Friday, February 26, 2016

Favorites - 20 Best Casting Decisions in Comic Book Movies

Now that I’ve gotten through with the disappointments, I can now look at the good casting decisions. Thankfully, there have been more good ones than bad. You’ll have some actors that’ll do a fine job. They’re not bad, just average. Then you get the folk who absolutely rule in the part. They’re lauded for the role and you wonder if anyone could fill the actor' shoes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them, so choosing ten great casting decisions in comic book movies would be a little hard. In saying that, here are my 20 best casting decisions in comic book movies. Did you really think I could stop at ten?

20. Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach (Watchmen) – While I’m not the biggest fan of the story nor movie, I thought Haley was well casted as the Question look-alike. Haley definitely brought the crazed vigilante to life in that movie. He brought out the roughness and grit with that voice of his. He was definitely one of the highlights there.

19. Kelsey Grammar as Beast (X-Men: The Last Stand) – Who do you think could really play Dr. Hank McCoy? I can’t really think of too many actors who could pull off that role. Who ever asked him to be in the movie deserves some reward. Kelsey Grammar was a bright spot in a really lackluster movie. He felt like Beast to me with the look and the dialogue. I just wish we got more of him in the movie and in general.

18. Ron Pearlman as Hellboy (The Hellboy movies) – Ron Pearlman was a nice pick for Hellboy. The guy just has a knack for playing masked characters. It’s his portrayal of Hellboy that basically pulled me into that world. I don’t follow the character much but if he is anything like Pearlman portrayed, then I may be checking some of those comics out one day.

17. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury (Marvel Cinematic) – (imitating SLJ) YEAH, I SAID IT! WHAT’S WRONG WITH A BLACK NICK FURY ANYWAY? NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT, SUCKA! In all seriousness, I liked him in the role. He may not have been the quintessential version of the character, but he was good all the same. Besides, it’s Samuel L. Jackson. Who else would you get to play a cool secret agent who leads SHIELD? Don’t say David Hasselhoff!

16. Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon (Nolan’s Batman trilogy) – Gary Oldman, a guy who could play just about anyone, was perfect for the role of James Gordon in Nolan’s Batman movies. Unlike past Gordons, this one actually did stuff. He and Batman really felt like a team and Oldman played that really well.

15. Elias Koteas as Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) – For those who don’t remember, TMNT was based on the comics. Heck, the first movie’s story was adapted from the comics. I thought and still think the casting of Koteas as Casey was pretty perfect for that movie. He was one of the best parts to the original and I really can’t see anyone else playing that part. He was cool, snarky, and a little crazy. There aren’t many vigilantes who’ll use sports equipment to teach some “JV low-lifes” a lesson. He was even a bright spot in that pit of darkness called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Favorites? - Nine Disappointing Casting Decisions in Comic Book Movies

This may come as a shock, but he's not on the list. There are worst ones after all.

When it comes to comic book movies, casting is key for success. While other factors can play into that success (writing, directing, etc.), a good cast is at least needed. A good cast can even help elevate a bad movie. At least a crappy movie can have someone who is giving a good performance. Most movies don’t get that. Even pretty good movies have some disappointing casting as well. While there are movies I really like that have good casting, there is usually one choice that baffles me at times.

Since we’re in the year of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (the casting is interesting), here are my nine disappointing casting decisions for comic book movies. Yeah, I’m using “disappointing” instead of “bad” or “worst.” I would go to ten but I just want to get to the good list quicker. I’m lumping all factors together for this one even if the actor is pretty good everywhere else. Sometimes, it’s not an actor’s fault that the role ends up being terrible. The list is not in order. I’m also only listing movies that I’ve actually seen fully, so no Green Lantern here. First, here are a couple of “honorable” mentions:
  • Halle Berry as Catwoman – I’m giving this a break for two reasons. First, I actually haven’t seen all of it. I’ve only seen it in clips and do you really think I could sit through it all? Next, Halle Berry isn’t actually playing Selina Kyle. Yeah, that can be a thing against it, but at least the actual character isn’t associated with the movie. Besides, this one’s too easy for me to put on the list. 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin) – It’s the Austrian Iceman himself. While it was one of the weirdest casting choices ever, Batman and Robin is so bad that it makes Mr. Freeze one of the high points to me. Seriously, the ice puns are so over the top, you kind of have to laugh at them. If you take the movie strictly as a comedy, his antics work. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about other actors in the movie… 
  • Halle Berry As Storm (The X-Men films) – Man, I’m hating on Ms. Hotness today, ain’t I? While I like most of the X-films, I always thought her version of Storm came off as weak to me. It’s really jarring when you look at the rest of the cast. If there’s one character that should never come off as weak, it’s Storm. It could have been her, the direction, or both. I will say that she’s a little better in X-Men: The Last Stand… the one I kind of loathe. I just can't win with Halle. 
With those out of the way, let’s get done with this!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Random Thoughts On... Civil War

I'm betting this is how most folk regard Civil War.

You know, I thought I was done talking about this event. For some reason, I couldn’t let go just yet. I’ve now read a majority of the tie-ins and looked at the main series itself. I have to say that it brought up some things that I really never considered about the event. So, hold on to your butts because I have some things to say not only about the main issues but the event as a whole. Hopefully, it all comes out as coherent.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tales From The Trades! - Civil War

I think it’s finally time to start looking at events again. After Final Crisis, talking about these things didn’t seem as cool. Besides, after reading some of Grant Morrison’s weird but nice ramblings, it’s good to take a break from these Earth-shattering events. I really haven’t talked about Marvel’s events yet. It’s not that I don’t like most of them. I’ve just really never latched on to a lot of them especially recently. It seems like they do some sort of major crossover every year now. At least DC waited two years before they did their big, major crossover, Forever Evil. Since Captain America: Civil War is being later released this year, I thought it was finally time to really delve into the event known as Civil War.

I really only kept up with the event online. I had a couple of issues of the event as well. I remember having a bit of a dislike about it after some time. I don’t know if it was online opinion or just me thinking about the event. During the year (either Christmas or my birthday), a co-worker got me a gift card for Barnes and Nobles.  I went to the one in Cool Springs one Saturday and I saw this on the shelf at a decent price. Since I really didn’t feel like spending my own money on it, I bought it. Just recently, I got curious on how the tie-ins to the event went, so I decided to get a subscription to Marvel Unlimited. I gotta say that is one good app. It’s a shame DC doesn’t have one…

Civil War was written by Mark Millar. I’ve talked about him here before since hes also known for Superman: Red Son and Ultimate X-Men. He can be alright sometimes. The penciller is Steve McNiven from that New Avengers arc that focused on the Sentry. Dexter Vines handled the inks and Morry Hollowell handled the colors. So, was my dislike justified or was I being led astray thanks to online opinion? Find out below.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Random Pics of the Month - Feburary

Wow, it has been a while since I've done one of these posts. I guess I post enough pics, so I tend to forget about this section. So, here are some pics on things I'll talk about over the coming months.

This is from a forgotten game called Jade Empire. What is it about? I'll let you know... later.

I'm past ready for this. Don't let me down, Snyder!

Yeah, I'll be talking about this event though not in detail. I'll say this, "Civil War" is definitely a talker.

Since Ben Affleck is also appearing in it, we better see something similar to this in the new Suicide Squad movie.

Don't worry Gwen. I didn't forget about Ultimate Spider-Man.