Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Pics of the Month - Favorite Vulcans

I might as well go back to Star Trek for some random pics. This time, they'll be my favorite Vulcans from the franchise. When looking back over it all, there are really only a few that I could call cool. Even when Star Trek: Enterprise had a buttload of Vulcans, only two or three were actually decent since the rest were were quite annoying. If you're wondering why Sybok isn't on here, just guess. If there is one thing I do wonder one thing: why do they all have the same haircut? Is it logical or something?

1. Spock (TOS) - No duh. He was truly the best.

2. Sarek (TOS) - It's the father of Spock. You know he has to get the next spot.

4. Tuvok (Voyager) - The brothas' have to represent. Besides, I wasn't putting that other Vulcan from the show here.

3. T'Pol (Enterprise) - Look, I'm not just putting here here because she's attractive either. It did take a while, but my likeness for her grew over the four seasons.

5. Saavik (TOS movies) - There's not much to say about here, but she was cool in the movies.

6. Soval (Enterprise) - While he did start out douchey, he did come around in the fourth season.

7. T'Pau (TOS) - I'm not talking about the 80's British group either. She was cool for an old woman.

Well, I'm out. I'll leave you something that might make you laugh.

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