Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Video of the Week: Watcher of the Skies by Genesis

I guess while I'm off in origin-land, I guess I can post some random stuff. For some reason, I have been looking at the Peter Gabriel-era of Genesis (Yes, Genesis.). It was  acutally pretty good. The music was sweet. Phil Collins was just on drums and sounding awesome. On the other hand, Peter Gabriel (lead singer at the time) was good, but...well...look at this and see what I'm talking about. I like the song by the way.

Some random tidbits:

  • Yes, that's Gabriel, not Dracula...I think anyway. I have to admit that the 70's were weird.
  • No, this isn't Phantom of the Opera though that beginning makes it feel like this is. 
  • Phil Collins has hair and lots of it!
  • I can't explain the ending...I don't think anyone can.

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