Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My X-Men Team

Well, I'm at the end of X-Men Month (or time now since it's been over a month), so it might as well  be a top X-Men post. My next post about Ultimate X-Men will come soon. I just gotta get it together and actually look at my feelings about the volume overall. For now, I'll leave you with this "last" post.  These are basically the members I would have on the team if I was bald, had a school, and wanted to achieve peaceful co-existence with the human race. So, if I'm Professor Charles Xavier, who would I have on my team of X-Men?

  1. Cyclops - He's the first X-Man and the one who could truly lead the X-Men without Xavier. Yes, his tastes in women have varied over the years, but he is still the man you need to lead the team.
  2. Wolverine - Yeah, yeah, Wolverine. Every team needs someone can go that extra step in stopping villains if needed. Plus, some has to tick the team off at times, 'no?
  3. Beast - A team needs a smart guy. The guy is Beast. He can whip up some contraption in seconds and kick someone's butt while doing it!
  4. Nightcrawler - We all need a demon-looking, God-loving, butt-kicking guy in our lives, so Kurt Wagner fits the bill.
  5. Storm - I want a mistress of the elements, dang it! Storm fits the bill of being one of the most powerful people on the team. She also is a fine leader....and loves long walks on the beach. Sweet.
  6. Rouge - Rouge has the ability to absorb life energy. If she touches a mutant, she absorbs their powers as well. That's a great asset. Plus, she can fly, has superhuman strength, and is invulnerable.
  7. Jean Grey - Jean's here mostly because she is the only who is telepathic and telekinetic at the same time. Plus, she has a Lazarus card somewhere with her.
  8. Cypher - Who is Cypher, you may ask? He was (or is now) one of the members of the New Mutants. He has the ability to understand any sort of communication, whether it's spoken, computer, written, or body language. So, if you are traveling the world and possibly the galaxies, why not have him? Just give some armor or something...and a gun too.
  9. Bishop  - "For the Future!" Bishop is here mostly because he is the only black X-MAN on the team. Plus, having an assortment of futuristic guns and the ability to absorb energy and using to blast someone is pretty cool. For the record, I HATE what they have done to his character recently.
  10. Psylocke - Yes, another telepath and good-looking. This one though has ninja skills and purple hair to boot!
  11. Gambit - Gambit is here because.... well, I want him to be. Plus, blowing up stuff with one touch is kinda cool. And I like cards. We also need someone else to tick off the team when Logan ain't around.
  12. Kitty Pryde - We need a mascot!

And with this, I "end" X-Men Month.


Well, what comes next after this time? I have no clue. I may do another themed month, but it will be something completrly different. It may even involve....THIS:


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