Monday, April 22, 2013

You know you might be a Trekkie when...

So, what doesn't fit here? 

Yes, I'm going the Jeff Foxworthy route. Just bear with me. You know you might be a Trekkie when...
  • You have seen just about every Trek episode and movie ever made. That includes the animated series... Yes, there was an animated series.
  • You have an idea of what "pa'tak" means and you don't have to Google the meaning.
  • You want to own a Bat'leff.
  • You think Wesley Crusher is the greatest Trek Character ever.
  • You thank God that Pon'phar (I guess that's how it's spelled) doesn't exist 'cause that would suck.
  • You saw the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and was really disappointed... Yeah, I'm going there! That episode sucked!
  • You know what Stovokor is.
  • You're able to find something good in all 12 Trek movies... even the bad movies.
  • You wish there were green people... especially green ladies.
  • You can easily pull quotes from the movies or TV shows. "I have and always shall be your friend," or "what does God need with a starship" are some examples.
  • You know that "Beam me up, Scotty!" was never actually said in the series. 
  • You think Counselor Troi serves a purpose in every episode of TNG.
  • You miss Doctor Crusher in Season 2 of TNG.
  • You think Captain Benjamin Sisko is "a bad mother shut your mouth."
  • You attend a Trek Convention.
  • You own one of the uniforms or can piece one together by scratch.
  • You own or have read a few Trek novels... I can attest to this as you will see this month.
  • You have a blog and have set aside a month for the awesome franchise...Guilty as charged.
Well, that last one is partly true. In celebration of the next Trek movie coming out May 17th, May is pretty much going to be dedicated to the original series and the movies/books/comics (I'm not sure about the comics) that spun out of that series. Everything else like The Next Generation  and such will come later some other time.

So, what drew me to Star Trek in general? Well, I grew up with it. I used to rent the old movies and watch them. It helped that my mom liked Trek and she'd watch them and the series as well. I actually didn't watch any of the series until the mid to late 90's. Then, I tried to watch every TNG and DS9  episode when they had it in syndication. I was able to finally tune into Voyager when we finally got UPN back in '99 I believe. Then, there was Enterprise which I tried to stick with. For some reason, the station would give out on us during that show's run. Cable...who needs it?

I've watched all of the movies except for the newest one, of course. I haven't read many novels, but I know I have read more than four of them. The first one I ever read or skimmed was actually an adaptation of the DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-lations". Unfortunately, I don't have any extreme memorabilia and I haven't been to a convention yet. I might as well go and experience the madness at least once.

Well, that's all I have to say on the matter. Stay tuned for some Trek goodness. Peace, God Bless, and Ka'plah, suckas!

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