Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Favorite Songs - Genesis/Phil Collins (!!!)

Wow, I haven't done this in a long while and yes, that is Genesis and Phil Collins in the the title. Why do I like that music? One sentence will do:


In all seriousness, I do like me some Genesis from time to time. I actually had a  bought cassette of their album "Invisible Touch" a few years back. I lost it unfortunately. Anyway, I'm also including some of Phil's stuff here as well because...heck I can. Plus, I haven't heard of anything from Genesis pre-Phil Collins, so there. For this, I'm extending the list to twelve as well. 

12. The Brazilian  -  It's a Genesis one and a good one. It's pretty much an instrument piece and you can  easily tell it's from the 80's. Yet, it's still good and a cool way to end off a pretty good album. 

11. Another Day in Paradise - This is one of Phil's songs. I like its melodic feel and the lyrics as well. From what I can tell, it's about homelessness. When I think about it, it's kind of a sad song. 

10. Misunderstanding - I had to put this song on here somewhere. It's a Genesis one and I think I can definitely understand this song.

9. Just a Job to Do - A Genesis one. It's a fast one I really like. I don't really hear it that much, and that makes me like it more. This is definitely a song to listen to while driving. 

8. Sussudio - A Phil song. This is probably one of his most well known songs. That's probably because of the title. I have one question: is the girl's name Sussudio, Sue, Sudio, or Margret? I gotta know! It's definitely a song to bop your head to even when the lyrics don't make sense. One more thing: does this song sound a little like Prince's 1999?

7. That's All  - Now this Genesis song is a song I can not only listen to but sing as well. I think the lyrics are pretty cool.

"I could leave but I won't go
well it'd be easier I know
 I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes
 why does it always seem to be
 me looking at you, you looking at me
 it's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all"
That's All

6. Take Me Home - Here's another one of Phil's songs that I really like. It's not too slow but not too fast. Some of the drumming is is pretty cool and I like the lyrics too. This song was also used perfectly in one episode of  Miami Vice. 

5. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Here's another Genesis song that I really like. It feels kind of dark and it seems like it talks about addiction. Yeah, I know right? Anyway, I like the music as well. I especially love the drumming towards the end of the song. by the way, this song goes over 8 minutes because you have a two-minute syth-thingy in the middle. After that, it gets rockin'!

4. I Don't Care Anymore - It's another Phil song that is a favorite of mine. The thing that traps you with this song is the drums. That constant beat at the beginning is awesome. This definitely ain't no love song. It's another song that was used well on Miami Vice during the episode "No Exit" aka "the one with Bruce Willis". 

3. Easy Lover - This song is up this high on the list because its a duet with Phil and with Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire. It's another song where the drumming is cool and it's another song that you really want to sing to. 

2. Land of Confusion - This is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. It's a Genesis one, and it's probably one of their famous songs. It's a song that it's pretty that's about politics. Yes, a good song about Politics! It's shocking, I know. The music is awesome and it's just a good honest song. The music video, on  the other hand, is kinda creepy. It's not bad by all means, but it is weird.  

1. In the Air Tonight - Yes, this one is number one. It's the song that is supposedly about Phil seeing some one drown someone. It's also Mike Tyson's favorite song. Is it my favorite song? Maybe. The whole song is good and moody. It's a little quiet at first, but later on, it gets loud and bumpin'. It's also another song that gets some good usage in the pilot episode of Miami Vice. If you're preparing for something big and important, this may be the song to listen to.  

And that's it. There are some more I could throw up here, but I had to keep the list low. I'm gonna try to do this for a few more artists and groups somewhere on down the road. Which ones? You'll find out. 

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