Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tales from the 50 Cent Bin! - Star Trek: The Next Generation #9

Since I did a comic for that other franchise, I might as well do one for this too. Star Trek comics have been done by a lot of publishers over the years. Publishers like DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, Malibu and IDW have put out a lot of stuff. Unlike the Trek novels, I really haven’t gotten into the comics. I just wasn’t interested. That sort of changed when I started listening to Two True Freaks’ Star Trek Monthly Monday segment. The guys have talked about some of the comics that came out at the time TNG was on. I found this issue and the series’ next issue in the 50 cent bin.

Michael Jan Friedman is the writer. Friedman has done a lot of stuff involving Star Trek. He’s written some Trek novels and was on this series for the long haul. He’s also written other things for Marvel and DC that aren’t related to Star Trek. Pablo Marcos provides the pencils and inks. I haven’t heard of him but I’ve seen that he’s done a lot of stuff over the years. He’s done artwork books like Conan the Barbarian, Batman, The Zombie, and the Avengers. So, let me see how they will save Doctor Crusher.

Star Trek: The Next Generation #9
Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Pencils and inks: Pablo Marcos
Colors: Bob Pinaha

We start out with Picard and another officer in a fencing match. After the match, Picard gets a priority message from Admiral Rosenstrum. He tells Picard that the Enterprise has been accused of starting trouble with the Ferengi. Say, does anyone remember when the Ferengi were supposed to be threatening? I’m just wondering because I don’t. Anyway, Picard tells him they didn’t do it and Admiral Rosenstrum tells him to report to Starbase 104.

In Sickbay, Doctor Crusher is tending to a crew member when she falls ill. It is revealed that she has contracted Rihennia which is not to be confused with Rihanna. It was a dormant disease that she had encountered before on the planet Onnorh where it was widespread. Luckily, the Onnorhians found a cure but they’re very secretive about it. Since Picard doesn’t want another Crusher to die on his hands, he countermands his orders and sets the Enterprise toward Onnorh. When they get to the planet, they ask their representative for the cure. The representative will only barter for the cure and we find out why when it’s revealed that the Ferengi are in league with them. I gotta say that Picard’s reaction is hilarious.
Wow, Picard’s beginning to sound like a stereotypical French man!

The Ferengi asks them to hand over the Enterprises specs to them. They can’t do that since that would go against regulations. Luckily, Wesley the Whiz Kid comes up with an idea. The Enterprise is able to get the cure by tricking the Ferengi. They handed them the specs to the original Enterprise. Talk about false advertisement! With Crusher cured, all seems to be good when two Federation starships show up. Picard thinks they’re to escort them to the starbase in order to answer for the Ferengi allegations. The crew is shocked to find actually there to arrest Picard for the destruction of another Federation ship.
Oh man, Picard's been working out and he's working the Superman pose.


This issue is okay. It’s not bad but it’s not that great either. I will say that the story is okay.  It feels like a standard episode of TNG for the most part. There is a problem that needs to be fixed. Everyone seems in character as well. I also liked the cliffhanger at the end. Since I have the next issue, I can see how it all turns out. I’ll talk about that one some other time though.

My main gripe is the artwork. It’s really wonky. It looks like everyone has been working out since their suits are clinging to them. It looks like most of them have long necks as well. It’s like the the artist combined the original suits from the early seasons and the newer collared suits. It just looks weird. Some of the likenesses aren’t bad though I had to shriek when looking at Counselor Troi at times. She did not look good in this. It’s weird because I’ve seen some of Marcos’ work online and it looks better than this.

Overall, it’s an okay issue. If you can get pass the weird art, you’ll be okay. Well, I’m at the end of this month. I have one more post to go. Peace, God Bless, and “Make it so!”

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