Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Favorite Songs - Earth, Wind, and Fire

But first, a small piece from a funny conversation:

Me: What does Earth, Wind, and Fire bring to mind?
Brie: lol Captain Planet?
Me: (laughing my butt off) ....Close, but no.
Brie: Then what?
Me: EWF is a old-school R and B group and they're playing in Nashville on the 23rd. Since you don't know about them, I doubt you would want to go.


This was about a couple of months ago when I first heard about the concert. At first, it looked like the concert would happen. My friend said she might want to go. Alas, I realized something: I'm a freakin' grad student taking summer courses. So, me and my friend did not see the Elements do their thing live. Oh may had been for the best since I had an SQL project to work on.

So how did I find out about EWF? Thank Mixed 92.9 and some of my uncle's records for that. When I was younger,  92.9 used to have this segment every Saturday night where they would play music from the 70's. The records were at the house ("Greatest Hits Vol."1 and "I Am") along with a lot of other records (one being Michael Jackson's "Thriller") and a record player. I don't have everything they have done. I only have one of those "Essentials" CD packs and a few other songs on my iPod. I'm  gonna have to eventually listen to all of their songs. I know there are some good ones that I have never heard. Man, I wish we played some of their stuff back in my high school band. Who knows how it would have sounded though...

Anyway, when it comes to saying which songs are the best, it's a little tough...Okay, Real Tough. ALL of them are good. It's probably why I held this group off for so long, but it's time to do this.   I really don't have much to say about these songs. Most of them talk about things like love and life. Their music is a good blend of rhythm and blues, funk, and soul. I had to stop at ten because that sounds like a good place to stop. Besides, this is just a piece of the pie that is Earth, Wind, and Fire. Take a listen.

10. Win or Lose
A lesser known song, but a good one. I came across this later in life.

9. Getaway
 This song, along with "Shining Star and "Boogie Wonderland" was one of the first songs I remember listening to way back in the day. It was good then and it is good now.

8. After the Love Has Gone
A slow one. Pretty good.

7. Love's Holiday
While this isn't a song I actually have, I really like it. I don't know why this song isn't on any of the "Greatest Hits" albums.  I actually first heard this on Steve Harvey's segment from "The Original Kings of Comedy".

6. Boogie Wonderland
Not much to say about this one. 

5. Can't Hide Love
I love the beginning and I love the end.

4. September
Why do I like this song? Simple, I was born in September! Plus, it's nice-sounding song.

3. Reasons
Well, if there is one song I really, really shouldn't sing, it's this one.

2. In The Stone  
Not much to say about this one. Just listen to it. It's that good.

1. Fantasy
Is this my favorite EWF song? It's one of them. More of their songs could be up here, but this one made it. It's also another song I probably shouldn't sing since my pipes might give out at the end. By the way, DANG that man can sing!


Well, that's all I have. If you want honorable mentions, just listen to all of their songs. Dance, sing, or just sit down and and chill. Well, since I've gotten this group out of the way, there is one artist that will definitely be a challenge since all of his/her songs were and are still awesome to this day. Who is this person? Find out when I bring this fact up again.

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