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Graphic Novels - Golden Age Superman: Action Comics #23

Well, here I go in looking at some random issues from each era of Superman. Today, I will start with the Golden Age by looking at Action Comics #23. From what I know, the Golden Age began in the late 30's and ended at the end of the 40's or something like that. In the beginning, Superman wasn't as strong (but he did get stronger over time) and mostly faced gangsters, evil scientists, soldiers, Nazis, and the occasional birdman. Also, this Superman was hardcore...and I mean, Hardcore. So let's get to it!

Action Comics #23
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Joe Shuster

(I'll note that I am reading an digital version of the issue I got on comixology. Not too bad, but I'll stick to the paper for a little while longer.)

We start out with Clark Kent running and carrying Lois through some sort of battlefield in Europe. Apparently, they were sent to Europe to report on a war going on in there (....NO. Not that war.). After he puts her somehwere safe, he transforms into Superman (MIGHTY Superman) and stops some shells from a cannon from destroying a city. Afterwards, he changes clothes and wakes Lois up. They then go to Lupo, general of the army of Galonia (...), to see when negotiations will start. Superman then decides that he will find his inner Peter Parker and take pics of Toran officials (the opposing country) driving to the negotiations. What he gets instead is the car blowing up (Oop?). With that happening, the soldiers go back to fighting on the battlefield. After a quick change of clothes, he runs to the telegraph office to send the news on the war and then goes back to meet Lupo who says the explosion was an accident. After the interview, Clark intercepts a phone call from Lupo to some unknown person and realizes that there is more to this, so he changes clothes and follows Lupo in the sky.

When Lupo gets to the cave, Superman hides and looks on a Lupo talks to ....a head coming out of the wall. they talk about how Luthor is wanting these two nations to fight one another. Supes comes out of the shadows and wrestles the name "Luthor" out of Lupo until the giant face gets peeved and uses eye beams to slice Lupo in half (Oh snap!!!). The face then shoots the beams at Superman, who deflects them easily (Remember, MIGHTY!!). He destroys the face and as the cave falls apart. Superman digs himself out of the cave, and then sees a fleet of unknown planes heading to the neutral nation. Superman...well... goes Hardcore on the pilots. Dang.

Superman uses a machine gun! Holy Crap!

After his Hardcore-ness is over, he changes clothes and goes to warn the warring nations about his findings. They don't believe him. "In Luthor's secret lair" (sounded cool), Luthor, with red hair no less, tells his henchmen to go find Clark and bring him to them. They find Lois instead and bring her to Luthor. They lock her up, where Lois finds out that a guard is not being controlled by Luthor. She tells him to warn Clark. After Clark is warned, he suits up and leaps to the secret lair in the sky. Lois is about to get hurt by a guard, but Superman does the Kool-Aid Man routine and stops the guard. They try to escape, but are stopped.

Superman: And another thing, cut that hair and wear purple and green! You look more evil that way and that way I can find you and kick you butt next time!

Superman turns himself in so he can protect Lois. Luthor and Supes meet and exchange verbal blows. Luther then straps Superman to a wall and shoots the laser at him. It does some damage, but not enough for Luthor. He then pulls out his Great Ray. Superman breaks the chains and starts kicking some butt. He destroys the secret lair and he and Lois leap out of it. Afterwards, they head back to their hotel and Clark changes clothes again. He tells the leaders of the warring nations about the not-so-secret lair, and they believe him. negotiations are cleared up and the war is over (I wish ending wars was that easy.). He sends more news to the Daily Planet, and he and Lois get ready to go back home.

... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. .. ......

And that's the end of the issue. It was a pretty nice read. It's cool to read and see some of the original Superman. It was also nice to see Luthor for the first time. Like Superman, the character has also gone through changes over the years. Evil scientist, Businessman, bald, not bald, Luthor is still the bad guy you love to hate. Well, that's all for today. Come back next time when I look at the strange and ....weird.

NEXT TIME: _______________!!!!!!

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