Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random Pic of the Month - March

I only have one pic for today, and it's really not on the serious side.

Hmm... what can I say about this pic that won't be offensive?
Must resist... George Takei impression!
OH MY... Hulk's a hater, which is what he does but hating on rainbows?!? No one hates rainbows!!!
Random guy in shirt: Experiments on turning the Hulk the color yellow have proven unsuccessful. I'll try red next and see what happens.
Yeah, I'll stop here.

Well, Happy Easter everyone. Peace.

John 3:13-20

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Turtle Tracks: Overview

A few months ago, I hinted that I may look at another mutant group. The only difference between the X-Men and these guys is that these dudes are "awesome", "righteous," and maybe a little "Bossa Nova!" That's right, I'm talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For this segment, I'll go over a few things. It's not gonna be a themed month with this here. It'll pretty much be a "whenever" thing.

What I'm not going to do is do a detailed look at the two shows I have watched. I haven't seen new show as of yet. If they start to air it on Netflix, I might give it a go. I'll explain why below in my look at my time with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Before The JLA, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Batman, and even Superman, there were the these guys. I don't remember what drew me to the old show. It may have either been the toys, the show itself, or the movie which was out at the time. All I know is this: I enjoyed the crap out of it. For this, I got three sections: Action figures, movies, and TV.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thoughts #23

Well, I'm at work (yeah during the day) and there is nothing going on for the moment....Yes!!!!! Anyway, I think it's time for a couple of Random Thoughts.

Who knew getting up would be so hard?
This week, I had to fill in for my daytime counterpart at work, so I'm back to days for this week. It's not a bad time. It's just weird because I usually work from 5pm-2am. This week, I'm working from 7:30am-4:30pm. That's a big change especially since I'm usually still sleep at 7:30am. I get up, my eyes are bloodshot, and my hair is everywhere. What makes it worse is that it's gotten really busy for us. Well, at least I got next week to look forward to. I'm on vacation, suckas!!!

..."Lord, help me. Lord, help me." Yeah, I really got nothing to say except for that.

Upcoming plans
I really have nothing planned for April, so you could just title it "I just don't give a -- " Month or something. I do have a couple of things I'll talk about though, but I'll get to them eventually. For May, I got something planned and it involves the awesome crew of the USS Enterprise. That's right, It's Old-School Trek Month, and yes, that's a weird title. It's pretty much the crew from the original series, the first six movies, and the reboots. I got those and a couple of surprises setting up for that month.

For June, I have something planned that involves mixing a few things. Think The Twilight Zone and superheroes and you may get what I'm going for.

Action Comics ....WTC?
So, I just read the last issue fo Grant Morrision's Action Comics run. Wow, did this book take a 180 turn in weirdness! The first issue was pretty grounded. You had Clark in the t-shirt beating up gangsters and such. THis last issue basically had him going up against the Devil...okay, it was a 5-dimensional imp, but still. I did like it though. This weekend, I'm gonna have to read the whole run and see how all stacks up.

Okay, this made me laugh a little. Why?  Read the names.

Now the real WTC (or WTFC) has come just recently. Andy Diggle, the writer taking Morrison's place, has left the book. What's going on at DC? It seems like creators are leaving left and right and this has been going on for about the last year.

Well, that's all I got for now. Peace and God Bless. This is  "Smailliw Lleyr" signing out.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Crisis TIme! - Zero Hour #0 and Green Lantern #0

This installment of Crisis Time is brought to you by the makers of The Shredder. He slices, he dices, and last but not least, he's adaptable! He can be a ninja crimelord that makes teenagers do his bidding, a ninja crimelord who teams up with an alien from another dimension, or an alien thing that decides to disguise himself as a ninja crimelord. Last but not least, he can come in the form of an immortal crime lord with blood of kings inside him. Prices start at $3.99!

Well, I'm at the end of this short but confusing event. It's been a tough ride, but it's about to be over. Today's issues are Zero Hour #0 and Green Lantern #0. The creative team for this last issue is still Jurgens and Ordway. For the Green Lantern issue, Ron Marz is writing, Daryl Banks is pencilling, and Romeo Thangal is inking. ZH #0 was the other issue that I used to own back in the day. Unfortunately, it got torn up eventually. I do remember seeing a page or two around the room before it got thrown away. I never owned the GL issue. The only reason I recently got it was to see what happened to our new GL and former GL. Since it literally continues from this event book, I thought I would talk about it here today.

Well, without further adue (?), let's see if Zero Hour #0 and Green Lantern #0 is worth it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crisis Time! - Action Comics #703 and Zero Hour #1

This installment of Crisis Time is brought to you by the one and only: Bruce Lee.

"Boards... don't hit back."

Hmm... I see what he meant there.

Well, we're still in the crisis event known as Zero Hour. So far, it's been a rough ride. Will it get any rougher? I guess I'll be finding out today. Today's issues are Action Comics #704 and Zero Hour #1. I know I didn't read this Superman issue back then. I don't know if I owned Zero Hour #1, but I know I had to have read it because I remember someone getting punched at the end of the issue.

We still have the same creative team for the ZH issue. Wow, remember when an event book used to have only one (or in this case two) penciller? COIE, which I have finally gotten in trade format, has only one penciller. Infinite Crisis had probably six pencillers in those seven issues and Final Crisis had about four  to six pencillers. Oh well... Anyway, the creative team for the Superman issue is a Michelinie/Guice/Rodier production. With all of the intro out of the way, it's time to look at this Superman issue.