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Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Adventures of Superman #627-628

The 2000’s for Superman (especially the late 2000’s) was weird. I wasn’t reading comics much in the earlier part of the decade since there was really no way for me to read any. The only time I’d peruse any would be at a bookstore in a mall. I know I saw Superman: Birthright on the shelves at the time, but that was it for me. I know the early part of the 2000’s had two soft reboots before Infinite Crisis. They had Jim Lee on a book. They also had Chuck Austen on a Superman book… no comment.

Today’s issues are Adventures of Superman #627-628. They’re both written by Greg Rucka. He came on during the “Godfall” arc (haven’t read it but might someday). This was the beginning of his run and I think he was also on Wonder Woman at the time. Rucka has also written for books like The OMAC Project, 52, Batwoman, Detective Comics, Batman, and Gotham Central. I will say it sucks that he’s not with DC anymore. Personally, I kind of can’t blame him. Both issues are penciled by Matthew Clark who’s done work on books like the Outsiders. The inker for both issues is Nelson.

#627 – Battery Part 1
The issue starts out with Superman helping a little girl find her mom. Afterwards, he heads off to his new assignment as a crime reporter for the Daily Planet. He’s also sort of reverted to his Pre-Crisis motif. He meets up with a couple of other reporters named Bernie and Gearldine. We then meet the SCU (Special Crimes Unit) that Clark will be following around and their leader, Renee Montoy—oh, never mind. It’s just the Metropolis version of Renee Montoya, Lieutenant Lupe Leocadio. He heads off with Lupe and the SCU to their helicopter.

At the Daily Planet, word has gotten out that the US is going to invade Umec in the Middle East. Lois wants to go overseas to report on it and take Jimmy with her. Perry says it would be too dangerous for the both of them but he lets Lois go. On the helicopter, Clark talks to the SCU team about how they’ve been doing their jobs. Since they aren’t getting their weapons from STAR Labs anymore, their job is a little tougher. We then find out when word gets out on a supervillain attack.
Superman: saving women with the initials of "LL" since 1938.

They make it to the site and face against a villain named Replikon. He attacks the helicopter and Clark falls into a dumpster. He uses this chance to change into Superman. Superman does his best in trying to keep the SCU safe and stopping Replikon. Superman is able to take down the villain with ease. Elsewhere, someone monitoring Superman has decided that this test has come to an end and presses a button. This action causes Replikon to catch on fire and burn to death.

#628 – Battery Part 2
The SCU and Superman investigate what happened to Replikon. Superman knows he didn’t do that much damage. In order to keep up with his disguise, he leaves to change back into his civilian clothes and lay in the dumpster. After the SCU help him out, he heads back to the reporters’ office where Gearldine (Jerry) is. She more or less treats him like crap even when he gives some good journalism advice. We later find out that Jerry is upset at Clark for not being the reporter he used to be.
I don't know, Lois. She might do more than check up on him.

At Lois and Clark’s apartment, Wonder Woman stops by to meet with Lois. Since Lois is going over to Umec for a while, she wants Diana to check in on Clark from time to time. Meanwhile, Lupe meets with Clark in order to get info on Superman. She even calls him a deputy which perplexes the Clark a bit. We then go out into space as Superman and Green Lantern John Stewart are trying to find Replikon’s homeworld. When they find his home, it’s been destroyed and one of Replikon’s children has been killed.

Clark then finally makes it home to Lois. They talk about the day and about her trip overseas. After a night of food and cuddling, Lois leaves for her plane to Umec. Elsewhere, we find the hidden man last issue talking about how they’ll test Superman again. The issue ends with Replikon’s son holding a jar of Kryptonite.


These were a couple of good issues. I liked the writing and characterization for the most part. Clark/Superman felt like he should be written. Even if Clark is a little nerdier here than he had been beforehand, he’s still a capable reporter. Lois is still the determined reporter whose middle name is “Danger.” I also liked some of the new characters like Lupe and Bernie. I don’t know about Geraldine though. The whole angle behind this guy after Superman is interesting. I kind of know where it leads since I have most of this run.

The artwork is pretty good for the most part. It’s pretty detailed and the designs look good. The action is also pretty good though even though there isn’t much of it in both issues. I really don’t have much to say about it. I did think his Wonder Woman looked a little weird though that could be me. Overall, these were two nice issues. If you’re looking for a nice run on Superman, this is one you can check out. I haven’t collected it all yet, but I’m close. Well, I guess it’s time for me to come to the present and look at a boy and his dog. Peace and God Bless.

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