Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Thoughts #13

Hey, all. I'm at the Data Comm Lab listening to software reviews and reading one of my sorta crappy papers. I think it's time for a couple of random thoughts.

Grad School
Well, it's that time. It's time to register for classes. I know what I need and want to take, but I just trying tofigure out when I should take some of these classes. Summer or Fall? I don't know. I'm also trying to get another presentation ready for my database class as well as going through a research paper for another class. So, in other words, I think I'm busy...I think anyway.

Movies, movies, movies....Oh Yeah!
As some have noticed, there are a lot of cool movies coming out this summer. Their quality has been yet to be determined, but it doesn't matter. Here are the movies I want to see and the movies I might see:

  1. Avengers - "'Nuff said."
  2. The Dark Knight Rises - I'm ready to see this awesome trilogy end in a bang.
  3. G.I. Joe: Resolute Retaliation- I kinda enjoyed the first movie even though it was crap  (Snake Eyes Was Awesome!!!!). It does look like it'll be good. I'll be finding out. 
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man - I might see this one. Since it's a reboot, I'm hesitant, but the trailers have looked good and I am interested in seeing where this will go.
  5. The Hunger Games - If someone I know wants to see it, I'll tag along. It  does looks interesting.
  6. Prometheus - This looks really interesting and I'll give it a look. I'm kinda wondering who that big, tall, lumbering dude is.  
  7. Men in Black 3 - I might see this. Just might.
  8. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - ...Just maybe.
  9. The Expendables 2 - I might give it a watch. 
  10. Battleship - .......yeah, I'm joking. I'll just play the game instead.
Women are....women. That's all. (lol)
Well, I'm out. Peace. 

Me: What? I can't hear you. Take off that mask!

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