Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Thoughts #22

Well, I'm at work and I'm pretty much done with my load. I think it's time for some Random Thoughts.

Grad School
Wait, why am I talking about grad school? Oh yeah...I'm done with it! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I finally got my degree a couple of weeks ago in the mail. Do I miss school? Nope, but I really need to find something to do which is not related to my new PS3.

Wow...I really don't use cash that much...
Today, I went into Dunkin' Donuts to get some donuts for the office. I was planning on using cash, but when the time to pay came, I immediately used my card. I guess that is the way of the future, ain't it? I'll admit that it's more easy to whip out the card and swipe it. The only drawback is that you might not know how much money you got in your account. Anyway, that was my day....pretty dull, right?

Uh...Well, there is this one-- Oh. On second thought, wait a little while.

Zero Hour
You know i had this epic intro for Zero Hour. I talked about how it was technically my first event crossover and about how it was a series that I really wanted to own. Then...I deleted the dang thing by accident. Crap. Now I have to try to write the thing again. Well, here I go again:

About two years ago, I went into detail about a certain crossover called Infinite Crisis. While it was an event that got me really interested in the DC Universe, it was not the first crossover I tried to follow. Long ago, there was a another crossover called Zero Hour. I think I was in Second or Third Grade when it came out. I vaguely remember skimming this series at Wal-Mart back when comics were sold in stores like that. I had gotten the Superman: Man of Steel tie-in and two out of the five issue mini-series (#3 and #0). Unfortunately, they got lost and torn up over time. I treated all my stuff like that back then.

When I got into college and found out Murfreesboro had its own comic book shop, that was one event I really tried to look for. I found the Superman tie-in. It took a few years and digging at other comic shops in Nashville to find all five issues. This month, I'm going through the series like I did Infinite Crisis. I'm also going to go through all four Superman tie-ins because "Why Not." Superman played a sizable role in it and it gives me a chance to make fun of some weird situations and bad art. I'll also mention a couple other tie-ins from this event.

So join me on this adventure where we will see thrills, spills, heroes, villains, Batmen, bad art, weird trips through time, and Waverider: the godchild of Doc Brown, Firelord, and the Silver Surfer!

I think I rest my case.

Well, That's all I got for tonight. Peace and God Bless.

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