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Graphic Novels - Infinite Crisis: Part Seven - Finale

Greetings. This is arw1985, and I’m back with the last part of this long crossover event called Infinite Crisis. I have to admit, it’s been a task doing this, but it’s also been fun. I got this issue on May 2nd (?), 2006. It was test week and then after the tests, I headed home for the summer. I remember hearing that this issue would be delayed another week, which peeved my off to no end. First, there was no comic book store (well, at the time anyway) in my area, I had no car, and I really wanted to see the end. Luckily, the book came out on schedule, and I was able to get it.

Anyways, back on topic. The creative team is the same, with George Perez, Jerry Ordway, Ivan Reis, and Jeff Bennett doing pencils alongside Phil Jimenez (man, there were a lot of cooks in this kitchen.). The covers are both cool, with the Lee cover showing the Green Lantern Corp, the Supermen, and Power Girl taking on PRIME, and the Perez cover shows all of the heroes fighting the Society in Metropolis. I guess I like the Perez cover more because it shows Robin taking on Bizarro (Ha, just noticed that). Well, here we go with the conclusion to Infinite Crisis:

Issue 7
Sad, sad, sad...

The issue starts out with where we left off in the last issue. Conner has died saving the world. The Trinity blame themselves for not being the ones in the others’ place and wants to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Kal-L tells Power Girl what happened to Lois-2. We then see a couple of sad images. Superman is mourning over Conner, which is sad. Then what is probably the saddest thing happens: Robin shows up and sees his best friend dead. Yeah. Now Conner is added to the list of people Tim has lost recently, with Stephanie (aka Spoiler/Robin IV) and Jack Drake on that list. Hmm…DC must have had it out on Tim for some reason. Anyway, word has gotten to the heroes in the Arctic that the Society has opened all of the prisons across the world and that Metropolis is first on their “Pillage List. “

We then get a double page spread of the fight raging in Metropolis. Heroes are taking on the villains head-on. Bane does some back breaking, someone shoots someone, and Black Adam takes his revenge on the Society for locking him up. We find out through some conversation that the Spectre disappeared right after he was summoned by the magicians (Spirits, Can‘t trust them). During all of the chaos, Alex and PRIME walk and figure out a new plan. They converse and it turns out that things have changed on this ‘New Earth’. Wonder Woman was a founding member of the JLA, Batman found out who killed his parents, Superman was Superboy when he was younger (again), and …well…Zod’s back (but we don’t get to that until later)! They then come up with a new plan: take this Earth. PRIME, of course, is still whiny and doesn’t like this Earth. Suddenly, Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman, comes on the scene and is about to trample Green Arrow and Arsenal when the most awesome thing happens:

Doomsday: Destroyer of worlds, killer of heroes, and last but not least, WIMP.

As the superheroes form together in a crappy shot, they take on the Society. Batman, Nightwing, and Robin take on Deathstroke (Overkill?), the Lanterns take on Sinestro, the Supermen take on Bizarro, the Wonders takes on Cheetah, and the JSA take on Zoom. Oh yeah, EVERYONE ELSE takes down Dr. Light (yeah, he’s not going to get past that whole ‘rape’ thing is he). Alex blasts Kara, and Kal-L rushes him and grabs him in anger. He wants to know why Alex has done all this and why he let Lois-2 die. Alex replies that he is just like his father, the only hero in a world full of villains (Uh…dude…shut up). PRIME blasts them both with heat vision and reasserts his position: he doesn’t want this Earth at all. Suddenly, a red flash comes in and beats on the PRIME. It turns out to be an older Bart in his grandfather’s (Barry Allen) uniform. He tried to warn everyone when he got back in issue five, but he passed out in Japan. PRIME then decides to destroy the universe by flying through OA and create a new big bang where he will be the only one left (Wow, He’s Nuts). Martian Manhunter reads his mind, shows the heroes what he saw, and tells anyone who can fly to stop PRIME.

As they fly, PRIME takes out a couple of heroes. On hero’s (Breach) shell ruptures, and this causes him to explode. When the dust clears, Captain Atom (?) emerges and wonders where he is. Kal-L tries to talk some sense into PRIME, but the boy brushes it off and speeds off into space. Hal Jordan contacts the rest of the Green Lantern Corps to tell them what’s going down. Uh-oh…

On Earth, team Batman beats Deathstroke (There's a longer fight in the TPB). Alex tells Batman that he’s condemned the Earth and blasts at him. Dick ends up taking the shot which messes him up badly. As this happens, some debris falls and traps both Batman and Alex.

In space, Superboy is flying along until he runs into a 300 mile thick green wall of pure willpower (Oh yeah!). This stops PRIME and the GLC (being led by Guy Gardener) attacks him. PRIME kills a few Lanterns and the rings fly off to seek new replacements.

PRIME is about to end Guy when the heroes from Earth show up and try to stop him. While Hal tries to hold PRIME at bay, (he doesn’t and he gets his arm broken, ow) the Supermen carry out their own plan. MM holds Kara back while the Supermen grab PRIME and blast though space.

While Robin (who’s not having a good day already) watches Nightwing bleed, Alex and Batman fight. Alex scolds Batman for not taking shortcuts to justice, telling him that he was on the right path when he made Brother Eye. Batman beats up Alex to and picks up a gun, aiming it at Alex. Wonder Woman appears with her sword drawn, seemingly to aid Batman in killing Alex. Instead, she smashes the sword on a rock, and tells Bruce that it’s not worth it. Batman tells Diana that he knows (dang it) and tosses the gun away. More debris falls on Alex, supposedly killing him.

