Friday, April 26, 2013

Weird Star Trek Eps. - The Omega Glory

Well, it's another day and another weird episode of Star Trek. This one is called "The Omega Glory" and it is a weird one. I will say that it's not bad at first. It centers around Kirk, Spock, and McCoy being stranded on a planet where they can't leave. They find out that a Starfleet Captain (Captain Tracey) has been helping one group of natives fight off some savages. This roils Kirk off since Tracey has betrayed the Prime Directive, which is weird because Kirk uses the Prime Directive as toilet paper every other episode!

It all goes into "freakin' weird" territory when we find out about the inhabitants of the world, the Yangs and the Combs.... or the Yankees and the Communists.

 ... Yeah, I .... Heh?

I'll let that sink in for you. They don't explain why this world is a lot like 20th-century Earth and it's just weird. It gets even weirder when things like the U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible show up! Kirk even spouts off some quotes from the Constitution. It's definitely not the best episode of the series. It's so... overly patriotic. Did this come on during Independence Day or something? Oh well...

At least it had Kirk and Captain Tracey fightin' good!

And one more thing.... Devil Spock!!!

Yeah, that... I have no words for this. I don't even think I have words for this episode.

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