Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Video of the Week - Daredevil video

Here's the recent buzz on the new Daredevil movie by Fox: it ain't happening. You can read more about all that stuff here. The video I'm about to link is what recently-hired director Joe Carnahan showed to the bigwigs at Fox.  It's basically a sizzle reel that shows clips from the 70's and the Daredevil comics and movie. I have to say it was GOOD. If they ever make a TV show or a movie that's based like this, I'm all in for it.

Here's hoping that Marvel can do something with the character. I do like the 2003 movie but it's not my favorite. I actually have the Director's Cut which has been said to be better than the theatrical version....Ive had the DC for a while and I still haven't watched it yet. I just may watch it this weekend.

Here's the video:

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