Meanwhile, in space, The Supermen (traveling at Maximum Warp, lol) push Superboy, who punches them while screaming at them, into the remains of Krypton. PRIME mocks the plan, saying that this will kill Superman. They go right through the red sun, which burns away his armor, and crash onto Mogo, the living planet who is a GL (…I just don’t get Mogo). Kryptonite comes with them, lacing the field.

Superman rises with a torn suit and is going to check up on Kal-L when PRIME blasts him with heat vision. Suddenly, PRIME’s heat vision starts to go out (remember, his suit fed him yellow sun energy and they are under a red sun). Kal-L punches PRIME, to which PRIME jumps the old man and starts beating crap out of him. Finally, we get some more of that Superman awesomeness right here…I’ll just show ya:

With three KRAKs and a THOOM, PRIME is finally out. The GLC, Kara, and MM show up to secure him and to tend to the Supermen. Unfortunately, Kal-L’s injuries are too severe for him to live. He gives Kara some parting words and tells her that they will always be here. He whispers for Lois and then passes away. …There is a lot of death in this event, isn’t it?

We then get a few random panels. All over the world, rebuilding begins. Booster finds out what happens to Blue Beetle and goes on to 52. The heroes from the Polaris Galaxy return and the heroes who disappeared are still missing. Power Girl and Wonder Girl mourn their fallen loved ones. Spectre wonders who he is (and I wonder why he is even here). Someone finds some sort of lamp (I still don’t know what that thing is). Bart tells Jay that his speed is gone and that Jay is the fastest man alive now.

Alex Luthor (who’s still alive) walks in Gotham City, mumbling about how he is already planning for another attempt in creating a perfect earth. He walks down an alley (not a good idea if you live in Gotham) and he hears laughter. Suddenly, some acid hits him in his face. He’s then electrocuted. The Joker steps out, along with Lex Luthor. Luthor tells Alex that he underestimated everyone and tells him that he even didn’t let the Joker play. The Joker then (off- screen) shoots him and kills him.

Joker: Yeah, Alex! I really, really wanted to join in on that fight with the Rock!
Joker: You know who I mean! Ha!
Lex: Just shoot this miserable---

Later, Bruce, Diana, and Clark meet on a pier in Gotham to discuss things. They talk about what they will be doing. Clark is powerless (still has that reporter gig though), Diana is going to find out who she is, and Bruce is going to go meet Grant Morrison (lol). Actually, Bruce is leaving to travel with Dick and Tim to rebuild Batman (‘bout time). They share their goodbyes and Bruce and Diana leave. Lois comes over to Clark and kisses him, asking him what they'll do with the time. Clark says that they'll think of something... “but until then, things are in good hands.”

We get a double splash page of all DC heroes coming towards us. One thing I notice about this big page is how crappy it actually looks:

Luckily, DC decided to replace this page with a page of the same heroes done by George Perez in the hardcover to this event. This one is better, but it feels sort of clunky in my opinion. At least in the other one, I can sort of tell who's who(sort of).

At Oa (Center of the Universe), Hal and Guy talk about the recent loss of GLs and about how PRIME is locked up. The wanna-be Anakin Skywalker is “encased in a quantum containment field surrounding a junior red-sun eater, with fifty Green Lanterns watching him at all times” (…Don’t think he will get out soon…).

In the cell, PRIME uses his finger to carve the S-Shield into his chest, and says he been in worse places than this and he’s still gotten out. THE END.

… … …
And that, my friends, ends the crossover known as Infinite Crisis. Was this last issue good? It was good, but there are some complaints. First, nothing that happened with the heroes in the Polaris Galaxy is really talked about in the issue. We only get a mention of the heroes that are missing from that group. As I said before, we find out what happened to them in 52 and OYL. Another complaint would be about some of the art in the issue. Those panels in the issue that I called “crappy” were that. Actually, the rest of the art in the issue is really good (especially the Perez art in the fight between the 3 Supers). I guess another small complaint would be the whole “Put Tim Drake through Hell” thing. I mean, first his ex-girl dies, and then his dad dies. Now, his best friend dies. I’m shocked that they let Tim get through it. They could have easily treated him the same way that they treated a character like Roy Harper (just read JL: Cry For Justice and Rise and Fall of Arsenal for that stuff), but that would have really sucked. I guess that’s all for the complaints.

Other than that, the issue was pretty good. I felt it did have an ending of some sorts even though things were left open-ended. The Trinity is back together again and the world is safe again. I have to admit, seeing Doomsday go out like that is hilarious. The thing fought Superman for like 8 issues or something in the 90’s, and now he goes out in one double splash page. Ha. The fight between the three Super people was real good and it’s definitely one of the highlights of the event for me.

In conclusion, Infinite Crisis was a pretty decent big event. It had its ups and its downs, but I still like it to this day. This event in comparison to the other crisis events is a question I would like to know. I have never read COIE, but I have read Final Crisis in HC form. FC is a completely different beast from IC actually. I did like it though. It looks like I may have to read COIE to find out which Crisis Event is the best. Now, Zero Hour is another "Crisis" event, but I don’t know if it counts in this trilogy of Crisis events. On the other hand, it is a “Crisis in Time,” and technically it was my first event. I might talk about it (I gotta find issue 0 though). I guess I will leave you with my highlights of the event:
  1. Anytime Superman did something Awesome!!!
  2. Trinity vs. Mongul and Society vs. Freedom Fighters
  3. The reveal of the four forgotten survivors
  4. Superboy vs. PRIME Round Two
  5. The death of Lois of Earth-2 (a sad moment)
  6. The reveal of the villains Alex and PRIME
  7. GLC vs. PRIME
  8. Spectre steps on Atlantis

Well, I guess that’s that. Well, this is arw1985 (might change that) signing off saying “Get your stinking paws off me, you dang dirty Ape!”


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