Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thoughts #23

Well, I'm at work (yeah during the day) and there is nothing going on for the moment....Yes!!!!! Anyway, I think it's time for a couple of Random Thoughts.

Who knew getting up would be so hard?
This week, I had to fill in for my daytime counterpart at work, so I'm back to days for this week. It's not a bad time. It's just weird because I usually work from 5pm-2am. This week, I'm working from 7:30am-4:30pm. That's a big change especially since I'm usually still sleep at 7:30am. I get up, my eyes are bloodshot, and my hair is everywhere. What makes it worse is that it's gotten really busy for us. Well, at least I got next week to look forward to. I'm on vacation, suckas!!!

..."Lord, help me. Lord, help me." Yeah, I really got nothing to say except for that.

Upcoming plans
I really have nothing planned for April, so you could just title it "I just don't give a -- " Month or something. I do have a couple of things I'll talk about though, but I'll get to them eventually. For May, I got something planned and it involves the awesome crew of the USS Enterprise. That's right, It's Old-School Trek Month, and yes, that's a weird title. It's pretty much the crew from the original series, the first six movies, and the reboots. I got those and a couple of surprises setting up for that month.

For June, I have something planned that involves mixing a few things. Think The Twilight Zone and superheroes and you may get what I'm going for.

Action Comics ....WTC?
So, I just read the last issue fo Grant Morrision's Action Comics run. Wow, did this book take a 180 turn in weirdness! The first issue was pretty grounded. You had Clark in the t-shirt beating up gangsters and such. THis last issue basically had him going up against the Devil...okay, it was a 5-dimensional imp, but still. I did like it though. This weekend, I'm gonna have to read the whole run and see how all stacks up.

Okay, this made me laugh a little. Why?  Read the names.

Now the real WTC (or WTFC) has come just recently. Andy Diggle, the writer taking Morrison's place, has left the book. What's going on at DC? It seems like creators are leaving left and right and this has been going on for about the last year.

Well, that's all I got for now. Peace and God Bless. This is  "Smailliw Lleyr" signing out.

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