Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Thoughts #5

Well, it looks like I may be here a while in the GA room at MTSU. To know how that happened, read on.

Well, it's here. I'm in grad school at MTSU. Not much has changed in the last 1.4 years I have been gone. The campus of course is littered with students and construction, but that's common. I'm taking 6 hours, but I may up it to 9 next semester. I will admit it is different. Most of the folk I knew have graduated. There was one person who I was hoping would be up here, but she's graduated as well, and I'm glad for her. I want to get out as fast I can too, so that's why I'm taking 9 next semester. So what else....Oh yeah! I'm a Grad Assistant now as well. Now this was the "WTH?" moment of ever. A position for this semester opened up, the guy in charge asked, and I said yes. So let's see...Grad school, Grad Assistant, UPS Loader, part-time ninja...Yeah, I'm going to be busy, but considering how last year went, I'm grateful and blessed for these opportunities.

Superman Month!!!
Yeah, that. September is going to be Superman month. What I'll do is this:
-Go over a couple of arcs (possibly post-COIE)
-Look at all of the movies
-Look at the TV shows I have been exposed to (pretty much the ones from the 90's to today)
-Look at a random issue from each age. They'll be thethe Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and the DCnU (oh yes...) Age. The post COIE Age and Post-IC Age are here or are coming.

Since I'm still on the subject of comics, I am going to try to go get Justice League #1 today, I want to find part five of this one arc I want to do this month, and I going to try to find the four issues of "Batman: Year One". So that's that.

....All I'm gonna say is this: there are a lot up here. Oh yeah!

(now that's a random thought!)

Anyway, that's all i got to say on the subject.

The Weekend
I don't know what I will do on this 3-day weekend. I'll probably end up going to west Tn for a family reunion. I may go back to P-Town since I have some family visiting. I could also go to Bowling Green and...NAH!

Well, I'm out of things to say. Stay tuned!

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