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TV Talk - Power Rangers (oh yes....I'm going there)

So, why in the HECK am I talking about this show? I have a few reasons. First, this blog is called Random Thoughts. Second, I have no freakin' clue. Third, "blah, blah, blabba-labba ding-dong." Fourth, it's because something deep within me wants to let this out. Fifth, why not do it? I mean it's the Power Rangers! So there.

Yes, I watched Power Rangers for a long time. Do I watch it now? Nope. Mostly because I think I have finally "grown up." Plus, I tried watching some of Power Rangers Samurai, ain't happening for me, so my PR watching days are officially over. So this long post is going to  pretty much cover it all from MMPR to RPM for me. It's the same as usual. I'll hit my background, likes, dislikes, and instead of favorite episodes, it's going to be my favorite seasons of the show. I'll mention a couple of episodes though. And with that said, let's "Shift into Turbo!!" and get through this.

Well, where the heck did this start? 2nd Grade. Let's see,  I had "Urkel Glasses", I had a crush on a girl named  ________, and I found out about the Might Morphin' Power Rangers. I really didn't get to watch the show, save for a few VHS tapes of the show. We had no FOX at the time. When we finally got cable, which was about around PRT and PRiS, I started to watch the show full time. I watched from Turbo to Dino Thunder. After that, that's when it got fuzzy. I only watched a couple of episodes from each season after that. It just wasn't something I really wanted to watch anymore. Suddenly, RPM came along, and I liked it, so watched that whole season. These days, I don't watch the show, but I might look for a classic episode every now and then on YouTube. Now, let's move onto the likes of the show.

Here are the things I liked about the show.
I want a Dragonzord for Christmas! 

  • "Lights....Camera....'Holy Crap! These guys can kick butt!" - This was one reason to watch the show. It's maybe the only reason to watch the show. There is a lot of butt kicking going on.
  • "Great Story Arcs" - Let's see: The Evil Green Ranger Saga, "The Green Candle", all of Power Rangers in Space, all of Power Rangers Time Force. This list could go on and on.
  • "Ranger-On-Ranger action! Oh Yeah!" - Yes, that statement does sound dirty, but I'm not talking about that today. I'm talking about any time the Rangers fought each other. It was interesting, ya know? The most memorable fights would be the Rangers fighting some dude called the Green Ranger. Now that I think about it, that leads us to....
  • "Evil Rangers...Ha Ha Ha!!!!" - If there was anything this show excelled at, it was this. Evil Rangers. The ones I remember most are the Evil Green Ranger from MMPR, The Titanium Ranger from Lightspeed Rescue, and last but not least, the Psycho Rangers from PRiS. Now the Psycho Rangers were the best. 
  • "Ranger Team-Ups!!!" - Another thing that was cool was to see something like thisthis, or THIS. The team-up episodes range from awesome to "Meh". 
  • "Zords!!!!" -There ain't nothing wrong with two grown men fighting each other wearing plastic suits in a fake city. I do wonder what a match the Dragonzord and Godzilla would look like...
  • "The acting!" - At times, the acting was decent enough for a Saturday morning TV show.
  • There's probably more I can list, but that is all I got. 
  • Oh yeah, here is one more thing I like about the show. THIS.

