Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Sarek aka "The One Where Picard Loses His (Insert word here)!"

I think it's time to look at some really good episodes that have the weirdest moments in them. Today's episode is no exception. "Sarek" comes from TNG's pretty solid 3rd season. It was definitely one of their better seasons and it had some really exceptional episodes. Today's is one of them.

Sarek: I see that you are wearing the traditional Federation skirt again. It looks quite dreadful.

In this episode, the Enterprise has to escort Ambassador Sarek and his entourage to a peace conference. After the negotiations, Sarek will retire. As Sarek is on board, angry emotions begin to spike up at random moments with the crew. After some investigating, Picard and the crew find out that Sarek has contracted a incurable condition called Bendii Syndrome. The condition makes him lose control of his emotions and his the stress of the conference is making his strong emotions latch onto others. In order to help Sarek complete his final negotiation, Picard undergoes a mind meld with Sarek to help him regain control of his emotions. While Sarek is back as his old self and doing the conference, Picard sits in his room heavily burdened by Sarek's strong emotions. After the conference, Sarek and his group leave the ship and head back to Vulcan so Sarek can get treatment.

This episode is one of my favorites from this season and from the show in general. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we have a character from the classic series in a main role here. I think this episode is what cemented my like for the character of Sarek. We see him at his end here and it's pretty sad. He's contracted a disease that's akin to dementia or Alzheimer's. It is also rare to see a Vulcan other than Spock express a lot of emotion. I also enjoyed the crew getting mad at each other. I especially love that fight in 10-Forward.

Picard just saw Kirk's death scene from Star Trek: Into Darkness. I think he disapproves.

The biggest thing about this episode I remember is Picard losing it at the end. It's unexpected and kind of funny especially in the first few seconds. After that, we get to see a side of Sarek that we haven't really seen before. We see him  monologue about growing old and losing control over his emotions. Picard  also mentions the love Sarek isn't/wasn't able to show his two wives and Spock. If only we got a Sybok reference in there... Anyway, it was some great acting from Patrick Stewart. It's definitely an episode to check out and watch.

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