Friday, August 14, 2015

Random Thought #38 - It's Still Hot and Other Stuff

Well, it’s still hot. Luckily, things have seemed to cool down a little bit. It’s been a weird couple of weeks. God’s still good and work is fine as usual. So, I think it’s time for some of those Random Thoughts I have.

Weirdness mixed with Sadness
As I said, these last couple of weeks has been weird.  I don’t want to get too personal, but I will for this. I was supposed to go on a family trip to Florida but we found out that one of my cousins got shot and killed. I still don’t know what to think of it. He was only 18. Anyway, I knew that trip was cancelled the moment I heard the news. That day was really weird especially when we heard about some guy with a gun and hatchet in an Antioch theatre. That’s not far from where I live. Couple that with the weirdness that happens in general.

Man, it’s so dour these days. I mean, the world has never been a nice place, but I’m still wondering when we as people will stop being jackasses to each other. Don’t worry, my rant is done.  Be praying for my family during this time. It’s still a shock to us all.

Fantastic Four aka “Fantastic Bore” Or “Fant 4 Stic”
And now, on to a lighter subject.  This movie came and it went how I feared it would. I was interested in seeing this. Then the trailers came out and my interest did go down a bit especially when I saw the later trailers. As I said before, I would only see this in theatres if the word of mouth was good. Well, the word wasn’t good which sounds like an understatement. I will say that all of the press and reviews about this have been interesting and maybe more interesting than the movie itself.
I'm Naaaked! Now, someone buff me off... wait, that sounds a bit nasty.

Personally, I do think the team can work in a movie. While I don’t necessarily like the Tim Story movies, they had their good moments. You have people saying that the Fantastic Four are unfilmable and that’s kind of a lazy statement. If a movie starring Thor, the God of Thunder, can be good, then Marvel’s First Family could work as well. You just need someone with enough knowledge and influence to make the movie be true to the comics since none of the movies have done that. Marvel Studios could probably do it, but I don’t see a new F4 movie coming out anything soon.

Superman Month aka “Super Analogue Month” (Still working on the title)
For Superman Month, I want to do something a little different. I was thinking on what to do when I started to think about the superheroes that were direct analogues to Superman. What I mean is that they more or less have the same MO as Superman like the powers, the look, and the secret identity. I then started to look up the different versions and there are quite a few. I’ll be talking about ones from Marvel, DC, and other publishers. Don’t worry; I still got some Superman stories to review. I also have that last season of Lois and Clark to review… man, that’s taking a minute.

Here's a bit of a preview for what it may be like. I'll provide the link to that awesome picture below.


Well, I think it’s time to find one of ‘em. It’s getting a bit depressing seeing all of these photos on Facebook of friends moving on with life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good. Still, it'll be nice to have someone to see those photos with.

Well, I'm out. I have to prepare for the funeral this weekend. Peace, God Bless, and be careful out there.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your cousin. Thinking about your family.