Saturday, December 5, 2015

TV Talk - Daredevil Season 1

Today’s double dose of Daredevil ends with a small look at the first season to Netflix’s Daredevil. When I heard they were doing the show, I was interested. Still, it actually took me a few months to completely watch the show. Hey, there is so much stuff out there for a man to see, so this got put on the backburner. I haven’t even watched Jessica Jones yet. I actually re-watched the show this week in order to give it all another look for this post. Thankfully, the show was so good that another re-watch was something I needed. Oh yeah, I’ll  spoil a couple of things, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go see it. I’ll wait…

Anyway, the show looks at Matt Murdock as he’s building his law firm and vigilante life. He’s not in the standard red costume yet. He’s all decked out in black with a mask covering most of his face. The whole season revolves around him trying to stop the crime and corruption in the New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. All of his crimefighting starts to ruffle the feathers of the one who’s controlling all the crime in Hell’s Kitchen: Wilson Fisk. While Matt is off doing his thing, others like Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Ben Urich are doing what they can to help.

This show was as near as close to perfection as it could get. I liked a lot of stuff from this season. The stories and writing were pretty good. It served as not just as a nice origin for Daredevil but as a good origin for the Kingpin. I also liked the darker atmosphere. If there was one character that could work in a much darker show, it’s Daredevil. It gets dark but not unnecessarily too dark. There are some moments where I did have to wince. That one scene at the end of Episode 4 was one them. Yeesh.
Yes, someone gets a microwave to the head.

I also liked a lot of the characters. Charlie Cox was pretty good as Matt Murdock. Vincent D’Onofrio was pretty good as Wilson Fisk for the most part. I especially liked how those two interacted in their scenes together. The supporting cast was also pretty nice. The guy who played Foggy Nelson provided some much needed levity to the show. I also liked Ben Urich, Father Lantom, Karen Page, and Clare Temple. The villains were diverse and actually pretty interesting. If I need a right-hand man, Wesley would definitely be it since he was pretty cool.

The fight scenes were pretty awesome. While the season isn’t laden with back-to-back action, you do get some nice fight scenes. They are well choreographed and well shot for the most part. I think everyone on Earth is in agreement that the final fight in the second episode was awesome. It looked like they did it all in one take. The fight scenes also felt much more real and brutal than most of the ones in other Marvel properties. You get blood, sweat, and probably some tears to go along with the kicks and punches. Finally, we do get a variation of the red costume and it was fine for the most part.

There is little I don’t like about the season. Still, I do have some qualms about it. They’re not all-out dislikes but you know how this part goes. While I liked D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk, I do wonder what was up with his voice at times. I didn’t know what he was going for. While I liked Foggy in general, he did have a couple of times where he grated on me. It was just a couple though. There were a couple fight scenes that weren’t shot too well. I think it had to do with the lighting more than anything. Some of them took place in the dark. 
The suit looks fine but I don't know about the mask.

There were also scenes that lasted a little too long. It’s not that the content was bad in them, but they did take too much time to get to the point. I also didn’t necessarily care for one character's demise. I kind of figured that he or someone close to him would bite the bullet since the dude was trying to uncover a bunch of stuff. Still, I liked him and was thinking he’d would stick around like he does in the comics. At the same time, this is a dark TV show where almost anything can happen. While I liked the new costume that Potter made for Matt, there’s something off about it. I think it’s the mask. It just looks weird when he’s wearing it. Other than those things, this show is good.


Overall, this was a good season of the show and I hope Season 2 will be as good or better. I do recommend it for the most part. I will say that if you’re someone who isn’t into the darker/grimmer aspects, I’d say skip it. There is a buttload of cussing and the violence can get pretty gruesome at times. That’s not a knock against the show but it does need to be mentioned. Well, that’s another hero down and I have more to go. Peace, God Bless, and stay out of Hell’s Kitchen. There’s a reason it has that name.

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