Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Thoughts #16

Well, it's 1:22 PM (and all's well!!!!)  and I'm at home trying to relax before I have to head back to Nashville. It looks like it's time for a couple of random thoughts.

I hate overdrafts...
'Nuff said.

Grad School
Next week I'll be starting another class. Luckily, this class only lasts for four weeks. From what I've heard, it's based around Microsoft Access. So, it looks like I'll be retreading some old ground  again this time. Oh yeah, I made a C in my Database Programming class....yay? That class was pretty tough and gruelling. Still, I'm glad I took it because I have some new skills with SQL now. Yeah, they still need growing, but this looks like something I'll be using in future jobs God willing.

Well, I've seen three movies since May. I still have a couple more to see like Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. I'll post my thoughts on the movies I have seen at the end of the summer movie season. Out of all of them, my favorite has definitely been The Avengers. It's definitely on my top list of great comic book movies. The worst or least favorite involves a "Big Frickin' Facehugger".

...Yeah, just putting this here. No reason yet.

That's all I got today. I'm still in Spider-Bat (or Bat-Spider) Month, so I'll still be posting things. I got some  more TV shows coming up, two movie franchises, and two GNs. After July, I'm taking a break. It's mostly because I'll be planning something for September.What is it? This pic should give a hint.  

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