Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Pics of the Month - Feburary

I'm shocked I almost forgot about this. Well, Since it is Black History Month, I decided to look at "The Good, The Bad, and The WTH" of Black superheroes. Mind you, it's just some of them.

The Good
I don't even need to say anything. John's saying it all here!

He may look ridiculous in that tiara, but Luke Cage is still awesome. Only he can muscle Doctor Doom for $200 bucks.

You know, it's not everyday we get a Superman who's black and the President. Thanks, Grant!

Yes, this is an Aqualad who is might be cooler than his mentor, Aquaman!

They might not be together anymore (I'm actually indifferent on that), but they are still two cool cats.

The Bad
Now I like Bishop, but because of recent decisions (i.e., making him a freakin' bad guy), he has to go here. Besides, look at his hair!

Maggot...if he didn't have that horrible hairdo and the worst powers ever, he might've lasted longer.

Lol...if this is the future for us, Crap. At least I won't be around to see it! The Legion's first black member... this looks horrible even for the 70's!

While they don't look black, we know what they were supposed to unfortunately represent. Michael Bay, I'm looking at You!

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