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TV Talk - Young Justice

Here's a little story. Originally, I was going to let this post be about unaired pilots like the Justice League of America pilot from the 90's and the somewhat recent Wonder Woman pilot from 2011. I've now decided not to view those potentially dreadful things (I also couldn't find a whole airing of them on YouTube) and have decided to look at a good show that sort of featured the Justice League: Young Justice.

I watched Young Justice when it premiered on Cartoon Network back in 2011. I tried to stick with the show on TV, but I would miss some episodes because of work. So, I had to YouTube them after they aired. I had to do the same for all of Season 2 especially since our family basically got rid of cable. It was a pretty frustrated second season. CN would air episodes and then not air them. When I found out that the show wouldn't get renewed for a third season, I was (and in some ways still am) pretty annoyed about the treatment of that show.

This show had Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen in one episode... Why the heck this did get cancelled??????

So what is there to like about the show? Two words: ALMOST EVERYTHING.
  • Great premise - The show revolves around the sidekicks of the Justice League. After a mission where Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) find a young clone of Superman, Batman uses them and other sidekicks to support the League. They would also be trained by the League and go on black-ops missions when the League was pre-occupied. The show is basically Justice League Unlimited mixed with Teen Titans, but it falls more in line with JLU's feel and style.
  • Cool Main Characters - I liked all of the original members and some of the later members from Season 2. Each member brought something different to the table. They also had depth to them and weren't always nice. They were also able to grow and learn from their experiences.
  • Serious, mature feel - The show had a serious feel to it. While there is humor in it, it was all treated in a mature way. We even see characters die in some episodes (example: Failsafe).
  • Cool animation and nice designs - The animation was was pretty good. I really liked the character designs to all of the characters. The action was also pretty sweet. It really reminded me of the action we see in the direct-to-DVD DC movies but it was toned down a little bit. 
  • The Voice-Casting - The voice-casting was pretty good as a whole. You may have had a couple of weird ones (one I'll get to below), but it was all good. There were a lot of recognizable voices here like Khary Payton (Aqualad), Bruce Greenwood (Batman), and Nolan North (Superboy/Superman).

Superman: Hey, kid. Sorry for being such a d-bag to you during this season.
Superboy: Thanks. What was up with that anyway?
Superman: I don't know. I guess someone took the whole "deadbeat dad" thing from that horrible movie they did of me in 2006.
Superboy: What movie?
Superman: ... You really don't want to know, Conner.

While the show is near perfect, there are a couple of things that aren't that great.
  • Superman's dismissal of Superboy - One thing some fans (specifically Superman fans) complained about was the callous way Superman treated Superboy during the first season. I guess the writers wanted to put some drama in Superboy's life. The problem is that Superman acted out of character when regarding Superboy. He acted like he didn't care about him. We've seen the whole Superman/Superboy aspect done well in the comics and even on Smallville. When Smallville can get something like this right, something's wrong with your story. 
  • The Jarring feel of Season 2 - Now this is more of a nitpick than an out-right dislike. At the beginning of Season 2, we move ahead five years. We get an older team and newer characters from the comics. We also stay in an arc that basically lasts the whole season. While this season felt weird at times, I really did like it. My guess is that the writers knew they may only get this season, so they decided to go out with a bang. Mission accomplished, I say. Season 2 was definitely a thrill ride.
  • IT ENDED - This show ended at 46 episodes. It even didn't get the whole "52 episode" thing! I've already said my piece on shows that I like getting cancelled, so I won't repeat myself. I heard that the show got cancelled because of low toy sales which really, really sucks. A part of me wonders if the way Season 2 was also brought the show's cancellation. Whatever the real reason, it was definitely a loss. 
  • Some voice-casting sucked - While the voice-casting was good, there were a couple that kind of sucked. The one I remember voice I remember that was actually bad was Brent Spiner's Joker from Season 1. I was actually shocked that he was the one doing the voice. It just wasn't that good. There are probably some bad voices out there.
  • That's it. Go Watch the Show!!!
Favorite Episodes
Finally, here are some of  my favorite episodes from the series.
  • Independence Day - The Pilot episode of the series.
  • Targets - Red Arrow has to protect Lex Luthor during a peace talk between warring nations.
  • Failsafe - Everybody dies... I'm not kidding on that one.
  • Misplaced - Some magicians make it so that all adults disappear from the world.
  • Usual Suspects - Everybody lets their secrets out in the open and the mole is revealed
  • Auld Acquaintance - The Team has to go up against a mind controlled Justice League.
  • Happy New Year! - 5 years pass and a new threat is revealed.
  • Salvage - Superboy and Blue Beetle go on a mission while Nightwing and other former members talk to Red Arrow about his depression.
  • Bloodlines - Impulse!!!
  • Depths - Stuff happens and a plan is revealed.
  • Before the Dawn - More crazy stuff happens and the Light's partner is revealed.
  • The Hunt - Lex Luthor recruits a group of runaway kids with super-powers in order to steal something.
  • Summit/Endgame - The final two episodes of the show.

In closing, this was a pretty good show that got cut before its time. What we did get was nice superhero action, nice development, and interesting storylines. I know that a tie-in game was recently released, so I might check it out. If this show ever comes back, I know I'll find a way to watch it. Well, I'm out. Peace, God Bless, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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