Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - The Magicks of Megas-Tu aka "Magic + Satan-Look-Alike = WTC?"

Well, if there was ever an episode that had to show up in this segment, it would have to be "The Magicks of Megas-Tu". This trippy episode came from the animated Star Trek show... yes, Kirk and the crew were actually on Saturday Morning cartoons in the 70's. Man, it seems like everyone had a cartoon back then!

Anyway, the basic plot is that the Enterprise are investigating the theory of creation  at the center of the galaxy.The ship gets caught in some anomaly  and a devilish-looking being called Lucian comes and takes the ship to the planet Megas-Tu.  The whole realm is essentially a realm of magic. The Megans... yeah, the Megans, are ageless beings who normally practice magic and at one time visited Earth. The crew try to take advantage of using this magic, but this alerts the rest of the Megans. When they find out they're Earthlings, the whole crew is transported to a recreation of The Salem Witch Trials and put on trial for the actions that happened on Earth back then. Luckily, Spock is able to defend the crew since he's not entirely human. The Megans then put Lucian on trial for bringing them here. Kirk defends Lucian even when the main Megan tells him Lucian is supposed to be The Devil.... Eh? Still, Kirk defends Lucian and a fight breaks out between Kirk and the main Megan... a hilarious fight involving magic. In the end, it turns out to be a test for the crew and they passed. All is forgiven and the Enterprise is sent back to its universe...

I believe this definitely qualifies as a weird episode with all of the references to magic and the occult. Here are four things to watch out for other than Lucian looking like "The Baaaaaaaahd Goat-Boy":

1. Trippy sequence where the Enterprise surrounded by hamburger buns
William Shatner said it best: "...and I'm gonna be... High..."

2. Spock literally calling upon the power of Satan 
 Wow, Spock's not helping that whole "I look like the Devil" thing, is he? Didn't he learn anything from "The Omega Glory?"

3. Salem Witch Trial
 Wow, 70's cartoons were weird, man!

4.Kirk doing his best impression of Merlin
Now I know Kirk has a big ego, but this is pushing it. I wonder how he would fare against Skeletor...

All in all, this is an episode that one needs to watch. I can't say if it is good, but I will say that it's interestingly weird. I wonder if ideas about Q  came from here. I also wonder if episodes like these is what spawned all of the different church groups that said television was bad for kids. 

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