Quest
This two-parter is actually an adaptation of a couple of issues starring everyone's favorite immortal: Ra's al Gul. I like the episode mostly because I love the villain. He's not like all of Batman's other villains. He's smart, crazy, strong, and has a legion of ninjas to do his bidding.

7.Robin's Reckoning

This two-parter is probably one of the only Robin-centered episodes in the series. Dick finds out that his parents' killer is back in town and he wants his revenge. It's Batman Forever only better and no camp. We also get flashbacks of a Young Dick and even a younger Batman in his old costume.

6.  Over The Edge
This is one screwed up episode. Scarecrow kills Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon declares war on the Batman family. It's pretty dark and shockingly a couple of funny bits make it in. I ain't gonna say what happens at the end though, but since everything is all right the next episode, you can guess what happens.

5. Two-Face
This is a great, sad two-parter. We see Harvey truly become Two-Face. The cool bits though were actually before he gets deformed. Before he gets permanently scarred, he's already mentally messed up. He has another personality named Harvey Two-Face. Yes, we have dissociative personality disorder on a kids show. Anyway, that personality was becoming more and more dominant because of the stress of being a D.A. It's pretty sad because we've seen Harvey before these episodes and he was getting married as well. We also see his accident take a heavy toll on Batman.

4. Joker's Wild

One of the best Joker episodes. Basically, some rich dude decides make some money by making a casino using the Joker's likeness. Joker gets PEEVED, so he breaks out of prison to take care of the place. Bruce notices something is not right with the rich guy doing this, so he stays at the casino. It's also here where we get a really funny conversation between Bruce Wayne and Joker in the casino. Of course, Batman wins and Joker goes back to Arkham.

3. Joker's Favor
I had to include this Joker episode here as well. This episode revolves around a guy named Charles as he curses out the Joker on the interstate. The crazy man chases down Charles and tell him that he owes him a favor. A few years later, Joker finds Charles and tells him do to help him out or he will kill Charles' family. Luckily, Batman is able to help out and Charles get his revenge by doing something pretty hilarious to Joker. I will say this: Heath Ledger's Joker wouldn't have stood for it. This episode also introduces us to Harley. Yay!

2. I am the Night
And here is one of the best episodes of the show. Jim Gordon get shot by a mobster, and Batman wasn't there to save him because this night was the night his parents were killed. Because of this, Batman literally breaks down. Somehow, he's able to get out of his funk and save Gordan at the hospital.

1. Heart of Ice
This episode is one of the only appearances of Mister Freeze. It's also the first B:TAS episode I ever watched. The episode deals with Freeze trying to get his revenge on his former employer for messing up an experiment where Freeze (or Fries) was trying to save his wife. This accident also messed up Freeze as well.  It's also an episode where Batman says "My God". Yeah, this show even had folk taking the Lord's name in vain. Still, I'd probably say it if I saw the origin of Mr. Freeze. Freeze here is not like most of Batman's villains. He's not insane. He's just a man out for revenge. It's probably why he only appeared in a handful of episodes. You might even start rooting for him. His former employer was a complete d-bag.

Well, that's all I have. A lot of episodes from this series are good. If anyone has their favorite episodes of the show, comment. I'm outta and I'm going to leave you with this...gem:

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