Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weird Star Trek Eps. - Tsunkatse aka "GALACTIC KOMBAT!!!"

Introducing the Rock as "Obvious Ratings Grab Man!"

Yes, I’m doing this again. At least this episode has more of a fightin’ feel to it than Spock feeling hot and bothered. It’s about time I’ve got to Voyager. I haven’t done a complete re-watch of it but I remember this episode from the sixth season. Today’s episode is “Tsunkatse” and it’s another Seven of Nine episode. If there’s one thing Voyager tended to do, it had to have an episode about Seven of Nine. I don’t know how many episodes revolved around her. At least she was an interesting character and kind of cute… okay, she was definitely cute. That’s all you’re getting from me there.

In the episode, Voyager finds a nice system and goes on shore leave. Most like Chakotay and Harry are enamored by the system’s Tsunkatse fighting matches. Seven and Tuvok decide to forgo fun and take a shuttle to research some anomaly. Their ship gets attacked by an unknown  vessel and they get captured. It turns out that they were captured by the ones behind the Tsunkatse matches and they force Seven to fight or they won’t treat a badly injured Tuvok. The crew finds out about Seven when she goes up against The Champion who’s played by the Rock.

The crew tries to transport her out of the arena, but they find out that the fights are actually being distributed through holograms. After Seven gets “Rocked Bottomed,” the eldest fighter (a Hirogen) heals her and teaches her how to fight better. Seven then gets put up against the Hirogen fighter towards the end in a match to the death. Luckily, Voyager finds the true arena and is able to get Seven, Tuvok, and the Hirogen fighter out of there. The episode ends when the Hirogen fighter leaves to find his son and Seven has another conversation with Tuvok.
All this episode was missing was some cool techno music.

This was a pretty decent episode of Voyager. I think this was one of the first episodes I saw of Voyager when we finally got UPN at home. The story is pretty standard with some fisticuffs thrown in. Even though it’s a Seven episode, we get to see everybody. We even get to see SFDebris’ “favorite” character, Neelix, go through some shenanigans. I liked Seven in this and it’s not because she turns into Cynthia Rothrock either. I liked the scenes between her and Tuvok. I also liked the scene between her and the Hirogen fighter.

We get a few guest stars from other Trek shows. Jeffery Combs plays the main villain and J.G. Hertzler plays the pretty cool Hirogen fighter. The Rock’s cameo was cool but it ended too quickly. He was obviously brought in to get ratings. We got a quick but cool space battle scene towards the end. The fight scenes themselves are okay. They are exciting and provide for something different. I don’t think I’ve seen any fighting like this on any Trek show before this. Fight scenes usually involved punching, grappling, and that “two fists clenched together” move everyone does.

I can’t really think of anything that’s bad about it. I could say that “It’s Voyager, duh” but that would be stupid. Well, I guess Neelix getting into trouble and Be’Lanna being one of those ticked off people was a little annoying. Overall, this was a good episode. It’s not the best of Voyager but it isn’t the worst of it either. I guess I’ll find out about that when I finally do a re-watch of it on Netflix. Until then, Peace, God Bless, and don't drop the elbow.

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