Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Thoughts #17

Well, it's Wednesday, I have an interview tomorrow, and I am bored off my butt. I think I got a couple or random thoughts to dish out.

Grad school
Summer school is finally over. Now, I just have three weeks of relaxation...dang, that sounds wrong. Oh well...I did pretty good with my classes except for the first one. I made a C. Ouch. At least it was one of those "Miracle of God" C's. My other class went better. I made an A and it even  made me get productive in this idea I've had for a long time: a library system for my stuff (movies, books, games, and comics). It's coming together pretty well. I have three more classes in the Fall and then I'm done.

I recently had an interview for this company called Yates Services. The job looks interesting, I'll give it that. I haven't heard anything yet though. I also have an interview tomorrow at this company in Lebanon. I don't know how all of this stuff will work out, but I do know someone who does know, so I'll be going to Him for guidance in whatever happens.

I think it's finally time to look for one of those. (lol)

A Break
Yes, I'm taking a break from this blog. I think I need it especially since I have something special planned for September. My plan is to look at the recent rebooted origins of Superman (Birthright, MoS, Secret Origin, and New 52) and see which origin is the best. It's actually an idea that I have had mulling around in my mind for the past few months. It's also a question that I myself want to find the answer to. during the month, I plan to read the four origins (I haven't read Secret Origin yet) and I  will post the results of my "analysis" in September.

"So, it's been a lot of fun, but...well...I guess that all!!"...for now.

Oh yeah, Trigun is awesome!!!!

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