Saturday, April 16, 2011

What would a black Doctor look like?

I have got something on my mind.... What would a black Doctor look like? And Yes, I'm talking about the Doctor from Doctor Who, not an actual doctor. If you don't anything about Doctor Who, I guess I'll say a little something about it. It's a scifi show that's been on the BBC since 1963. There have been a couple of breaks in those 40 someting years of course. It's an interesting show, and it's real different from stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that there's other cool scifi shows out there. Anyway, there have been eleven of these "Doctors,", they all have been white (and British of course), and their fashion sense has been decent to "what the hell is that?". So, let's see what a black Doctor Who (or a Doctor Who who happens to be black) could dress like:

......No, Heck no, and "Negro, You's Crazy???".


This could work....if the Doctor became a pimp.

All of these could work.

These could definiately work.

And for an added bonus:

Well! Let's see here: if I find a white coat, have a navy blue hat, and buttoned up that shirt, I could make a fine Doctor don't you think?

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  1. i like the dude in the yellow and green hat :)