Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Justice League Team

Well, I'm finally at the end of Justice League Month. It's been fun going through all of this. I might do another one next year, I'm not sure yet. For my last post for the themed month, here is my ultimate Justice League team. So if I was Maxwell Lord -- eh, never mind. That guy's a bit of a d-bag. So, if I was a random alien force bent on world destruction/domination -- now that's too threatening. How about this: I'm a random guy who wants to assemble a group of the best heroes. Who would I choose?

  1. Superman - It's simple. He's one of the best  heroes and one of the most powerful of the League. He's there on the first sign of trouble and he's not that bad of a leader neither. 
  2. Batman - They need the money... as well as a man who is skilled at just about anything. 
  3. Wonder Woman - They'll need a woman... a wonderful woman. Her compassion is as strong as her power and she's got an invisible jet! That's cool!
  4. The Flash (Wally West) - He's the fastest man alive and he can be pretty funny at times. 
  5. Martian Manhunter - J'onn J'onzz is a wise one and he has a lot of varied powers that can be useful.
  6. Green Lantern (Any of them Really...) - The Green Lantern has a power ring that can pretty much do anything. Personally, I'd probably go with Stewart, but Rayner's cool. Hal's okay, but that Guy Gardner fellow is definitely not in.
  7. Zatanna - She's an awesome magician. The League would need that. She's also pretty cute as well.
  8. Cyborg - That's right. As I said before, he would make for a good Leaguer. He's good with machines.
  9. Vixen - She can access animal's abilities and use them. She's also pretty cute.
  10. Orion - He's a New God and the biological son of Darkseid... yeah, that's all I got.
  11. Green Arrow - He's a good version of a loudmouth and he looks cool in a hood.
  12. Captain Marvel/Shazam - They'll need a mascot... who is almost as powerful as Superman.
And that ends Justice League Month. I'll take it easy for December and save January for something different. I'll give you a hint with the video below. Peace.

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