Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Five Worst Series Finales

Hey all. I was able to get off of work tonight and I started to think about TV....I know right? I actually started tho think about scifi shows and then my mind wandered into the "last episode" phase. I can think of a few shows that had a good last episode. Star Trek: TNG, DS9, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and The Cosby Show are a few I immediately thought of. Then my mind started think about the worst last episodes. There are a lot of those. There are Ones that ended on a cliffhanger, ones that were stale, and ones that just sucked in general. So, since I have a little time, here are my top five worst last episodes. Why five? Sounds right.

5. Heroes
Yeah, we're still waiting for that fifth season...

Yes, Heroes. The reason this is here is simply this: it was a somewhat bland finale. Now, it did have some okay parts. The scene between Hiro and Charlie was bittersweet. Sylar playing "good guy" ...again...was okay. The cliffhanger was even okay. So, why is it on the list? Well, I needed to round the list out (lol). But for real, this episode was setting up for something big and monumental, but it wasn't. Samuel's (the lame villain) plan was a bit lame. Add the fact that this show ended with a interesting cliffhanger and you get a lame finale.

4. Quantum Leap
What? Oh come on...could have we at least seen what eventually happened to Sam?

Now,  I watched some of this show when it was on long ago. I also watched it when the Sci-Fi Channel was cool. Anyway, in the episode, Sam meets God....I think. Stuff happens, and that's about it. The worst thing about this episode is that we never get to know if Sam ever made it home, which was the entire point of the show. We wanted to see Sam get home....and he doesn't. Crap.

3.  Family Matters
Steve: Laura, My Darling! I would marry you right now, but space awaits...
Laura: Oka.....Wait! What?
(Suddenly Myra shows up out of nowhere...or something like that)

Why is this on the list? Simple. Instead of getting a Wedding episode, we get "Steve Urkel in Spaaaaaccceee!!!" I think that's all I have to say here. It's not a bad episode, but it still made for a horrible finale.

2. Sliders
Yeah, What The Heck? I wanted to see what happened to Remmy! Oh man...

1. Enterprise
Rick Berman: Come on John! At least look like you're enjoying yourself!
JF: Why am I here again?
RB: Ratings, my paycheck....I mean, my friend!
JF: Well... (JF smiles,  and the ratings fall into the depths of Hell.)

So, why does this episode have the number one slot? Simple: it had NOTHING to do with the actual cast of the Enterprise...well, not the Enterprise of this era. From what I understand, the show needed ratings so they got Johnathon Frakes and Marina Sirtis to reprise their roles from TNG. The problem is that their part of the story has nothing to do with this show in general. I saw this episode when it came on, and I was so disappointed. Heck, the two episodes before this POS should have been the finale. Things, and I mean important things, happen in those two episodes. The Federation is  born in those episodes, Robocop shows up, and it felt like a finale. Instead, we got an episode where Riker is stressing about some history with John Locke, talking to Deanna, and viewing the Enterprise crew on the Holodeck. What The &*))@$($_!!!! (Yeah, I went there!)? Still, the last minute of the finale was cool. Seeing all three Enterprises like that was nice. Other than that, it sucked.

Well, that was all I could come up with. Are there more? Yeah, but I have other stuff to do and I couldn't think of anymore. If there are any more shows that ended badly, comment. Well, I'm out. I got an outline and research to do. Peace. 

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