Saturday, August 17, 2013

Top 36 Heroes - Part 1

Now that I’ve done a “Top Villains” list, I guess it would be good to do a “Top Heroes” list as well. So, what is a hero? The hero is described as someone of distinguished courage and ability. Sometimes, they’re well-regarded for their brave acts and upright qualities. The hero has so many good qualities that he or she is looked at as a model or and ideal. For me, there were a lot of people that I’ve looked up to as heroes.  Some examples include my dad, some uncles, Jesus Christ, and most figures from history.

Today, I’m talking about fictional heroes. They’re usually the protagonist, the leading character in some sort of story. They may even be the sidekick. Instead of doing honorable mentions for this part, I’m just extending the list to 36 heroes this time. Why stop at 36? It's simple. Forty’s too much and I’ll be turning 36 in about nine years. Anyway, it was originally going to be 30, but I just want to get as many of my favorites on the list. Besides, I have a lot more to say about heroes than I do about villains. So, let’s start this engine and go to warp factor 1!

36. Popeye
That’s right, folks! The sailor man with an addiction to spinach has made the list. All I know Popeye from are the 5 to 7 minute cartoons I used to watch when I was little. I kind of still enjoy them now. They’re just freaking hilarious. So, why did I choose Popeye? Well, that’s simple. It’s always fun to see him going up against some challenge in order to save that pole named Olive Oil. When the chips are down, all he needs is a little glob of spinach to strengthen those muscles back up and win the day. He’s probably the only hero on this list who’ll make you want to eat healthy, and that definitely something to admire about the character.

35. Goku from Dragonball
I’m not a big fan of anime, but there are some cartoons that I did and do like. Dragonball Z’s one of them. I think my first episode was the first battle between Goku and Cell in his final form. Anyway, Goku made it to the list for one reason: he’s a brave powerful guy who’ll risk it all in order to save the day. I mean, how many times did the guy actually die? Three? Four? Heck, I lost count after two. He’s a bit of a funny guy, thinking with his stomach mostly. Lastly, he’s a good father to Gohan… when he’s not constantly throwing his son into danger. All in all, Goku is the go-to-guy when you face threats from evil androids, giant alien gorillas, demons, and pink things in diapers.

34. Duncan Macleod from Highlander: the Series
If I had to include one of the many MacLeods on this list, it has to be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.  While Conner was the first and maybe the best, Duncan was just cool. I think it’s because we got much more of Duncan than Conner. Also, the guy could kick butt with his sword and without his sword. He’s also a guy who would help people in need whenever he could. He was a man with the ladies, a master swordsman, and just a cool guy to be around. In the end, there can only be one, and I guess it has to be this McLeod… of the Clan McLeod (I just love saying that).

33. Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger) from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
Now hear me out, folks. While Tommy may be the greatest Ranger of all time or something, I got a defense for Billy here. In the beginning, Billy was more or less your stereotypical geek. He’d get bullied and he was really the only ineffectual Ranger in terms of fighting. Still, that didn’t put him down. After Alpha 5, he was the main smart guy of the team and that’s a plus in my book.

He even got good fighting chops and flips as the show progressed.  He was also the only original Ranger to be part of the show for about 4 seasons. Unfortunately, he really didn’t get a good send off from the show. Still, when it comes to Blue Rangers, Billy was probably the best. If anything, he showed that guys who wear glasses can kick buttloads of butt.

32. Jack Knight (Starman)
Well, if there’s one superhero from the 1990's to include on a list, that hero’s going to be Jack Knight. Jack was the either the fifth or sixth person to be Starman in the DCU. He’s the second son of Ted Knight, the original Starman. When Jack’s brother was killed in action as Starman, Jack reluctantly takes on the mantle to protect Opal City. So, what’s so cool about the character? I think it’s the fact that he is a normal guy with normal problems. The guy owns a freaking antique store! That’s kind of cool.

I also like the fact that he’s a superhero without a costume. As Starman , Jack basically wanted to do this in his own way. That meant he wouldn't wear a costume. Besides, he really didn't have a secret identity since everyone in Opal City knew that his father was the original Starman. All he has is his leather jacket, some goggles, a sheriff’s star, a cool staff, and a cool attitude. If you can find the series by James Robinson, read it. It’s a great series to read.

31. Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise
Sarah Conner is a lady with some issues. I can’t blame her though. If you had two people from the future chasing after you, you’d have some issues as well.  In the first Terminator movie, she’s essentially the damsel in distress who gets protected by a man from the future. In the second movie and Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles, she is a woman who looks like she could kick buttloads of butt. As the mother of the savior of humanity, Sarah had the responsibility to keep her son safe and alive. If you think raising a child is hard, try raising a child who already has a bounty on him for something he will do. I wanted to include some awesome females on this list and she is definitely one of them.


Well, that's all for today. I'll be back later with some more protagonists.

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