Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Thoughts #7

Well, it's a Saturday night in Pulaski (brr!), and I have a presentation and two papers to work on. I think it's time for random thoughts before I get into those things.

Grad School
Well, grad school has been going well for me. From what I can tell, I'm doing okay. As I said, I have a presentation to perfect and two papers, wit one being a re-submit 'cause that unfortunately happens and one that shouldn't be too hard. My presentation is pretty much gonna be on how to manage your stakeholders in an IT (or IS) project. Here's hoping it turns out well. It also looks like I may be taking 9 hours next semester. Since two of the classes I have to take are both scheduled to my liking, I'll be taking those two on  Thursdays and on the other back on Monday. It should be interesting.

Yes, this topic is back. Let's see...women. That's all.  ):|

Frank Miller...
I just read this little article on BleedingCool about Frank Miller's thoughts on Occupy _____. All I can say is "Wow." Now, I really have no thoughts on the Occupy thing. I have my own "occupying" I need to get to. Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say on that topic. There are three things I have a hard time talking about: Politics, religion, and love. I'd rather listen to someone talk about them rather than I talk about them.

So what will I be doing next? It looks like I'll be doing two GNs from the 80's (again). One is controversial, while the other is the aftermath of something controversial. Then, maybe I'll get to the next two issues of Suicide Squad.

Well, I'm out and about to start on these important things for school. I will now leave you all with someone I may or may not talk about in the future:

Bruce Lee vs. the rejects from The Karate Kid. I think Lee may win this bout.

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