Saturday, September 13, 2014

Random Pics of the Month - The Weirdness of Superman

Superman has had his share of weirdness for a long time especially in the 50's-60's. Here's another thing that he and Batman share in common. At least it's expected with Superman since he's not of this Earth. So, here are seven things that definitely throw Superman onto Chloe's "Wall of Weird."

Super-ventriloquism??? Did the creators just start to pick weird stuff at random when they ran out of ideas for new powers?

The mix of Superman and adult entertainment was unfortunately brought to us by John Byrne. No, I'm not kidding.

Uh... on second thought, whoever wrote this comic may have had some "entertainment" on his mind as well.

One Superman, Two Supermen. Red Electro-Superman, Blue Electro-Superman. No, I can't explain it either. At least Superman went "all-Jacob" on us and wrestled with an angel at this time in JLA.

You know, I thought that Superman keeping a pet sun-eater would be the weirdest thing on this list. Man, I hate being wrong!

Now, I know it's Superman, but how is this possible???

Creating life from a small figment of the universe? Weird. What's even funnier is that this is supposed to be the real world. Morrison's weird like that.

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  1. Super ventriloquism was arguably one of the dumbest things ever. I am so glad that those idiotic powers got chucked by John Byrne. He could also hypnotize people and do other weird stuff in those days. I could do a list! Oh, and speaking of John Byrne I loved loved loved his version of Superman but I agree with the one with Barda was.....icky.