Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Top Eight Best Series Finales

Well, since I have jumped on, destroyed, and "threw into the sun" my five worst last episodes, I think it's time to talk about my favorite last episodes. First, here are the honorable mentions:

Lost: "The End"
We are gathered today at.... Saint Blabbady Due-Wow Synagogue.

Yes, it didn't make it to the final eight. I do think that it was a good finale. It focused on the characters and explain what that alternate universe was. I won't say what it was's kinda open to interpretation. Yeah, they didn't explain everything, I know. Anyway, I came into the show late, and I still think it was a pretty good end.

Power Rangers in Space: "Countdown to Destruction" 
I couldn't find a good pic...ugh.

 Yes. Power Rangers. Again. The reason it's not on the list is simple: it was not the last episode of Power Rangers in general. But I am mentioning it because it was supposed to the last episode of Power Rangers. I remember when I saw the promos for the episodes stating that it would be the series finale. The two part finale was and is still is awesome. It brought back old villains and allies from the past seasons and it also had the death of a certain bald guy... Zordon, we still remember you.

Justice League Unlimited: "Epilogue"
Terry: Sorry, I only take drive-thru.

Yeah, this too is not the last episode. Still, it does kind of serve as an bookend to Bruce Timm's and Paul Dini's Animated Universe. The episode itself revolved around an adult Terry McGinnus (the new Batman) as he finds out some strange news. So, he finds the one person who has the answers: Amanda Waller. This episode, while light on action, is probably one of my favorites from this show.

Now, here are my top seven eight favorite last episodes.

8. Batman: the Brave and the Bold - "MiteFall!" 
Yes, this looks really, really weird and cool.

 I could not leave this episode off. This was a funny action-packed, and awesome show. The finale was a weird one but good none the less. Bat-Mite realizes the show isn't gritty enough like Batman "is supposed to be" ,so he tries bring on the end and have a new gritty Batman show take its place. However, Ambush Bug loves the show and tries to stop him. The episode makes fun of a lot of stuff and just does it for me.

7. Stargate: SG-1 - "Unending" 
Teal'c: Dang, ya'll look old!

 This episode is kind of a weird one to end the show on. It doesn't end the Ori plot because they were saving that for the movie. Still, it was a pretty decent episode. Basically, the team is on a mission and they get attacked by the Ori. Somehow, the main case gets trapped in a moment in time and get really old...yeah, I can't really give a good synopsis for this episode. Just go watch it!

6. BattleStar Galactica - "DayBreak"
Baltar: Uh.....why am I holding this gun again? Am I supposed to the coward of the show?

 Now here is a finale that was fun, sad, slow, and good at the same time. Basically it's the final fight of the humans vs. the Cylons (Well, the male Cylons, anyway). It's basically a three-parter but it was a two part finale, and like Lost it gives some answers while leaving some big questions (What were you Starbuck? I must know!). Still, it was a good end to the show. The first hour was epic and awesome while the second hour was a little slow, quiet, and good. 

5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - "What You Leave Behind"
Sisko: alright! Let's kick some butt!

This is my second favorite Trek finale. Is it "All Good Things..."? No, but it is still a good end to this series. The Dominion and the Federation/Klingons/Romulans/Rick James alliance face for one final battle and Sisko has to face Dukat for one last time. The former is better than the latter but that doesn't matter. I still loved this finale. 

4. Justice League Unlimited:  "Alive/Reckoning" 
Luthor: Pay no attention to the idiots behind me.

This was a fun show that I still miss to this day. The finale showed that. The first part is devoted to Lex Luthor as he tries to resurrect Brainiac. Instead, he resurrects Darksied...oh crap. The second part is an all out war between the Darksied's forces and the Justice League/Legion of Doom. While Superman gets his "DAAAAANNNNNNGGG" moment in, there is a certain Leaguer who may just have the best WTH moment in the finale: J'onn J'onzz. OH Yeah!

3. The Cosby Show - "And So We Commence"
This is not in the last episode, but I had to put this here.

I loved this two part episode. Theo is graduating from college and is trying to make sure all goes to plan. Cliff however wants to invite everyone including God to the graduation. It's a great finale because it kind of ties into the first episode where Theo is in trouble. We even get a flashback to that touching, hilarious scene. The show ends with Cliff and Claire walking off set and "End scene". 

2. Home Improvement - "The Long of Winding Road..."
They're rockin' the house down....and the Senate too. I now introduce....Occupy!

Here is another comedy that I liked. Basically, the Taylors are moving to Indiana, Al's getting married, and we still don't see Wilson. It was funny from beginning to end and I love it. 

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation - "All Good Things..."
Picard: So this is Hell?
Q: Yeah, right. Next you'll be saying that I'm Satan or something...
Picard: You never watched the show did you?

Here is the finale of all finales. When I first saw this two-part episode I did not know that it was the finale. It's awesome. It starts out with Picard shifting through different points in time: The present, the future where he has a brain disorder, and the past where he first commands the Enterprise and before the mission to Farpoint. With the help of an old "friend", he finds out what's going on and he and the crew are able to save the day. I enjoyed seeing the different versions of the crew, and I liked the story. Yeah, it's technobabble and makes little sense, but it's still good. I like how it ties into the first episode as well. Plus, I like that it serves as a "See ya next time" rather than "Good bye".


Well, that's the list. I know that there are many other great finales to shows, so if I missed one (and I have) comment. Peace. 

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