Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top X-Men Villains

Why do the X-Men do what they do? Is it because no one else can? Is it that they have nothing else to do with those powers of theirs? Or is it because of these "villains" that try to mess up their vision? I think I'll go with all three (lol). Anyway, here are my top X-Men villains.

1,139. Mojo
I just don't like Mojo. Moving on... 

10. Mystique

I had to put her on here. If there's one woman who has been a thorn in the backside of the X-Men for years, it would be Mystique. As the mother of Nightcrawler and Rogue (foster that is), she has done it all. She's led the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she's played "good guy" for a minute, and she has done assassin work. She's done all of this while clothed as well (I know right?).

9. Proteus
Proteus is the only one-time villain on this list. As the son of Moria and Joe McTaggert, Proteus had the ability to alter reality itself. I think this was one villain who died and never came back (I think anyway). 

8. The Marauders
The Marauders are on this list for one reason only: the massacre of the Morlocks in Mutant Massacre. That was nuts! 

7. The Hellfire Club
Rich People  + Mutant Powers + world domination  = the Hellfire Club. It's been through a lot of changes throughout the years (I think they're 12 year olds now...), but they still do their "Control the world through the use of power and money" thing. The club I'm used to is the one from the Dark Phoenix Saga, as led by Sebastian Shaw (aka Kevin Bacon). It's because of these dudes (mostly Mastermind) the 5th person on the list exists. 

6. Juggarnaut
I had to put him somewhere on the list. He can take the X-Men all on at a time and not break any sweat while doing it. His hatred for Charles (his stepbrother) is something that definitely should be noted. I should also that this was another villain who went good for a while.

5. Dark Phoenix
It sucks when one hero, especially a real good one,  goes to the dark side. Jean was one of those people. I already talked in length about what happened to her, so I'll link this long part from way back when. CLICK HERE.

4. Mr. Sinister
No one can make blue lipstick look good (?) like Sinister. As the creator of the Marauders, the Nasty Boys, and the Morlocks (yep, he expiremented on them), Sinister is at this spot. The guy has messed with generations of  the Summers clan, which is something Cyclops hates big time. 

3. Apocalypse
Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nur, is the first mutant, as well as an occasional poet. This madman has been around for centuries and has done many things to the X-Men. Making Angel and Wolverine the Horseman of Death was one of them. This is also another baddie Cyclops hate big time. While Magneto who wants mutant supremacy, Apocalypse only wants his own supremacy. 

2. Magneto

The Master of Magnetism is the first villain the X-Men ever faced. He's also the opposite of  what the X-Men fight for. While they stand for co-existence between humans and mutants, Magneto wants to see mutants flourish and  to put the humans in their place because of their hate and fear. While he has veered between good and evil for a long time, Magneto is still awesome.  I'll admit that there are times where his viewpoint is somewhat valid. Why? Look at the number one villain of the X-Men.

1. Humanity's Fear and Hatred/The Sentinels
While the X-Men can pretty much stand toe-to-toe with just about all of these previous villains, there is one villain they will have a harder time to defeat: the fear and hatred of humanity. Now the fear I can understand. I mean, I may not want to be in front of Cyclops for obvious reasons. Anyway, that fear and hatred led to the development of the Sentinels who have been a sword in the X-Men's torso for a long time.While the Sentinels are easy to beat, that hate and fear is a bit tougher. Will the X-Men ever defeat this villain? Who knows...

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