Friday, May 25, 2012

Weird Star Trek Eps. - The Enemy Within aka "I'M CAPTAIN KIRK!!!"

And here is another thing I haven't done in a long time: Weird Star Trek Eps. The one I'm talking about today is "The Enemy Within". This is the one where there is a transporter malfunction and two Captain kirks (one good and one EVILLL!!!) emerge. It's not that bad of an episode, but it is weird. The moments of the episode is EVIL Capt. Kirk. He's just so bad! Also, being EVIL lessens your acting ability by about 20 on a scale from 1 to 50. Here's an example:

I'd link it, but CBS is a little ANAL about their things being put on the Internet. So, you can find it through TV (if they show it), Netflix, or maybe CBS's website (I think they took all of those episodes down, but they have clips).

In closing....well, "I'm Captain Kirk!!!!!!!

...on second thought, maybe not.

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