Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Thoughts #12

Well, it's night and I'm procrastinating on paperwork as well as watching some Miami Vice. It's time for a couple of random thoughts.....oh yeah, "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie?

Spring Break and Vacation? Oh Yea---Dang.
Well, somehow I was blessed with being able to have my vacation on Spring Break. The bad news is that I have a couple of pages and a couple of reviews to work on, so I will be a little busy.

It's coming....eventually?
Yeah, that X-Men one is coming...eventually. Right now, I'm going to start on one GN that I have held off for the last few months. Then, Ultimate X will come... oh yeah, and somehow Miami Vice made Phil Collins awesome. Hint: "In the Air Tonight."

....I haven't put this here in a while. Tonight, I just feel like it. There are a lot out there for single man, ain't it? not DC New 52!
Now this is something that I am really considering: I'm thinking about going through the mini-series 52. I've only read the first two volumes and I'm planning on getting the last two to finish it out. I know that I will go through at least the first volume. I don't know about the rest though. How is it in general? Well, find out....or you can get it yourself. Either way, it's coming.
Riddler: Hey! That's my thing, you faceless nut!

Oh yeah....Star Wars Month!
Well, it's Star Wars Month. It's pretty much going to be the movies, a TV show, and a surprise this time. 

... ... ... ...
Well, I'm out. Now, I have two papers to work on, a software problem to figure out, and this coming. Peace an God Bless. 

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