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TV Talk - Heroes

Remember that surprise I mentioned a while back? Well, this is it. If there was one show that pretty much ripped off X-Men, it was this one. Yes, I and other comic book fans watched Heroes. It started out well, ya know? Suddenly, something happened. The show died and I did not care at all. Anyway, I'll be doing this like all of the others. I'll have my background, likes, dislikes, and a quick list of my favorite characters instead of episodes. So, let us enter into this thing here:

When I heard that Heroes was going to be based in the superhero genre, I decided to tune in and watch the first episode. I was hooked. The characters were interesting, and the stories were engaging. I liked the real, gritty feel of the show. These were normal people who just happened to gain powers. Now, I did like the finale to the first season, okay? Anyone who was expecting something reminiscent of the X-Men movies had their hopes up too high. The finale was ultimately about the characters. I went into season 2 curious of what will happen.

Season 2 was somewhat of a mixed bag. Some stuff worked, while other stuff didn't. The writer's strike especially didn't help much. Then Season 3 came....what in the name of Rick James happened? The first half of season 3 and a little bit of the second half was kinda bad. I'll get into it more later though. Season 4 started out okay. It got back to some of the themes Season 1 had, but as the season went on, I found myself caring less for the show. When I heard it wasn't coming back for a fifth season, I really had no feelings about it. I even wrote a note on Facebook about how I felt! Anyway, it's been a long time since I have seen an episode of Heroes. I may go through the series some day, but not today.

The American translation would be "Oh yeah!"
  • Interesting Stories - For what they were, the stories were pretty good. Season 1's main arc was pretty good and simple: "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World." Season 2 main arc involving Adam and the older generation of superpowered people was interesting. Season 3....I'll get to that later. The second half of season three that involved our heroes being chased by the government was something different. As for season 4, the main arc started out as interesting with Samuel being the main villain, but over time it fell flat. 
  • Resemblance to X-Men - This show, especially  seasons 3 and 4 definitely had that X-Men feel. A lot of the characters had powers that were similar to the X-Men and other comic book characters. For Peter and Sylar: Rouge (or Mimic if you remember him). Nathan kinda has an Angel feel to him, Claire's Wolverine, Matt's Professor X, and Mohinder (before he got powers) had a Moria McTaggert feel to him. The list can go on and on. 
  • Interesting Characters - The characters that stood out in this show to me were Hiro, Noah Bennet, Sylar, Peter, Nikki/Jessica, Adam, Claire and a few others. They fit in many different categories: Cool, Awesome, BMS (Bad Mother Sucka), and, of course,  Interesting.   
  • Interesting Powers - It was cool seeing these different powers be displayed. My favorite, of course, was Hiro's, who had the ability to stop time, travel in time, and wield an awesome samurai sword.
  • Sylar - Sylar was probably one of the only reasons why I still tuned in. The character was just awesome. It definitely helped that he was well acted by Zach Quinto.  It's true that during season 3 he was all over the place in terms of allegiance and attitude, but still, he was awesome and will always be remembered as being that dude who cut people's heads open.
  • Hiro - Hiro was a riot. He was essentially living a geek's fantasy. He was awesome in Seasons 1, 2, and 4. Season 3, on the other hand, I'll talk about it later.  
  • Claire - There is only one reason to like Claire...she's really cute.
  • There may be more, but I haven't seen the show in years. 

Uh....What was your plan again?
  • Season 3 - Season 3 is where it pretty much got bad. So many thing were wrong with "Villains". It could have been cool, but what we got instead was a hot, steaming pile of...bad mash potatoes! The only character who may have benefited out of this would probably be Sylar. 
  • Out of Character-ness - This ties into the first point. Just about all of the main characters were acting out of character. Mohinder, Peter, HIRO, and Matt are just a few examples. Season 4 even had a couple of out of character moments for some characters
  • The fact that it got canceled - That statement speaks for itself. The show ended on a somewhat interesting cliffhanger.  
  • Samuel from season 4 - Samuel started out as an interesting villain. He was kinda akin to Magneto. The problem was that he was kinda all over the place, and when the end came, he still wasn't all that great. 
  • Highlighting some characters over others - Out of all of the characters on the show, Sylar and Claire seemed to be thrown everywhere while other characters got the shaft.
  • "Got to save the Future" storylines - When they did the storyline for Season 1, it was cool because it was unique and original to me. When they did it in Season 2, it lost some of its value. Then, they did the same dang thing in season 3. Ugh.  
  • There are definitely more things to say, but this is all I got.
Favorite Characters
Here's a quick list 'cause I gotta get ready for work.
10. Nikki/Jessica/the other one (I can't remember her name)
9. Mohinder Suresh
8. Adam from season 2
7. Nathan Petrelli
6. Matt Parkman
5. Claire Bennet
4. Peter Petrelli
3. Hiro
2. Noah Bennet
1. Sylar

Well, I'm out. Come back next time as I finally look at the one of the greatest cartoons of all time: X-Men.

Well, it was nice knowing ya, Heroes....PEACE.

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