Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Code of Honor aka "Planet of the Black Folk"

Welcome to Season 1 of Star Trek: TNG. By looking at the title for this episode, you might think that it's a Klingon episode. You would be totally wrong. The much better Klingon episode, "Heart of Glory," comes later on in the season. I recently saw this episode on Netflix for some reason and decided that it was worthy of being added to the list of weird episodes. It surely won't be added to the "Best Episodes" list! I can tell you that!
Lutan: Picard! I did not know you knew our "Talk to the Hand" greeting!

The basic plot for this episode is this. The Enterprise has to travel to the non-Federation planet  Ligon II in order to receive some emergency medical supplies. The crew try to make relations with the Ligonians in order to get the medicine. Lutan, The leader of the Ligonians, takes a liking to Tasha Yar for some weird reason. He decides to take her for a wife by force, so the crew has to deal with this predicament and get the medical supplies to the endangered planet. After some Federation know-how and a "babe-on-babe" battle to the death, the Enterprise gets Tasha and the supplies.

It's been said that this episode is one of the worst ever. I think it's not as bad as some other episodes, but I do think it's not a good episode. The whole episode feels like an homage to the original series and it wasn't a good homage. It's like someone watched the bad parts of the Original Series' Third Season and decided to homage it. Who thought having a planet full of black people was a good idea? I mean, something just feels weird about that. It may be the fact that they feel like stereotypes. What's next? The Asian planet? The Irish planet? ...(Thinks for a minute)...Oh crap, they end up doing that in the second season!
One example that definitely sets this in the 80's. 

Other than the somewhat blatant racism, this is just a dull episode. This is an episode I have really only seen either once or twice. It may be the fact that it plays a lot like a below average episode of TOS. It also seems like they were trying to get a good grasp on what the show should be about. I'm not sure. All I know is this: this is one episode that I won't be seeing anytime soon. If you're wondering why people think the early seasons of TNG suck, this may be one episode to watch.

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  1. This is a pretty bad one. Just what were they thinking?