Now, it's time for the dislikes. Are there things to dislike about the show? Yeah. It's like that with every show.
The Good: Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles.
The Bad: Did anyone watch Ninja Turtles: the Next Mutation? That show sucked! 
  • "Dang, that was weak."  - While the show had some awesome seasons, there were some weak ones  in there too. Let's see: Power Rangers Turbo (the finale was good), Operation Overdrive ( comment, even the crossover episode wasn't that good), and maybe some of Wild Force. I really can't say if Jungle Fury, Mystic Force, SPD, and some of the early stuff were crappy though.
  • ".......The acting." - At times, unfortunately, the acting could be "Baaaaaaaaadd" even at the important times.
  • The Fight Scenes.....are okay." - As the show went on in the 2000's, the fighting started to look more like something from the Matrix or a random "KUNG FU!!!" flick. It's not that I hated it, but I did miss some of the more realistic (in a show about people fighting evil in spandex) fighting that I saw beforehand. Plus, I see the stunt doubles way too much during the human fights. 
  • "Did they ever change clothes?" - Now this is more of an observation. Why didn't the Rangers change clothes during the time between Lost Galaxy and Wild Force? That was just weird seeing them wear the same shirt and pants in every episode. 
  • "New year, new team" - After PRiS, we got a new Ranger team for each year. It wasn't a dislike, but one wonders why they always got rid of them. At least they brought some of them back for team-ups.
  • There's probably more, but for right now, that's all I got. If anyone has anymore dislikes about the show, comment.
Favorite Seasons
And now, my favorite seasons of Power Rangers. I'll try to list some important episodes  as well. 

  •  MMPR Season 1 - This is the one that started it all. Notable episodes: Day of the Dumpster, Green with Evil parts 1-5, The Green Candle,  and Return of an Old Friend.
  • MMPR Season 2 -We have a new (and creepy-looking) villain, new zords, and new Rangers. Notable episodes: The Mutiny, Missing Green, White Light, The Power Transfer, The Wedding, and Return of the Green Ranger.
  • Power Rangers Turbo - I'm mentioning it here because of the awesome season finale where basically the command center is destroyed,  and the new rangers lose their powers and decide to go into space.
  • Power Rangers in Space - A pretty awesome season with some twists and turns along the way. Episodes: From Out of Nowhere, Always a Chance (Adam seriously kicks some butt), the episodes involving the Psycho Rangers, and Countdown to Destruction. 
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - A decent season with something happening that hasn't happened since: a Ranger dies. Don't worry, she got better. Episodes:  Quasar Quest, To the Tenth Power, The Power of Pink, and Journey's End. I do have to say that the Magna Defender looked awesome.
  • Power Rangers Time Force - This was an awesome season.  It had good development, good acting, an interesting villain, and an awesome theme song. Notable episodes: Force From the Future, Something to Fight For, The Quantum Quest, Clash For Control, Dawn of Destiny, Fight Against Fate, Destiny Defeated, and End of Time.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force - This was an 'okay' season, but the episodes to really look at are these: Reinforcements From the Future and Forever Red.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm - This is another 'okay' season. It wasn't too bad though. Notable episodes: Prelude to a Storm, Thunder Rangers, Return of Thunder, The Samurai's Journey, and Storm Before the Calm.
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder - This one's more than decent, with a good team, a somewhat interesting villain, and....TOMMY!!!! Notable episodes: Day of the Dino, Legacy of Power,  Black in Black, White Thunder, Fighting Spirit, Thunder Storm, and Thunder Struck.
  • Power Rangers RPM - This was a fun show. I'll admit that the second half (episodes 19-32) are not as awesome as the first half of the season, but the finale was still great. Notable episodes:  the first four episodes, Ranger Red,  Doctor K, In or Out, Prisoners, and Danger and Destiny.
And now for something extra...

Here is my Ranger team. It's a mix of old and new, "spanning time and space" or something like that. I have 12 slots and 2 teams of 6. So here I go:

Team One:
  • Tommy from MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, and Dino Thunder
  • Kendrix from Lost Galaxy
  • Ziggy from RPM
  • TJ from PRiS
  • Katie from Time Force
  •  The Phantom Ranger from Turbo
Team Two:
  • Billy from MMPR
  • Eric from Time Force
  • Conner from Dino Thunder
  • Alyssa from Wild Force
  • Chad from Lightspeed Rescue
  • Kimberly from MMPR
Well, that's all I got.  This is probably the geekiest thing I have ever done, and that's saying something. Well, Peace and "May the Power Protect You!!!"

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